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Team Syachihoko Blog Translations 2017.10.05

Posted by Lurkette, in Blog, Translations 06 October 2017 · 541 views

Nagoya~~(^^) Sakamoto Haruna

Haru Hello (^^)

Syachi Summer 2017~Extreme~
@ Aichiken Geijutsu Gekijou Large Hall

Our annual summer event
is in September...
But the day before we did the Me~Tele BOMBER-E Fall Festival!

micro <3 , with Nacchan <3

Going back and forth between summer and fall
made for a dense two days (^^)

Going back to Syachi Summer..
The theme this time was "Japanese style"
In the opening dance,
we debuted a new song!
We also did a Japanese arrangement of Cherie!,
and we used Japanese parasols!!

It totally felt like a festival

Everyone from the Sendai division, as well as the dancers,
was so cool!
Every time we'd practice together in Tokyo and Nagoya
we got along better, which made me happy (^^)

I believe that we can't give up,
that our big dream of Nagoya Dome will come true!
I want to see the sight of the dome with all of you!!

From here on, I want Team Syachihoko
to combine our strength
and look toward the same goal
and run towards it (^^)

Natalie also made a report on it <3
All of the master's (HIROKAZU) photos
are so good <3

They took such cool photos for us
so please go look at them <3
Haru saved some of them, too! lol

Me~Tele BOMBER-E Fall Festival <3

A huge gathering of Nagoya idols!


We got to cover

SKE48's Aishiteraburu
Boys And Men's Yanfaisoore!

We also got to take photos with them

I was nervous about doing covers...

But the fans were all so warm
and did the calls for us
and that made me very happy.

DEVIL NO ID, too <3

I'm always listening to Signal <3
They're cool and cute and awesome...

And Yoiko's Hamaguchi

After the broadcast he came running up to us
and he watched the Syachi stage from start to finish

I was so happy~~(^^)

With Nagaoka!!

It's for Me~Tele, but there was Nagaoka (^^) [*Nagaoka works under CBC, a different broadcaster, and has a radio show that Haruna guests on]
He sure likes us~lolol

Ikkoku Sakigakedou's collaboration menu
Syachihoko Noodles

I wonder if you've all eaten them~???

They're so good,
so I want you to! eat! them!

You can eat them at the restaurants so if you haven't eaten them yet
definitely go out and have some
You might even go back for more (^^)

who is always taking care of us!!!!
The staff members are so kind
I rea~lly love them <3

Please continue to take care of us


I had a certain shoot yesterday

And then went to the Nagoya Food Festival opening ceremony!

I did the MC with Mr. Sano

And with Nagoya Food
Special Ambassadors
Nagoya Hospitality Commander Corps <3

He teased me by calling me Yamamoto,
but Mr. Hideyoshi, it's Sakamoto <3

But he did also say
that my hair color suits me
What a tsundere. lol

I watched Boys And Men's stage
from the wings,

and surprisingly
they did Yanfaisoore...

With me dancing!

The really convincing one in the middle of the shot
is me lol

They're always so nice when I see them
My brothers (^^)

The last picture at the end of the event

Mr. Sano☆Hachimaru☆Haru☆

I was nervous to do the MC by myself this time,
but Mr. Sano was nice,
and I felt relieved that I was able to do it♪
I want to do an MC together again♪

Hachimaru is so cuuuuuuuuuute.
I was happy to be able to see him again after so long <3

Nagoya is the best!
I love Nagoya!
Today was a day where I had that thought again

Team Syachihoko is going to give it our all and pump everyone up for Nagoya food as special supporters
You should all eat a lot, too~
I wonder what this year's
Nagoya food voting results will be
I'm excited to find out~(^^)

Okay then, okay then~
★By Haruna☆


Hurry up Syachi Moude! (Sakura Nao)

Are you all doing okay?
I had a shoot today for Syachi Moude♪♪♪

We're opening applications for secondary ticket entry for the fan club for "Syachi Moude 2018," 2DAYS at Aichiken Taiikukan

[Date and Time]
2018-01-05 (Fri)
open 17:00/start 18:00
2018-01-06 (Sat)
open 16:00/start 17:00
[Venue] Aichiken Taiikukan

[E-Syachi Main Shop Members Secondary Priority <First Entry>]

-Application period: October 1 (Sun) until 23:59
-Application URL: https://team-syachih...yachimoude2018/
*Tickets are guaranteed during the First Entry application, but seat numbers will only be given after the application period has ended.

