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Team Syachihoko blog translations 2017.09.27

Posted by Lurkette, in Blog, Translations 27 September 2017 · 557 views

Hopefully someone will keep me up to task on this, but I hope to do some Stardust member translations, since they are painfully underrepresented in the international fandom and I think lack of English materials is a big reason why. I love Stardust, though, so I'm going to start doing some blog translations specifically for Team Syachihoko. Since they don't blog as much as they used to (all of the members got Instagram accounts and have been doing a lot of their regular updates there instead), this may open the way for me to do translations for other idols. We'll see how it goes.

In any case, so that I don't spam the blog section of this website, I'm going to be doing weekly translations for all blog entries of the members. I'll start with the most recent blog of each of the 5 members, and then when I translate next week, I'll do everything in between now and when I start next time. I hope that makes sense.

Oh, and moving photos from Ameblo is an absolute pain with how many pictures they each post, so unless someone can give me a script to automatically extract and reupload the photos, or they want to do that for me, I'm just going to avoid the pictures. View the original entries for full photo context.

Anyway, here we go.

\School of Jump/ Akimoto Honoka

It's Honoka (^∇^*)/

This isn't a blog about Syachi
but read it, if you don't mind!

This week's Shounen Jump, issue 43, is out
and it's the end of the reader submission page School of Jump!

As a School of Jump girl,
I went through those submission pages
and I'm really, really happy and delighted
to have been able to pump up Shounen Jump even just a little bit!

I never thought in my wildest dreams
that I would end up published as an illustration every week in Jump, which I've always read (><)

The livestream of School of Jump started from a burning thought from Ogenki-kouchou and Shou-sensei, who wanted to liven up the reader pages of our beloved Jump.

It's amazing that they ended up starting something like this!

Maybe it's to be expected,
but at School of Jump, you know,
we all really love Jump

And School of Jump's first editor, Mr. Yamanaka, and the second editor, Mr. Takano, they're both burning with their overflowing love for Jump!!!

I am truly fortunate
to be able to do such a wonderful job (T_T) <3

Peers who, if nothing else, care about Jump gathering together
and talking about the things they like
Jump Girls go beyond the pictures, and it was such an unbelievable amount of fun to mingle with everyone on Twitcast <3

I got to have some valuable experiences
and I have nothing but gratitude for School of Jump.

Thank you
to the people who voted for me during the audition
and to the people who watched the Twitcasts!!!

Even if School of Jump is ending, it won't change how much I like Jump, in fact I'm full of love ( *´艸`)

So, finally, let me say this.

October 3 (Tues) 6:25 PM~
On TV Tokyo and related stations
Anime "Black Clover"
Starts airingヽ(´▽`)/

Ehehe <3
Everyone watch
my beloved Black Clover~( ̄▽ ̄)



2 days of shows! (Ooguro Yuzuki)

Hello♪|/// |・ω・`*)ノ| ///|

Determination! Energy! Live! Yuzuki <3

It's Ooguro Yuzuki (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)

Last weekend we had 2 days of lives in Nagoya ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

First, the Me~Tele Fall Festival!!

Thank you to everyone who came <3

It was supposed to rain that day, but surprisingly we had good weather(*´v`)
Far from rain, it was actually really hot!!

Me~Tele Fall Festival, where we make an appearance every year.
Wow! This will be our fifth consecutive performance there ( °_° ) <3

Me~Tele has taken care of us ever since our debut!
I love them (*^^*)

We do something special for the show every year

But this year it was a large gathering of Nagoya idols
so we got to cover
SKE48's "Aishiteraburu"
and Boys And Men's "Yanfaisoore!!!"

SKE48 fans and Boys And Men fans got pumped for us
and the Syachi fans had fun, too,
so everyone was very inviting (´;ω;`)guh

We also performed the theme song, "Kuro no Yoake," from our play, "Kuro Syachi," for the first time in a concert, so I wonder how it was~??

