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Translation: Fukumura Mizuki, beloved by all

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Video 20 August 2020 · 0 views

This is a translation of a clip from the show Hello!Pro [email protected]! In which Makino Maria presents a clip of the Fukumura Dash as a memorable live.

Translation by Lurkette

Requested by thegabriel

Fukumura: Let's start the Hello!Pro Memorable Live Commentary corner! In this corner, Morning Musume '19 members have chosen a scene during their tenure that has deep memories for them. Our presenters this time will be Satou Masaki and Makino Maria! Take it away.

Satou&Makino: The memorable scene we've chosen is this!

Fukumura: You gave up in the middle there.

Makino: "I realized how glad I was that my Morning Musume '14 senpai is my own senpai."

All: Woah!

Makino: So then, here's the...

Satou&Makino: Clip!

Oda: Wow, this takes me back!

Makino: I chose this scene from the live where Michishige Sayumi-san couldn't move to the center stage. The 12th generation members had joined the group during this tour, so we hadn't had more than just an introduction, I guess, so even though we weren't performing together, we were watching the whole thing from the back. The members were all following along with Michishige-san's location, and I thought it was so incredible how the members thoughts in terms of the stage were connected to their bonds together. Oh, also this part!

Oda: Naturally, this part!

Makino: This is the part!

Ikuta: Huh? Is this that one?

Ishida: I'm going to cry just watching it.

Satou: That's right! THAT'S RIGHT! I get it!

Oda: Oh, she's breaking away.

Makino: Right here!

All: Waaah!

Oda: There she goes!

All: Aaahh!!

Oda: She's smiling.

Makino: It's about Michishige-san's face here.

All: Yes, yes.

Oda: She hurried! You hurried up and got there, didn't you?

Fukumura: Yeah, I got there quick.

Oda: Oh, Iikubo-san...

Satou: My heart...

Oda: Oh this part always gets me-

Satou: Waaaah!

Oda: I'm so glad you got to sing together!

Satou: For sure. This moment! When the footage popped up!

Oda: We really did all have the same feelings right then.

Satou: That's right.

Makino: This moment was when I realized how extremely happy I was to be a part of Morning Musume myself. And that's when I realized how glad my Morning Musume senpai were my senpai.

Fukumura: That makes me happy.

Oda: This really takes me back.

Fukumura: Same for you, right, Masaki-chan?

Satou: Yeah, so this part, I heard her voice, I heard it in my ear monitor. I went, "nnwaaah~" Really, my heart got carried away. Minishige-san's voice was so raw.

9th-11th gen: This is so nostalgic.

Satou: And then here, Odango was looking like she was crying and crying and Masaki was like, "Odango~ Odango~" You see?!

Ikuta: Your expression!

Fukumura: Are you crying? Are you?

Satou: Listen! We had ear monitors then. And Minishige-san's voice singing, "I want to try shouting, but," and it shot into them, in my ears.

Oda: We were shaking.

Satou: Right! Her voice was so raw, and like, if you cry, you can't sing. You can't sing! But still, Minishige-san was singing from her heart there. It's like she was saying, "I'm not going to lose here, even if I cry, I'm not going to give in!" And that voice resounded all of that in my ear, so for Masaki, it was like Masaki had to follow Minishige-san's lead, right up until the curtain closed for her! I had gained resolve! And at the same time I had that resolve from Minishige-san, Fukumura dashed, and when she did the ears-

Oda: Ears?

Satou: Whatever you do, this pose. Right, and when that happened, it was like, I recognize Fukumura-san as leader.

All: *general uproar*

Satou: Wait, wait, wait-

Yokoyama: But Haga-san really is crying!

All: Huh? Really?

Haga: I could absolutely cry right now, you know. I'm so glad Fukumura-san is our leader.

Satou: We're so glad! I really feel this way! I do!

Fukumura: Now I could cry, too.

Satou: It's true! That moment when you ran behind us, I couldn't see you, but when you were projected on the screen it was like, "Ah, Fukumura-san~"

Oda: I just noticed but the one who selected this scene was Maria, right?

All: *laughs*

Makino: Yes.

Ikuta: Yours was Give Me Love.

Satou: It was Give Me Love!

Ishida: If we didn't have any place like this, we wouldn't have been able to hear Maria say directly that she's glad we're her senpai, and that makes me so happy.

Satou: You're so happy, right? Hearing these words.

Oda: I am!

Satou: Yes, we're really glad.

Makino: Again, watching that stage, I realized that I'd get to work with such incredible senpai, I really, um...

Oda: *laughs*

Satou: You mean it!

Makino: I was so happy...

Oda: Akanechin!

Ishida: Everyone calm down!

Fukumura: Okay so with that, this was Satou Masaki and Makino Maria's Hello!Pro Live Commentary!

All: Yay~

Makino: Thank you!