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Team Syachihoko blog translations 2017.10.12

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 12 October 2017 · 846 views

☆ChiyuChiyu Bloh☆ "Today is the last day"

Konnichiyu ฅ۶•ﻌ•♡

♡KRY Fall Festival♡

I was really happy
that we got to go to Yamaguchi again this year!!!

It's always fun to out to places~ (^-^)

We did the mochi throw and a live radio broadcast and a talk show and a live and special events, so it was a very full day~!

Thank you to everybody who came

Today is your last day
for Syachi Moude 2018 official preorder applications!!!
Thanks to everyone who has already applied!
If you maybe have a friend or like a child that seems like they want to go,
I definitely want them to come see us!
I want to get lots of people in Aichiken Taiikukan,
and have a great start to the new year! \(^ω^)/

I tried thinking of different things
for what kind of show I want it to be~
and what I want to try doing at this venue!!!
1. The theme is the first dream of the year, so I want to make the atmosphere very dream-like!
Wouldn't it be fun if things happen that you wouldn't believe in real life?!
For example~doing a live until everyone leaves lol
But in reality, I'd be upset if people walked out so that's not a good idea ( ̄▽ ̄)

2. A band-style live!

3. Chiyu plays the guitar while the members sing!

4. Doing super childish things before I become an adult! Like things I can get away with because I'm a kid! lol

5. I want to be on Gaki no Tsukai! (that's not a concert thing but does that matter?! lolol)

do you have anything you want us to do???
Today is the last day for tickets!!

You should all come to Aichiken Taiikukan~🎶

We'll be live on "Oha Star" tomorrow!
At 7:05!!!
Watch it---\(^ω^)/



Just one for this week. Things are a little hectic for me right now, but when the dust settles, I should be free to do translations for more groups, if anyone cares to see any. I've also been thinking about moving the translations to tumblr, since it seems like a lot of people go there for translations now? Just a thought.