◎"Syachi Moude 2018" http://syachilive.jp/syachimoude2018/

It's today until tonight!
Hurry up, everyone♪♪♪

It's been 2 years since our last Syachi Moude!
And it's 2 days! You should come to both♪♪

Nao d=(^0^)=b


A blog with a lot of text but I want you to read all of it Akimoto Honoka

It's Honoka (^∇^*)/

Black Clover started airing!

Okay, but, you know, hey,
I could watch Asta and Yuno on the TV in my own home.
Is it really okay to be this happy about something!?!?!

Up until now I could only see Black Clover on paper,
but now I can see it in all its glory mixed with sound and movement and color ( ノ゚Д゚)ノ

And this day is also Asta and Yuno's birthday <3

Oh man, that's cause for celebration!
Which means today we should eat a lot of ice cream♪

For people
who don't know much about anime or manga!
Thinking, what is Black Clover?
Will I be able to follow the story?

You should definitely take this opportunity to try watching it ( *´艸`)
Because you can't say it's not entertaining!!!
So, with my most passionate subject out of the way
Announcement ti-------me ( ̄▽ ̄)!

1. Syachi Moude information
We are presently taking applications for the official pre-order!
Until October 8 at 23:59♪
All of the members but Haru are coming of age...
That's such an auspicious event щ(゚Д゚щ)
To those who will be coming of age the same as us, to those who came of age a long time ago, to those who have yet to come of age,
let's spend the new year together with Syachi~(。-∀-)

2. Akimoto Honoka birthday event information
We started accepting applications for the pre-order yesterday!
I wonder what I'll do this year~♪
I'm thinking of rave reviews ( *´艸`)
The FC application period is until October 10 at 23:59♪
The design for the birthday goods is my own <3
If you're still deciding, you should definitely come out and play!

3. Weekend information
In Yamaguchi October 7!!!
For an appearance at "KRY Fall Festival 2017" and "KRY Gyu!to Koisuru☆Music Fest 2017" (*゚∀゚*)
10:00~13:39 at The Mall Shuunan Central Plaza, 14:00~17:00 at Starpiaa Kumatsu Large Hall
We're also scheduled to participate in the mochi throw~♪

And in Hiroshima the day before on October 6!!!
Appearing in a public live broadcast♪
And doing a high-five event at Futaba Bookstore TERA Hiroshima Metro Store♪
I bet at night we'll eat some delicious okonomiyaki or oysters~(。-艸-。)←Personal comments

4. HMV information
Team Syachihoko's collaboration Halloween campaign with HMV starts nationwide on October 7♪

I copied and pasted the details↓

Purchases over ¥1,000 made in-store will receive a present of a badge randomly selected from one of six kinds! *One badge per purchase.
Please collect them all (。-∀-。) <3

Yep, I did a lot of announcements (`・∀・´)
But there's still more I want to say...

I want you to watch the new video recently uploaded from the YouTube show Escape College!

I want you to eat the "Syachihoko Noodles" from our collab menu with Ikkoku Sakigake Dou!!

I want to try getting #1 on iTunes!!! lolol

To summarize,
please continue supporting
Team Syachihoko♪

Well, okay then
See you later~\(´▽`)/


By the way, October 4
is also the birthday of Atobe Keigo♪

My oshimen
in Prince of Tennis are
Atobe, Kin, Yukimura, Yukimura, Shiraishi, and Fuji (younger brother) <3

Asta, Yuno, Atobe
Happy birthda-----------y( ノ゚∀゚)