We couldn't do any calls during the play,
but it was fun to get to perform this song in a more upbeat way this time ^^*

I wonder what we'll do special next year~

...meaning, Me~Tele!!!
Please invite us again next year m(_ _)m☆


So then, the next day was Syachi Summer!!!

It was our first time performing in a venue with 5 tiers of seats, so the intensity of the audience was overwhelming when the curtain opened (T_T) So many emotions...

For the show we increased the Nagoya songs in our setlist
and we tried to improve based on how we did in Tokyo
I wonder if everyone was able to enjoy themselves??

Yuzuki had lots of fun~

But this time the theme was Japanese-style, so as far as personal taste goes I really enjoyed the feel of this one (*^^*)

We had an extravagant show for Syachi Summer this year, with both Iginari Touhoku San and backup dancers getting pumped up with us!!

I have trouble talking to people, but I was able to make friends
with Iginari Touhoku San as well as the dancers, of course \(^^)/

I was perpetually struck by how hard working and yet how modest the members of Iginari Touhoku San were (T_T)

They'd always suddenly come to play in our dressing room, but everyone was so full of energy and cute and sweet. lol

They're all younger than me but it was fun being with them <3 <3

Kahya came with some Yuzuki goods on
and she even had tons of Yuzuki stickers on her iPhone
but as the real thing, all I could say was, "Wow <3 Cool <3..." (My lack of vocabulary~(T_T) I can't talk to people~(T_T)

I was extremely happy ヽ(;▽;)ノ

The dancers gave us a present of an album with handwritten comments in it at the end (T_T)

Such wonderful people... (´;ω;`)

I made friends with them, too ^^*

I want to do another live with the same people
and I want all of the members of Iginari Touhoku San to come next time, too <3 <3 <3

The members of Kuro SYachi came to see us!
I hadn't seen them in a while
so I was happy (>.<)

I think I made the most of what I had gained through the play
like in a performance using an umbrella, different things like that,
and I really got a lot out of the play, so I'm grateful for that (^人^)

The two shows for Syachi Summer in Tokyo and Nagoya
were so, so much fun!!!

In rehearsals we organized the same setlist and were supposed to dance over and over the same way,
but it's a given that the real thing is always more fun (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

"Obviously!!!" is what you might be thinking, but it's not even like I'm having double the fun doing the same thing, it's like 120 times the fun!!

I guess the difference between the two is that the fans are at the real thing?

That difference is astounding.

You helped me fully realize that when you're all there every show is fun! <3 <3

Thank you for everything

I want to work hard to be able to pay back your kindness even more.

I'm looking toward next year's Syachi Moude now.

I have to put on a show that surpasses even this Syachi Summer (*^^*)


We can see each other again in Yamaguchi next!!!

I'm so excited for Yamaguchi, we haven't been in about a year

I'll update my blog and instagram, so be sure to check them (*^^*)

Okay, okay, I'll update again soon!!!

<3 Yuzuki <3


☆ChiyuChiyu Blog☆ "The End of Summer..."

Konnichiyu ฅ۶•ﻌ•♡

Me~Tele Fall Festival(^O^)
It was so much fun this year, too!
Thank you to everybody who came!

For this Me~Tele Fall Festival,

we got to sing

SKE48's "Aishiteraburu!"

Boys And Men's "Yanfaisoore!"

Chiyu in a school blazer is pretty rare~o(^o^)o

I took a picture with <3 Goto Lala!
I want to see her again~ \( ˆ ˆ )/ <3
We did a collaboration with Ikokkudou
"Sakigake Soy Sauce Syachihoko Noodles"
I wonder if you've all eaten it?
It's a limited item
in 52 stores across Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka!
It's su~~~per good🎶
Syachi Summer 2017 @ Aichi Geijutsu Gekijou Large Hall

Summer really ended the day before yesterday~
That's how it feels, you know~!

I think we got to show you a lot of different sides of Syachi, but what did you think???

Be sure to tell me your thoughts <3

I want to keep doing more new songs!

