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Eri Kamei: Milk Carton Musume

Posted by mountainoluv, 11 November 2017 · 2086 views

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Eri Kamei: Milk Carton Musume After a substantial period of time without posting, I am back and ready to make another blog post. This time, I’m going to address former Morning Musume member, Eri Kamei.

Eri joined Morning Musume in 2003 as a member of the sixth generation, along with Miki Fujimoto, Reina Tankaka and Sayumi Mishishige. Her first single with the group was “Shabondama.” She was featured in the song “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari.” The way they described her in the song was that she was the girl who gets along with everyone but hadn’t developed a distinctive personality yet.

This part I didn’t pick up first hand. Rather, I just found it out by reading comments written by other fans. Eri developed her distinctive skill/characteristic in a TV variety show featuring Morning Musume. Specifically, she stood out with her aptitude for comedy. Eri was also noteworthy for her beauty and shapeliness. She was featured in seven solo photobooks.

One thing that stands out as memorable regarding Eri Kamei was her appearance in a video with the rest of Morning Musume. They were in a classroom, and Rika Ishikawa was acting as an English instructor. She was assisted by American Thane Camus. The Musumes were asked to tell a story with a certain theme, and then they had to re-tell it, in English. Eri’s theme was ‘shock.’ She was supposed to tell about a time when she was shocked. Apparently, one time Eri found some food in her refrigerator and ate it. Later, she discovered that it was dog food. The funniest part of Eri’s story was when Thane Camus tried to teach her to say ‘refrigerator.’ The way Eri said it was ‘refree – geetah.’ The whole class was laughing, and Thane Camus completely lost it. Eri maintained a sweet demeanor and looked cute throughout the segment, to her credit.

As I mentioned previously in my blog, I saw Morning Musume perform at the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2009. They were there as part of Anime Expo. Eri was in the group at that time, so I was fortunate to get to see her.
In 2010, Junjun and Linlin, the Chinese members, were scheduled to graduate from Morning Musume. Then, it was announced that Eri Kamei would graduate at the same time. The reason was that she was suffering from a skin condition. This was exacerbated by the heat and sweat that go along with performing, as well as wearing makeup. She was the first Morning Musume member to graduate due to a health-related reason. Her last single was “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game.”

What stands out for me when I think about Eri Kamei is how she disappeared after she graduated. She never had a blog, an Instagram account, a Twitter feed or anything. Even stranger, she virtually never appeared in any photos available to the fans. (I did see one photo of her from 2012 and one from 2013, though.) There was a rumor that she had a boyfriend, but that was never substantiated. On some rare special occasions, she would be at events with the other former Morning Musume members. Someone would post a video and fans would comment, “See the back of that person’s head? That looks like Eri!” Or, “I couldn’t see her, but I think I heard Eri’s voice!” Also, occasionally, other former members would mention in their blogs that they got together with Eri for lunch or something like that.

It just seems strange to me that someone who had achieved the fame that Eri had enjoyed would drop off the face of the world the way that she has. This leads me to speculate that maybe she was tired of the limelight and the attention. Who knows? Maybe she never really liked being famous. Anyway, I like Eri Kamei a lot. She seems like a nice and friendly person. It would be great if she appeared for an interview once every three years or so. Even to see her in a print ad every so often would be a positive thing.

I wonder what she is up to, on a day-to-day basis. Please comment below if you have any news or insights about Eri Kamei.

i believe she doesn't realize how much she is being loved till this day. Sometimes i check on another morning musume member and OG member hoping that i would get some news about Eri, especially Reina and Sayumi and Kamei Rina (her sister). 

But of course, almost no info about Eri. the last i hear was at Kusumi and Junjun met up. We heard a little Eri voice. But when she start talking, the record was stop at that. It felt like a special melody to my heart.

I really can't understand, why she don't want the fans to know about her, she really closed her info starting from her graduation. But i will pray for her best and always waiting some info about her.

Nov 26 2017 05:04 PM
The latest mention of Eri was her having lunch with Koharu and Junjun not too long ago. Before that she has been frequently hanging out with Sayu. Apparently her family owns a furniture company? Im not 100% sure its true though.

furniture company? i thought it's a restaurant.. the info i got was their family managed a restaurant, but that info was old though.

yeah.. that's the latest info i got too and next month will be her 29th birthday..

last year, i post to her sister twitter account. looks like this year will be same too..

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