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Translation: Nakazawa Yuko Upcoming Interview, Part 2

Posted by Lurkette, in Video, Interview, Translations 03 September 2020 · 0 views

This is part two of a three part summary of Nakazawa Yuko's interview in the webshow Upcoming as part of Morning Musume's 20th Anniversary celebrations. Part 2 is a summary that encompasses minutes 5-10 of the collective interview.

Translation: Lurkette
Requested by denadel

She continues talking about her graduation, saying that she really didn't discuss her decision to graduate with anyone. She only told the group when she had to, and she sort of told them in a way like, this is what she wants, this is what's happening, and no one really talked about it after. However, after her graduation concert, she still had to finish up the first Morning Musume musical. At the end of that, she saw Yaguchi and Kei-chan (that is how she referred to them) crying about how this was truly the last time they'd be with her as part of Morning Musume, which made her realize what good friends she had made. She had the most exchanges with those two at the time, and even though she's never asked them what they were thinking back then, she's still moved to this day to think that they would miss her. She's happy that she could leave that sort of impression on the other members.

After a clip of her graduation concert, Yuko is asked about anything that left a deep impression on her from her time in the group. She says what actually gets brought up the most to her from her co-workers in Fukuoka and others that she meets while working is Morning Cop, Morning Musume's first movie. She thinks that being able to film a movie in Japan as an idol was an invaluable experience. It was embarrassing, but people tell her they came to the handshake event for it or they saw it in theaters in middle school, so it is an important moment in her life and in looking back over the last 20 years, Morning Cop and Pitch Runner left the deepest impact on her.

She is then asked what her favorite Morning Musume song is. She struggles with this and confirms that she can only pick one song. She thinks for a bit, and then says putting aside her graduation song, her favorite might be Kimagure Princess. The song was released under Ai-chan's leadership, during what fans call the Platinum Era, and she admits she really just likes all the Platinum Era songs because they're so cool. For Kimagure Princess, she especially liked Kamei-chan's performance.

To be continued in Part 3 (final).