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Posted by mountainoluv, 15 December 2013 · 1505 views

aMI TOKITO Aya Matsuura
music, idol stars Hello everybody!
It's just another warm and sunny day in Southern California. I went to see 'Despicable Me 2' last night. It was playing for free at a local school.

Does anybody else like aMI TOKITO? Oh, my goodness! She is adorable. :c18: I even bought an aMI TOKITO action figure on e-Bay. I love her music videos . . . "Sentimental Generation,' 'Ayaii Ayaii,' '21,' and so on. She seems to have so much personality and charisma. I saw a comment somebody made on the 'Meccha Macho' PV. It was something like 'My girl, aMI TOKITO, has a lot of spunk!' Ha ha. I would agree. Also, "aMI TOKITO tiene el mejor ritmo!' That is, 'aMI TOKITO has the best rhythm!' And she does. You can tell that she is really trying to entertain in her music videos. The same goes for her live performances. She has really nice and expressive hand motions, too, kind of like Aya Matsuura.

Which brings me to the topic of Aya Matsuura. She has some nice PVs as well. I like 'Doki Doki Love Mail,' 'Ne~E,' 'Yeah Meccha Holiday,' . . . they are all good. That is the pop songs, the ones with a reasonably quick beat. I'm not one who goes for slow songs much, and I know she has some slow songs, or maybe she went through a slow phase. Maybe she is still in her slow phase. If I remember correctly, somebody told me she has a health problem, and hasn't been making much music or having a lot of appearances lately. How about the video 'Goodbye Natsuo (Wild Ayaya Version)'? I just can't take my eyes off of her during that video. :w00t: It's fascinating! Anyway, she is another great entertainer.

I would love to meet either aMI TOKITO or Aya Matsuura. I don't know why, but I think aMI would be a little more easy to get along with. She (aMI) seems friendlier, more humble. I have sent tweets to both, and aMI has replied about 5 or 6 times. :good: Aya Matsuura is probably too big of a star to bother with things like that. Come to think of it, I quit following Aya because she never tweeted.

Oh, well, so much for my opinions. Have a Happy Happy Sunday! :good:

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