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Ryona Himeno of Girls Beat!!

Posted by mountainoluv, 05 May 2016 · 1565 views

Ryona Ryona Himeno Girls Beat!! Ai Kago Aibon Rina Takenaka Rinana Morning Musume Double You
Ryona Himeno of Girls Beat!! I’d like to address a relatively obscure, but currently active, idol star. Her name is Ryona Himeno. In 2014, Ai Kago held a tryout for a new idol group, tentatively named Girls Unit Project. Each girl in the group was supposed to have a unique and special talent. One girl, Remi, was admitted to the group. Her talent was baton twirling. Aibon was taking tap dancing lessons at the time. Ryona Himeno also tried out for the group. Her talent was being a human beat box. It was determined that she (Ryona) had to get supplemental training before being admitted to the group. Eventually, however, she became a member, and they renamed the group Girls Beat!! The three of them made a number of appearances and released a couple of singles.

Then, Aibon ran into some trouble with her husband at the time. I can’t remember if he did a crime, or engaged in domestic violence, or accused her of domestic violence, or what. The result, however, was that Girls Beat!! went on hiatus for a period of time. During this time, Remi’s contract expired, and it was not renewed by the agency. They decided to get the group going again. Ryona made a few solo appearances as Girls Beat!! Then, they got another girl to join the group. (Excuse me, but her name escapes me.) The talent of the new girl is ‘vocalist.’ Aibon re-emerged and made some more appearances with the group. After a brief period, though, Aibon announced that she was moving on to do some other things on her own, and she stopped appearing with the group. Now, the group is just Ryona and the new girl, i.e., the vocalist.

So, that is the background on Girls Beat!! I started following Ryona on Twitter about a year ago. I am starting to like her more and more. She is so cute, with such big eyes. I like the way she does her makeup. She has some nice expressions in her photos, too. The main thing that attracts me to her, though, is that she generally responds to me when I send her a tweet. In fact, I’d say that when I send her a tweet, there is a 60 – 80% chance that she will respond. She doesn’t say a lot in her responses, but just to know that she sees what I write and takes the time to respond means a lot to me. (As an aside, among the Japanese stars that I follow on Twitter, the second most likely to respond to a tweet that I send is Rina Takenaka, ex-Hinoi Team, a.k.a. Rinana.)

A couple of months ago, Ryona made a blog post of a gig she got. If you have ever seen a boxing match, you probably noticed that between the rounds, they have a sexy girl walk around the ring, with a big sign that indicates the number of the next round. That was what she was doing. Ryona has a very nice body, so she was well-suited to that task. I got kind of worried about her. I imagine that there are hundreds of guys lusting over the girls who do that job. Of course, there probably are at the live performances of idol groups, too, so maybe it isn’t so bad.

With regard to personality, Ryona puts forth kind of a goofy, earnest image. For example, she and the other member of Girls Beat!! recently made a video of them singing a song. In the video, they also performed as their own wotas, doing wotagei. It was so funny! It seems like it would take a special personality to do something like that, like someone who has a good sense of humor and is not afraid to look ridiculous. Another thing about Ryona is that she loves baseball. Her favorite team is the Yokahama Baystars. She spends a lot of time at the ballpark. Sometimes, she even tweets about high school baseball.

Girls Beat!! has a setup where they can do live streaming. One day last week, Ryona was doing a karaoke special and I happened to catch it. She sang the Morning Musume song “I Wish.” She also sang “Robo Kiss” by W (double-you). I didn’t really like the interface with this particular streaming service. I tried to type some messages to her, and I don’t know if she got them or not. It didn’t work as well as one time that Rinana did one. When Rinana did a livestream, I could see the messages that I typed, and she addressed each message. With Ryona’s livestream, it didn’t seem much different from watching a video. I just didn’t perceive that interaction that I expected.

About the only drawback to Ryona, in my opinion, is that I think she has a boyfriend. She let it slip out in a tweet . . . something about her boyfriend’s house. Anyway, some of my beliefs in my idol fandom is based on speculation, because I don’t speak or read Japanese. The online translators don’t work very well, so there is always some degree of uncertainty. So . . . that is what I have on Ryona Himeno of Girls Beat!!

I love Ryona, even though I got into Girls Beat for Aibon, Ryona won me over pretty quickly, and it only got stronger when she began performing by herself after Aibon and Remi left, I really admired her determination and passion for the group. Yui Momose (the newest member) also seems really sweet as well, and she seems to respond to fan tweets just as much. As for the boyfriend thing, my Japanese kind of sucks as well, but it looks like Ryona and Yui occasionally refer to each other as "boyfriend" in their tweets (I think with one of the "at my boyfriend's house" tweets, Ryona was actually at Yui's house and Yui in turn said something like "My boyfriend is at my house" with a pic of Ryona lol), so idk. Overall, I really like Girls Beat, even without Aibon around, Ryona and Yui have a lot of chemistry together and they're just really adorable in general.

Now, if only my copy of Get Ready would actually arrive...

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