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a poor idol, obsessed with food

Posted by mountainoluv, 31 December 2016 · 1889 views

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a poor idol, obsessed with food I ran across a video on YouTube titled “poor Japanese idol breaks down crying.” I clicked on it and I found it fascinating. (Luckily, it has English subtitles, ha ha.) The video features a 48-group idol named Akari Ishizuka. She is considered a low-level idol, and is a member of the group NMB48. She was born in July, 1997, which would make her 19 ½ as of this writing. I believe she was 18 when she made the video. It is a video of a Showroom session, where she is talking to her fans.

At the beginning, she starts reflecting on her life. She talks about how she used to always get in trouble and get scolded, and she doesn’t know why. In the comments section, someone wrote that maybe she is ADD or ADHD, which would explain that.

She moves on and starts talking about how she wants chicken nuggets, but can’t afford them. Then, she mentions that she sees on one of her colleague’s blogs that the colleague goes to Starbucks and to specialty breakfast restaurants and that she (Akari) is jealous. She starts going on about how she wants to eat matcha cookies and tasty meats, but she has no money. About this time, she starts crying and vowing that she will be rich someday, and that she will have a house with a pool, and she will have a bathtub that shoots out soda water bubblies, and on and on. She is really pathetic at this point, wiping her eyes and sniffing. In fact, the way she sniffs so much is even a bit gross.

I guess I don’t really understand it. Does she really get paid so little that she has to Jones about eating little treats? She has 50,000 followers on Twitter. That is twice as many as Makoto Ogawa and aMI TOKITO. It’s about 30 times as many as Ryona Himeno (Girls Beat!!). One of her recent Tweets has 2,400 likes. By way of comparison, one time I got nine likes on a Tweet I sent. At one point in the video, she says that she has 7,000 viewers on her Showroom session. Other people, like Rina Takenaka (singer songwriter, ex-Hinoi Team, a.k.a. Rinana) usually have in the low hundreds. Can’t she translate that popularity into money?

It makes me wonder about the life of an idol, if it is all worth it for them, and how Akari Ishizuka is going to end up.

I think low tier 48 girls are paid very little because they don't do much work.

There's a lot of acting and overdoing, but I think her primary concern about money can be taken seriously.


Around ~2012 Sashihara Rino said she was always low on money before her breakthrough. She also said the Kenkyuusei members aren't paid anything at all, but unlike "group" members they are allowed to take part time jobs. Therefore she was begging the Kenkyuusei for money.


Ichikawa Miori also made some comments about monetary problems of the minor 48G members.


I don't remember either reference, but Sashi said it in TV at a show that also had Berryz Koubou's Chii and Yurina as well as Passpo's Mori Shiori and Negishi Ai in that episode, which was moderated by Gekidan Hitori. Would be great if we had an appearance database now ;)

Ichikawa Miori said it to Yoshida Go.




She can but cannot turn her popularity into money. If people pay money by buying personal handshakes, birth day event tickets, personal goods or other deals which undisputably are about her, NMB will receive the money instead.


Most regional and some minor idol groups - which NMB48 is definitely not - have fanclubs which organize presents that are handed to members (or the leader in case it's targeting the whole group), but some others have outruled that. I assume all 48Gs to not allow it, though I haven't been at any of their events so I can't really tell.

That's exactly how a lot of public figures act in public. They pretend to be the worst of the worst just to get more attention. At least that's how I see it.

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