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Anja Veterova from Macedonia

Posted by mountainoluv, 31 March 2019 · 3595 views

Anja Anja Veterova Veterova Macedonia JESC Eurovision
Anja Veterova from Macedonia In this post, I’m going to change directions a little bit. I’d like to address Anja Veterova (b. 13 Aug 99) from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (henceforth, Macedonia).

Anja represented Macedonia in the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) in 2010. She finished in 12th place with 38 points (not particularly well). Anyway, here is the PV of her entry, “Eoo, Eoo”:

The video is well made, and it got more than 3 million views. She does a good job on the vocals and she looks cute. In the live version in the contest, the vocals weren’t quite as good. It seemed like she got some help from the studio. She smiled and danced well in the contest, though. I thought she had a lot of potential. I don’t know the Macedonian language, but I gather that the song has to do with travelling around the world and that she doesn’t have a magic lamp. It’s typical subject matter for a kids’ song contest.

Seven years later, she came out with another song and PV, “Rambambam”:

If you watch both videos, you can see how much she has matured. With lyrics like ‘You wanna touch my body,’ it seems she is getting more comfortable with her sexuality. She has gone from a cute girl to a lovely young woman. I hope Anja Veterova continues to pursue a career in entertainment and she keeps getting opportunities. I’d like to see more of Anja Veterova!

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