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"Black Widow Business": a 2016 film featuring Asuka Hinoi

Posted by mountainoluv, 03 October 2016 · 1835 views

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"Black Widow Business": a 2016 film featuring Asuka Hinoi “Black Widow Business” is a dark comedy film from Japan. The film is distributed by Toho and is 128 minutes long. It debuted Aug. 27, 2016. It was directed by Yasuo Tsuruhashi and it features Asuka Hinoi <3 (ex-Hinoi Team) in a supporting role.

In its opening weekend, “Black Widow Business” placed 4th in Japan’s box office. To date, it has grossed US$10.5 million. The film is about an older lady (Shinobu Otake) who tricks wealthy older men into marrying her and then inherits their money. Asuka Hinoi :wub: plays an impressionable protégé of a nightclub hostess, and is one of the women with whom the owner of a senior matchmaking service (Etsushi Toyokawa) is involved. The film was also shown at the 40th Annual Montreal World Film Festival. The production company is made up of a lot of people with experience in television, so the speculation is that this film is destined for the small screen, eventually. Anyway, I am pleased that Asuka Hinoi is getting film roles and adding to her resume. :good:

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