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Asuka Hinoi stars in feature film, “Sharing” 2014

Posted by mountainoluv, 12 October 2014 · 1970 views

Asuka Hinoi Hinoi Team Busan Intl Film Festival Makoto Shinozaki Sharing
Asuka Hinoi stars in feature film, “Sharing” 2014 I am happy to report that Asuka Hinoi (ex Hinoi Team) stars in a new feature film. The title is “Sharing,” and it was directed by award winner Makoto Shinozaki. The 120 minute film was accepted at the Busan International Film Festival, which concluded today. The Busan International Film Festival takes place annually in Korea, and is known as Asia’s largest film festival. In addition to Asuka Hinoi, the cast included Kinuo Yamada, Tomoki Kimura, and Tatsuya Kawamura. The screenplay was by Zenzo Sakai and Makoto Shinozaki.

Following is a synopsis of the film [Source: Byeongcheol Kim, (2014) “A Window on Asian Cinema”, http://www.biff.kr/eng/html/program/prog_view.asp?idx=14088&c_idx=96&sp_idx=&QueryStep= ].

“On March 11, 2011, a great earthquake and tsunami rocked the Pacific coast along the northeastern region of Japan. This resulted in a terrible disaster that left 1,800 dead and the complete destruction of Fukushima. Shinozaki Makoto’s Sharing depicts the trauma that scarred the people of Japan and their recovery. Psychology professor Eiko, who lost her fiancé in the tsunami, conducts research through interviews with tsunami victims experiencing various traumas despite the fact she is experiencing hallucinations of her fiancé as well. During the course of preparing a graduation performance commemorating the tsunami victims, Kaoru continues to dream of the disaster although she has no direct connection. In the dream she helplessly watches as her young daughter is pulled away in the water they are both floating in. A calamity of great magnitude that can be considered a national disaster leaves a permanent scar on the hearts of countless people. Sharing is a film about such wounds and healing them through mourning and sharing pain with others.”

Sales for “Sharing”: Office Kitano Inc.
Japan 5-4-14, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel: 81 3-5572-7099
Fax: 81 3-3589-0667
[email protected]

This is Asuka Hinoi’s second film role this year. She was in “School Girls’ Gestation” as well. I think she was also in a TV show. It seems like her acting career is picking up. I am so glad. I was worried that she was headed for entertainment industry oblivion. A young lady as beautiful and talented as Asuka Hinoi should be able to do more in the entertainment field, whether it is singing, modelling, acting, or something else. I continue to support Asuka Hinoi, and I encourage you to support her, too.

P.S. I wanted to add that Asuka tweeted photos of herself at the Busan International Film Festival. She was able to go to Korea for this event. It looks like they had a nice beach there. I know that Asuka is an adult now, but it still must have been exciting for her. It would be exciting for anyone who hasn't been doing it for years and years.

P.P.S. The trailer for 'Sharing' is available on YouTube. Here is the link

It looks pretty good. Regardless of what you think about the film, you can see what Asuka looks like now.

I haven't heard any news about Asuka Hinoi for years! I was wondering what happened to her after Hinoi Team disbanded.... So this is great news!

Thank you for your comment and for your interest in Asuka Hinoi! :good:


I am always pleased to find out there is somebody who still cares about her.  



I forgot to mention a couple of things in the post. 1) In the photo for this post, Asuka Hinoi is at left. Next to her is the director Makoto Shinozaki. I'm not sure who the other people are, but I imagine they are cast members of "Sharing." 2) When I think of 'Makoto,' I think of Makoto Ogawa. I was surprised that the director's name is Makoto. I guess a male or a female can be named Makoto.

I check her blog every now and then. It's nice to see her active.

Thank you for your comment, and for your interest in Asuka Hinoi. I used to check her blog. She updated it semi-regularly. Then, she started using Twitter. She tweets almost daily, but her frequency of blog posting when way down. If you want to follow her on Twitter, her handle is @hinoi_asuka . If you follow her, she might even follow you back. She follows me (for whatever that is worth).

wow. thanks for the post. It's nice to hear people from past show up on news again.


But I guess no Goriki? :P

Nice to hear from you, Pistolero. You are welcome. If you see my previous blog entry, Hikaru Koyama (ex-Hinoi Team) had dinner with Koriki. It was their first meeting for nine years.

Thank for pointing that out. It's fun to see Koriki show up there. Good to know that they were able to get together. It's been 9 years....

Yes . . . it doesn't seem like 9 years. After Koriki left, Hinoi Team released two more singles: "Now and Forever" and "Dancin and Dreamin." Then, they went on indefinite hiatus. Asuka released one single post-Hinoi Team. It had a promotional video, and was titled "Asu e no Hikari (Light Toward Tomorrow)." I think there was another solo song by Asuka that was part of a compilation ("Suiren (Water Lily)"?). She was released from her contract with Avex. She had an ongoing modelling gig with a teen girls' magazine, but that eventually ended, too. She also had a radio show, but that also ended. At that point, I heard she was working in a Pinkberry frozen yogurt store in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo. Gradually, she has kept at it, and has been building an acting career. She started small, but it seems like she has been getting bigger roles. Anyway, she is one of my favorite idols. I really admire her for not giving up when she had nothing going on.

I came to find out that "Sharing" was accepted for showing at an upcoming film festival in Iran, of all places.

"Sharing" is finally getting its theatrical release in Japan! It will debut on 4/23 at Theatre Shinjuku. Asuka Hinoi will be speaking at 9 p.m., along with other people involved with making this film.

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