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Eir Aoi's career

Posted by mountainoluv, 07 November 2016 · 1763 views

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Eir Aoi's career Eir Aoi is a singer who was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido on November 30, 1988. She released her debut single in October, 2011. In the intervening five years, she has released a total of 13 singles and 4 studio albums/mini-albums. Most of her songs were used as anime themes. She is known as an anime singer. One of her best songs has been “Innocence,” which was used in Sword Art Online. It peaked at #6 on the Oricon Chart in 2012. Although she is of small stature, she has a powerful voice. She can really belt out a tune! She has traveled around the world, performing at various anime conventions. For example, she performed at Anime Expo in Los Angeles in both 2014 and 2016. She performed at J-Pop Summit in San Francisco in 2015.

I first met her at Anime Expo in 2014. I won an autographed poster in a contest sponsored by Crunchyroll, and she presented it to me. After that, I looked her up on YouTube, and I liked her music. I decided to go to J-Pop Summit in 2015. I purchased a V.I.P. pass, so I was able to get a photograph with her. I also was in the front row, right up against the stage, when she performed. (I covered this in a previous blog entry.)

She has a huge international following. Since I started following her on Twitter, she was having concert after concert in places like Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Jakarta, Moscow, and so forth. She kept up a steady drumbeat of publicity for her concerts as well as for releases of singles and music videos. This was up until this past summer, i.e., 2016. It kind of went dark as far as Eir Aoi goes. I was wondering what happened to her. It turns out she has had a recurring medical issue.

In the past few months, she has had to cancel a number of shows. She had solo concerts at Nippon Budokan on November 4 and 5, celebrating the fifth anniversary of her debut. Then, this morning, I saw a tweet from her. I clicked ‘Translate,’ and found out that she is putting her career on indefinite hiatus due to poor health. I researched it, and what I saw confirmed her tweet. Apparently, she has been in poor health in recent months. She has done some shows, but as I mentioned, she had to cancel some, too. The nature of her health issue has not been disclosed. I hope it isn’t cancer or something else that is life-threatening.

I think it is a shame that this happened. She seemed to really like performing. She also did a good job answering questions in the meet and greet session. She met and posed for pictures in good spirits, too. She just seemed like an all-around, cheerful person. She is really beautiful, too. She usually appears in long sleeves and shorts. She has short, straight hair, with bangs. She actually was a gravure model before her singing debut. Anyway, I wish her the best and I hope she gets well soon.

If you aren’t familiar with Eir Aoi, I suggest you look up the PV for her single “Lapis Lazuri” or for her single “Ignite” on YouTube. One time, I was in a store in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, and they played “Ignite” on the P.A. system. It gave me a nice feeling. I’m kind of bummed out about the news that she is suspending her career. She is one of the few stars that I like who are still active.

I've been following Aoi since the very, very beginning, and like you, had the pleasure of seeing her live (in Mexico City last year, though unfortunately I couldn't get a VIP ticket). I love how she's such a cool and fun girl, and how such a powerful voice comes from someone so petite. I love "Aurora", "Tsunagaru Omoi", "Cynthia no Hikari", "Bright Future" and this year I've been obsessed with "Tsubasa". I learned about her poor health months ago, and it's sad that she just had her last event before going on hiatus. I'm worried that they haven't stated what exactly is her problem. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed so that she eventually recovers and comes back; she promised to return to my country and it'd be a shame that she wouldn't fulfill her promise.

Oh my god I didn't know about this :( That's so sad, I was hoping to get to see her live at some point with my mother too

She really was amazing but it's good she's putting her health first, I hope she feels better soon

Lapis Lazuli, IGNITE and GENESIS will always be great songs <3

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