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Asuka Hinoi stars in McDonald's commercial!

Posted by mountainoluv, 08 January 2015 · 4606 views

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Asuka Hinoi stars in McDonald's commercial! I was checking out Twitter yesterday, and I saw a tweet from Asuka Hinoi. I don’t read Japanese, but I noticed ‘McDonalds’ in the tweet. There was a link, and I clicked on it. Lo and behold, there was a commercial for McDonalds’ curly fries. And it starred Asuka Hinoi! It really made my day to see her in this. Plus, she looks really nice. Once, I saw a comment on YT that she didn’t look good anymore, but I beg to differ. Check out the McDonalds CM yourself. She is a beautiful lady.


Also, I’d like to congratulate Asuka Hinoi on her twenty-fourth birthday. She was born January 8, 1991. I hope she gets more and better roles. It was only a 15 second commercial, but Asuka Hinoi showed a lot of emotion, especially when her friend ate the last curly fry.

Unfortunately, I heard on the news yesterday that two McDonalds customers in Japan complained about complained that they found plastic in their Chicken McNuggets. The company spokesman apologized profusely. On the bright side, I don’t think Asuka Hinoi had anything to do with it.

Thanks for the update!

You are welcome! Rina will be performing as a singer/songwriter at a place called 'Chicken George' tomorrow (Sat., Jan. 10, 2015). Let's keep supporting our favorite idols!

I was a big Hinoi Team fan back then, and I gotta agree with 2ch, she doesn't look half as good as she used to. Don't get me wrong, she isn't bad looking or anything, but she was "drop dead gorgeous" at that time, and now she's just "good looking".


Anyway, glad to see her :)

I was checking out some of Asuka's old videos. I concluded that she was in her prime for looks from the time she made the video for "Night of Fire" until the time she made the video for her third single (after the breakup of Hinoi Team). In the video linked above, she is, as mentioned, "drop dead gorgeous." She is like an angel. The shape of her eyes . . . the shape of her mouth . . . I could stare at her for hours. Although she did go down a little bit in looks since then, I'd say she is still gorgeous.
I found a website with a review of that commercial. They listed the following info on the two actresses who appear in it:

-Wako Ando-

Born in 9/4/1992

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture

Height: 158 cm

Blood type: O type

Special skills: figure skating

Hobbies: shopping, painting, makeup, nails

-Asuka Hinoi-

Born in 1/8/1991

Born in Osaka kawachinagano-Shi

Blood type: B

Height: 160 cm

Three sizes: 80-62-83 cm

Shoes sizes:23.5cm

Hobbies and skills: guitar, photography, singing, watching the stars

Driver's license: common car license

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