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Asuka Hinoi gets a lead role

Posted by mountainoluv, 18 March 2018 · 1964 views

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Asuka Hinoi gets a lead role It’s been awhile . . . but here is a new blog entry.

Disclaimer: I don’t know Japanese, so this may not be totally correct.

Asuka Hinoi (ex-Hinoi Team) got a lead role on an episode of a TV drama. The series was “Osaka Loop Line Osaka Kanjousen: A Love Story at Each Station Part 3.” It aired on February 20, 2018, at 12:30 a.m. on KTV. The title of the episode was “Station 6: Bentencho.” The theme of the series is a subway line or train route. They have an episode that relates to each station along the route.

Here is the synopsis, via Bing Translator.

“The taxi driver and the positive one (Hidekazu Akai) had been restless in the Benten-machi station for a long time in the morning.

The daughter Miho (Asuka Hinoi) comes back in Buri several years. As opposed to the positive one that seems to be happy to the reunion after a long time, Miho does not disturb the attitude of "only coming to take a left behind".

And when they reached out to the front of the house, Miho, who realized that she still did not forgive her father, who was smiling without tears at her mother's funeral, returned to the station. However, the feelings of the deceased mother were put on "forgot something" that Miho came to pick up.”

Asuka will be in another TV show that is coming soon. She will have a supporting role in a period drama called “Nimpocho Hotarubi.” The plot has to do with ninjas. The lead role is played by Becky. There is a commercial with five actors in it, and Asuka is one of the five. Becky does all the talking, as you would expect. It will debut on Tuesday, April 3, starting at 8 p.m., on BS Japan 7 Channel, and will continue to run on Tuesdays. The website for the show also mentions that there will be a bathing scene. The story for the drama was written by popular novelist Kazutaro Yamaza.

I am so glad that Asuka continues to get roles. Let’s keep supporting Asuka Hinoi! <3

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