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Milkshake: Thai girl group

Posted by mountainoluv, 25 January 2017 · 2253 views

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Milkshake: Thai girl group This post will feature Thai girl group Milkshake. A couple of years ago, I became interested in a different Thai girl group, namely, Candy Mafia. Apparently, they broke up. I came to find out that a former member of Candy Mafia is in a new group called Milkshake. They are on the HALO Society label. There are five members in Milkshake. Their names and dates of birth are as follows.

Bam Bam, 2/18/96

Nene’, 6/26/97

Taton, 12/13/95

Kwan, 6/20/97

Ginnii, 1/11/97

They came out with their first single, “Share,” in November, ’15. Supporters liked the sound of the song, as well as its use of Thai instruments. Detractors claimed that the choreography in the PV was bad. To make up for the perceived shortcoming, the group released a special dance shot video for “Share,” see below. I’m no expert in dancing, but I think it shows the girls have some excellent skills.

Milkshake released their second single, “Joh,” in April, ’16. As far as I know, this is their most recent single. This has me somewhat worried. I would expect active groups to have 2 or 3 singles per year. I wonder if Milkshake is even an active group anymore.

One thing about T-pop that I find interesting is the variety of looks among their stars. Bam Bam, Nene’, and Kwan have typical East Asian looks. Ginnii doesn’t look very Asian to me. In fact, she comes across more like a Hispanic (mestiza). And Taton is very dark-skinned. I wouldn’t be surprised if she said that one or two of her grandparents were of African descent. Also, T-pop allows their stars to be curvier than J-pop or K-pop does. I have seen comments from fans from other Asian countries that called the T-pop stars ‘fat.’ One final thing is about the Thai language. It is a tonal language, so the sound of the lyrics is different. It is hard to describe, but if you listen to it, you will know what I mean.

Anyway, I like T-pop. They seem to be quite talented and original. I have a lot of respect for them, with the level of their songs and videos, subject to the fact that Thailand is a developing country.

In closing, let me know what you think of Milkshake by leaving a comment. Or, if you can suggest a different T-pop group, please mention them in the comments as well.

You know what happen with Candy Mafia?

Not really, no. Candy Mafia had some good songs and some good PVs. They were with Kamakaze label. Milkshake is with HALO Society label, so she switched.

By the way, in the post, I mentioned 'T-pop.' It turns out that it is referred to as 'Thai pop.'

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