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Translation: Cho Tokimeki♡Sendenbu - Watashi, Number One Girl!

Posted by Lurkette, in Lyrics, Translations 11 August 2020 · 0 views

超ときめき♡宣伝部 - わたし、ナンバーワンガール! / Chou Tokimeki♡Sendenbu - Watashi, Number One Girl!
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: 山上智矢 (Yamaue Tomoya)
Translation: Lurkette

Requested by Margie Gigi

Original Lyrics
ハイテンション 気合い 入れて
一番を 決めちゃいましょう
体力 女子力 ナンバーワン

Ah 誰もが狙ってるんでしょう?
『最強』の称号 欲しくて だって
視線が合えば 臨戦態勢
バッチバッチに 火花散るわ

今朝の星占い 順位最下位もチャンス

開戦!真剣勝負でLiving up! Living up!
誰にだって 負けたくない 響いてゴング
I say!優勝宣言Listen up!Listen up!
距離詰める 緊張感
息を飲む暇さえ ないくらいだネ

フェイント かけます かけます
絶妙なタイミング 狙え
余裕 ありそう? なさそう?!

Everybody さぁさぁ ご覧ください!
Everybody 本日 メーンイベント!!
Body Body ぶつかるのは痛いけど

因縁の戦いです 火蓋切られたのです
永遠のライバルは お前しかいない…!

命がけ サドンデス いざ勝負です
You say!大胆作戦 ギリアウト!ギリアウト!
高らかに 鳴り響く
勝利の鐘はまだ 聞こえないのです

欲望が渦巻く 炎上も辞さない
頂上で 笑うのは 誰デスカ…??

“どうして? 一番なんて決めない 要らない

わかってない ぬるすぎる 人生は 闘いだ…!!

開戦!愛情勝負もLiving up! Living up!
わたしだけに 振り向いて 勝利の神よ
I say!優勝宣言Listen up!Listen up!
手始めに この国を
収めてみせましょう わたし、No.1!!

English Translation
High tension, gather up the fighting spirit
Let's decide on number 1
Physical strength, girl power, number one
I'll accept the top!!!

Ah, everyone is aiming for it, right?
I want the title of "the strongest," but
When our eyes meet, I'm preparing for war
The sparks begin to fly

My horoscope this morning, there's a chance I am the lowest rank
My lucky item is jam
That's what I'm preparing with?

Starting a war! Fighting for real, living up! Living up!
I carry a great peace in my hand
Nobody wants to lose, the resounding gong
I say! Declaring victory, listen up! Listen up!
We have to go past our limits
Shorten the distance, a feeling of tension
I hardly even have time to catch my breath

Make a feint, make a feint
Aim for superb timing
Does it look like we have extra time? It doesn't?!
Greet you with a smile

Everybody, come on, come on, please look!
Everybody, Japan, main event!!
Body Body, colliding hurts but
I can turn away from everything but your eyes...!

My destiny is battle, the caps have been taken off my guns
My eternal rival, it's only you...!

Oh no! Friendship is dangerous! Dangerous!
You can't tell any jokes
Risking my life, sudden death, now it's a game
You say! A bold strategy, a little too late! A little too late!
The means don't matter
It rings out loud
I still can't hear it, the winner's bell
I want to be the number one strongest...!
I want to be the number one cutest...!!
My desires whirl, I'm even willing to send it up in flames
Who will be the one left smiling at the top...??

"Why? I can't decide who's number one, we don't need that
We're all number one!" You say that, but

You don't get it, you're too lukewarm, life is a battle...!!

Starting a war! Fighting for real, living up! Living up!
I carry a great peace in my hand
God of victory, turn your face, only to me
I say! Declaring victory, listen up! Listen up!
I don't even know limits
I'll show you how, from the onset
I'll restore this nation, I am No.1!!

I hope that it's alright that I am gonna use your translation when I subtitle this song. I will of course give credit in the video to you, and in the description box. Thanks again for the translation. You are the best!