Everyone from Iginari Touhoku San <3

All of the dancers <3

Everyone who got pumped up with us <3

Thank you so, so much!

Our next big gathering together is Syachi Mou~~~de🎶

"IDOL AND READ" is on sale now <3
I'm in all 16 pages
so please check it out~\(^ω^)/



Me~Tele Syachi Summer (Sakura Nao)


First up, the Me~Tele Fall Festival! Thank you to everyone who came

I got to take pictures with lots of different artists!
I hope I can perform there again next year!

Then, Syachi Summer's Nagoya performance!
I was surprised there were 5 tiers of seats!
Thanks to everyone who came out!

Our 10 dancers!

5 members of Iginari Touhoku San!

It's a matter of fact that the more people who join your team, the more you can do in proportion to that, the more fun creating shows becomes.

Next show is Syachi Moude on 1/5 and 6
I guess it's been 2 years? I'm a little worried about doing 2 days, but in the new year we'll all gather in Nagoya!

Also, the girl in Iginari Touhoku San named Yuna, she really loves me, but her blog is also funny so go look at it lolol

I think this is maybe what it feels like from the perspective of hyde and hide when I write about how much I love hyde and hide! lol

Nah but you know my juniors are so cute. I want them all to be my little sisters

Thanks to these 5 members of Iginari Touhoku San
I want to see you all again soon

The dancers were also both younger and older than me, but somehow by the end we all became friends, which is good
They gave us messages on colored paper when it was over
I made some really awesome friends <3

I'm excited for Syachi Moude!

So, let's make it a good one!

Shiina Ringo/Gibusu

Lately I can't stop my love for Shiina Ringo...

Nao d=(^0^)=b


Extremely! Sakamoto Haruna

Haru Hello (^^)

I ate pancakes this morning.
I put it up on Insta (^^)


The announcements are coming like cra~zy~~
(I'm going to list them quickly!)

​* September 18 (Mon/Holiday)
"Hometown support variety show, Team Syachihoko's own Oshi-Syachi"
airs on Me~Tele!
It's from 9:55~10:25!
So this shoot~~
I was with Yuzuki for a lot of it
so I took lots of pictures!

We had so many weird pictures, it was a day full of laughter (^^)

*September 12 (Tues)
Nao's Birthday Celebration <3
If you're going, have fun it my stead

*September 23 (Sat)
Me~Tele BOMBER-E Fall Festival!
The fall festival where we perform every year

Everyone performing this time is incredible~~
We're scheming up so-me-thing that we can only do here...( ̄∀ ̄)
You'll miss out if you don't come~( ̄∀ ̄)

*September 24 (Sun)
Syachi Summer 2017~Extreme~
@Aichiken Geijutsu Gekijou Large Hall

Syachi Summer has finally come to Nagoya ( ̄∀ ̄)
Tokyo was fun, too,
but Nagoya is sure to be even more fun! It's a show we can only do at home, the setlist is change and you should be excited (^^)

*September 29 (Fri)
"Nagoya Food Festival 2017 Opening Act"
Haru will be appearing as an MC♪♪

I've gotten to be a special supporter every year for the Nagoya Food Festival opening[
It takes me back
This time I'm by myself! And as an MC!
Which means I'll work very hard♪♪

Everyone lend me your support, okay~~♪♪

It was announced at TOKYODOMECITYHALL

New Year Syachi Moude 2018!
January 5 and 6, 2018
2 DAYS at Aichiken Taiikukan!!

The fanclub preorders
start at 23:59 on September 10~~

There are some people celebrating their coming of age
Haru is still only 18,
but I wonder if that means we'll end up wearing our finest clothes~~
I'm so excited~~

So with that
In September we have concerts, we have events
so many fun things!!

Even if we can't see each other directly
I have a live radio broadcast on Thursday
so send in your messages,
and it feels like I can have a conversation with you all,
and on Friday our costumes from Kuro Syachi
are going to be on TV, so I want you all to watch~~(^^)

So then, so then~~
★By Haruna☆