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“Sayonara Kabukicho,” a.k.a. “Kabukicho Love Hotel,” (2015) featuring Asuka Hinoi

Posted by mountainoluv, 10 March 2015 · 2605 views

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“Sayonara Kabukicho,” a.k.a. “Kabukicho Love Hotel,” (2015) featuring Asuka Hinoi It is turning out to be a busy year, career-wise, for Asuka Hinoi. She appears in the 2015 feature film “Sayonara Kabukicho,” a.k.a. “Kabukicho Love Hotel,” that was directed by Hiroki Ryuichi. I don’t want to go too much into the detail of the plot here. There are plenty of reviews available online for that. Suffice it to say that it is an ensemble piece that centers around a manager of a ‘love hotel’ located in Kabukicho the famous red-light district in Shijuko, Tokyo. Asuka Hinoi plays the college student sister of the protagonist, who shows up in his hotel to star in an adult film. (Yes, folks, Asuka-chan is growing up . . . and film makers are recognizing her sexuality.) This represents a change in casting for Asuka Hinoi. She graduates to portraying a college student, as opposed to the high school students she has played in the past (e.g., in 2014’s “School Girl’s Gestation” and “Mysterious Transfer Student.”) Her character’s name is Miyu, whose adult film name is ‘Azusa.’ According to a review by Film Business Asia, “J-popster HINOI Asuka is okay in a rather manufactured role as Toru's wayward younger sister.” Well . . . it’s not exactly a glowing review, but at least they didn’t say she was bad. (I call that as a victory.) On a similar note, Asuka isn’t getting lead roles, but she seems to be getting a regular stream of supporting roles. This is more than I can say for ex-MMs Ai Kago or Sayaka Ichii (or Julianna Rose Mauriello (“Lazy Town”) for that matter.)

Another cast member of note is Shota Sometani, who plays the lead male character, Toru. He is notable due to his recent marriage to film star Rinko Kikuchi. He was quoted at a press conference for the movie “We’ve just gotten married and don’t have any children, but as the head of the house, I’ll try my best.” Also, the ostensible female lead is Atsuko Maeda, ex-AKB48. It’s not that her role is bigger than some of the other actresses, but she is featured with Mr. Sometani on the poster for the film.
“Sayonara Kabukicho” was featured at the Toronto Film Festival as well as the Busan International Film Festival. It is 136 minutes long, and it is called “Kabukicho Love Hotel” in English language markets.

As it turns out, Asuka Hinoi was also featured in a recent commercial for Google.

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