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Upcoming gigs: Rinana, aMI TOKITO, and Makoto Ogawa

Posted by mountainoluv, 16 July 2016 · 1587 views

Rinana Rina Takenaka Hinoi Team aMI TOKITO Vietnam Makoto Ogawa concert stage play
Upcoming gigs: Rinana, aMI TOKITO, and Makoto Ogawa Rinana (pictured at left) has a couple of gigs coming up. She is a singer-songwriter whose full name is Rina Takenaka. You may remember her from when she was a member of Hinoi Team. Specifically, she will be appearing at Zeela on Sun., 7/17, with several other performers, including Leo, Cimba, and Aisha. Doors open at 16:00 and the show starts at 16:15. Tickets are 3000 Y including one drink.

She has another show coming up at Artrium on Sun., 7/31. Once again, there will be other artists performing as well. Rinana will be performing from 12:30 – 13:00. For more information, visit her Twitter @rina_yumejyo .

aMI TOKITO also has a gig coming up. On Sun., 7/24, she will be participating in a charity concert to benefit children in Vietnam. It is called ‘aMI TOKITO’S No. 2 Elastic Charity Gig. From aMI’s blog (via Bing translator):

‘Date and time: 7 / 24-open 15:00 start 15:30

Venue: Shimokitazawa not enough night

[Tickets] 2,000 yen * drinks included.

AILA, ETERNAL JOURNEY, Junko menhir, aMI TOKITO, AKANE, hyakka ryoran Orchid fonchi (from Vacancy Control), Asuka Hoshino.

[Ticket] [email protected]

She has also been promoting a lot of new aMI TOKITO merchandise for this event. This includes t-shirts, eyewear, stickers, photo collages, and badges. She is really getting into it. She even changed her name on Twitter to include ‘7/24.’

As I mentioned in a previous post, Makoto Ogawa will be appearing in a stage play, ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ Here is a little more information about it.

“Charles Pettanko’s original ‘Sleeping Beauty' and produced also from Tchaikovsky's classic Ballet, Disney's books and movies in the familiar, we are very familiar to children around the world. The theatre East, this piece original dramatization creations and has. Princess and the Cook's daughter is born on the same day. Princess is what will grow well-nourished to overprotective with selfish, inconsiderate girl. Grows gentle daughter of the heart are important to the spinning poor Cook's daughter on the other hand, even from parents to children passed from generation to generation. And inspiring works by white fairy princess looked asleep for 100 years in Nice dreams, and wake up to a beautiful mind that is.

The Eastern theatre, musicals would convey the importance of 'Sleeping Beauty' through children, people with heart and compassion. Theater family meal in your forward looking forward.”

(Source: http://www.tohshou.jp/ )

I believe the play is scheduled to take place from 7/23 to 7/31.

Anyway, Rinana, aMI TOKITO, and Makoto Ogawa are three of my favorite stars. I wish them the best of luck in their upcoming performances.

As it turns out, the show that Rinana was a part of on Sun., 7/17, was SOLD OUT!!!

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