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The Talented and Lovely Takahashi Ai

Posted by mountainoluv, 02 January 2015 · 1772 views

Ai Takahashi Morning Musume Mini Moni Cinderella
The Talented and Lovely Takahashi Ai Greetings! First, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year! Let’s hope for an enjoyable and productive 2015. Please excuse me for not updating my blog for such a long time. I had an issue with my laptop, but I am back in a position where I can make posts again. In this post, I’d like to address a former member and former leader of Morning Musume: Takahashi Ai!

I really like and admire Takahashi Ai. She seems to be a very friendly and down-to-earth person. And, she is so beautiful! One of my favorite acting performances I have seen her do was in the Mini Moni movie. She looked so cute in that cat costume! Also, I loved her performance in the “Brementown Musicians” drama featuring the members of Mini Moni. She was in the modern segment of the drama, as a schoolgirl who (for some reason) was known as ‘Donkey.’ Anyway, I would highly recommend seeing the “Brementown Musicians” drama with the members of Mini Moni. If I remember correctly, there were 12 episodes, four of which starred Takahashi Ai. Four starred Tsuji Nozomi and four starred Kago Ai. Mika Todd also made a few, brief appearances. It was well written and the acting was quite good. Let me tell you, I was crying uncontrollably at the end.

A couple of other impressions I have had of Takahashi Ai were in a stage play where she starred as Cinderella. I saw this on YouTube. She did a very good job in that play. Also, I liked her in the music videos of Mini Moni that she was in. She had the nicest body of the members of Mini Moni, and the producers did their best to show it off. She was the only one who regularly appeared with a bare midriff outfit.

Takahashi Ai was the leader of Morning Musume during a very stable period. They went for a long time without any change in membership when she was the leader. On a personal note, she was the leader when I saw Morning Musume at Anime Expo in Los Angeles in 2009. So, that made a big and positive impression on me. I have a photobook of Morning Musume from ~2010 (when they were 8-nin, after Koharu Kusumi graduated). In my opinion, Takahashi Ai is the most beautiful of the girls in that photobook. They all look good, but she is the best. She has such a nice, mature shape . . . a very sexy look. The guy who married Takahashi Ai is so lucky!
Regarding her recent professional activities, Takahashi Ai starred in a motion picture called “Karaage * USA” that was released in 2014. (‘Karaage’ means fried chicken.) I’m not going to give a synopsis of the movie, but if you want to find out more about it, you can search for an article titled “Ai Takahashi’s new challenges” by Masaki Uramoto. While I haven’t seen the movie, I’d certainly like to. The article made it sound interesting.

To sum it up, Takahashi Ai is a beautiful superstar, and she also seems like a wonderful person. Let’s keep supporting Takahashi Ai!

Ai-chan is my all time #1.  I'd like to say that she is THE stage queen!  Her voice and dancing are unbeatable.  She is naturally a adorable girl but she even doesn't realize herself.


On her personal side, I think she has a special ability which easily reach out others.  I've watched their early appearances in Utaban and H!M.  Yaguchi took almost two years to break the icy wall of Yuu-chan and became close to her.  However, Ai-chan only spent about half a year to win Yuu-chan's heart.

Thank you for your comment! I agree . . . Ai-chan is great! In addition to her singing, dancing, and leadership, she struck me as a very nice, friendly, and humble person from some of the candid videos I have seen. For example, she was really cool on some of the "Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons" videos. Also, I saw a recent video where she visited some fans, I think it was in the UK or Ireland. She was so nice in that video, too.

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