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Happy People Party, "Egoist"

Posted by mountainoluv, 04 November 2019 · 1552 views

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Happy People Party, "Egoist" I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

As mentioned in my previous post, Rina Takenaka/Unai (ex-Hinoi Team) has joined a new group. It is unclear what the name of the group is. They are either ‘Ethnic Happy Group’ or ‘Happy People Party.’ They were formerly known as ‘Enka Girls.’ They recently had a live appearance at the Kobe Harbor Festival. Interestingly, Rina, using her stage name Rinana, also had a solo performance at the same event.

I received a DM from one of my mutual on Twitter. It contained a link to the new promotional video by Happy People Party, see below. It’s a good, synth-infused, pop-rock song. It is hard charging, with a catchy melody. The vocals are a bit heavy on the auto-tune, but that seems to be the style recently. The aesthetic of the video is good as well. Rina is featured prominently in the video, so she is being treated well. The girls have simple costumes: long-sleeved, white dress shirts with white cutoff shorts, and are barefoot. The video has Thai subtitles, which is a testament to their international following.

Speaking of Twitter, Rina is over 7,800 followers now. She recently tweeted that she’d like to get to 10,000 followers. This would give her more than her former co-member of Hinoi Team, Asuka Hinoi, who has just over 9,000 followers. I should note that Asuka is currently in a stage with a group of performers called Superendroller. She may have some new TV appearances coming up. If I find out more about those, I will feature them in a future post.

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