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happy day

Posted by mountainoluv, 20 December 2013 · 1509 views

Koharu Kusumi Miho Ohyu Mika Todd Makoto Ogawa aMI TOKITO
happy day Good evening everybody!

I like happy music. That's why I like the singles of Koharu Kusumi. I mean . . . she has 'Happy,' 'Happy Happy Sunday,' 'Papancakes,' 'Chance,' 'Balalaika,' and so on. Those are all happy, upbeat, energetic songs. Plus, the videos for her singles are nice, too. She always has some great costumes on. The sets are interesting and attractive and the choreography is great. She executes the choreography well. The best part of the videos, however, is the genkiness that Koharu Kusumi radiates! I think she is a wonderful person. When Morning Musume came to the U.S. for Anime Expo, it was the consensus that Koharu Kusumi best personified 'genki.' Plus, she is so very attactive. She has such a beautiful face and a perfect body. I guess you can tell how much I like Koharu Kusumi, ha ha! I even like her songs/PVs with Milky Way. I didn't know too much about Koharu when she was in Morning Musume. It was only after she graduated (or 'was graduated') that I began to appreciate her. I think I understand why it happened when it happened. Still, I think it was a big loss for the group when she left. She is doing a great job with her modeling (Can Cam Magazine). She even has a dorama coming out in early January ('Gal Cabinet'). I wish her a lot of success in her career. Let's keep supporting Koharu Kusumi!

I'd like to mention a couple of other stars. Does anyone know who Miho Ohyu is? (That's her in the entry image.) I found out about her because she is a friend of aMI TOKITO. They are always tweeting back and forth to each other. They often post photos of each other together. What got me interested in Miho Ohyu is the funny faces she makes. She seems to have a nice personality. So, I started following her, in addition to aMI TOKITO. (By the way, Makoto Ogawa is acquainted with Miho Ohyu as well). The reason I brought up Miho is that I had a birthday last week, and I got a happy birthday greeting from Miho Ohyu!

And, another one of the people I follow on Twitter is Mika Todd, ex-leader of Mini Moni and ex-Coconuts Musume. She doesn't check her Twitter account very often. I received a Happy Belated Birthday message from Mika Todd a week after my birthday. I guess better late than never!

OK, that's my entry for today. Thank you for your interest, and I encourage comments!

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