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RUKA (LSN)×Cent Chihiro Chitti (BiSH)×Watanabe Junnosuke Discuss Insane Event "CHAOS PARTY" (Part 2)

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A three-person discussion between Ruka (drums), the founder of the event "IDOL VS VISUAL vol.3 'CHAOS PARTY,'" held at Tokyo Takadanobaba AREA on May 23 and 24, BiSH's producer, Mr. Watanabe Junnosuke, and BiSH's own Cent Chihiro Chitti. In the second half, we asked RUKA what would normally be difficult to ask in person, and reporting on BiSH's answers to 'CHAOS questions PARTY!"

--Actually, it looks like there's something else that BiSH wants to ask you, RUKA.
RUKA: Huh? What is it?

--Chitti did some research with the other members for material today in terms of questions that you want to ask but can't ask directly of RUKA, isn't that right?
Chitti: Yes!
RUKA: What the hell! This is scary (laughs).

--So then, it's time for BiSH Question Time! Take it away, Chitti.
Chitti: Right. So, our first question to start is from Momoko (Gumi Company). "When did you awaken to the world of visual kei?"
RUKA: We talked about that on our first radio show, didn't we?
Chitti: During that first radio show you were glum, we were gloomy, and we were both so dull with each other that I honestly don't remember what we talked about (laughs).
RUKA: That's true, it was depressing (laughs).

--So then please answer one more time.
RUKA: When I was in sixth grade, X JAPAN's 'Endless Rain' came out. It was in a cosmetics commercial, and when I heard it, I thought, "That's such a good song," but when I looked into it more, it was these people with crazy hair, standing on end. At the time I was a child, so it scared me. The next song they came out with was a harder track, and I thought there was no way I could get into that, so I didn't catch on at that point. Afterwards what I really got obsessed with was LUNA SEA or Kuroyume. In my third year of middle school.
Chitti: You saw them and awoke to visual kei?
RUKA: The point when I awoke and wanted to do it myself was when I was around 19 or 20. My friends were doing a band like that, and the starting point was when I helped out as a support member.
Chitti: Wow. So it was around the same age that BiSH formed that you started doing visual kei.
RUKA: That's right.
Chitti: Okay, next is a question from (Hashiyasume) Atsuko. "If you could play any 1 song from BiSH's catalog, which one would you want to try? Please exclude songs you did at 'CHAOS PARTY.'"
RUKA: So outside of "Hoshi~" and "MONSTER" and "DEADMAN." I guess I'd want to try playing the song I got to write for you.
Chitti: That would be "IDOL is SHiT."
RUKA: Yeah. There aren't a lot of songs that I've produced that I don't actually play.
Watanabe: I get it. Let's do it! We most likely will.
Chitti: Atsuko's favorite song on "KiLLER BiSH" is "IDOL is SHiT," too.
RUKA: That's because she sings the chorus (laughs).
Watanabe: That is part of her personality. Like when we go to sing on TV shows, she's the type to count how many cuts she has.
All: (laughs)
Chitti: It's true! The same goes for music videos.
Watanabe: She only counts how much time she herself has. I heard that because she only got one cut in the 'Hontou Honki' music video she's only watched it one time (laughs).
RUKA: Buhahaha. Is that so. That's intense (laughs).

--She's the same intense person who, at the last 'CHAOS PARTY,' randomly started playing RUKA's drums.
RUKA: That's true (laughs).
Chitti: Next is a question from Ayuni D. "Nice to meet you. I don't know anything about you yet, so what are your hobbies?"
RUKA: That feels like such a desperate question in and of itself (laughs).

--She doesn't know you, therefore that's all she could think of.
Watanabe: This is turning into matchmaking questions (laughs).
RUKA: What are my hobbies... I like taking walks and going on trips (laughs). That's all.

Chitti: Very well. Now a question from LiNGLiNG. "Have you ever put your hair in twintails?"
RUKA: (without hesitation) I have!!
Chitti: What... why???
RUKA: For my artist picture in my band before. We were in kimono. My hair was bright pink, and it didn't look like twintails, but it was actually tied up that way and then teased out on end.
Chitti: So then you should do twintails for the next 'CHAOS PARTY.'
RUKA: (before Chitti finishes her sentence) I will not (plainly).
Chitti: Ugh, rejected so quickly (laughs).
RUKA: LiNGLiNG's current hairstyle is a common subject in LSN. She did Bakatono hair before this, didn't she?
Chitti: She does these strange styles of her own choosing. She hates when people get mad at her, so it almost seems like she does it willfully and decides to do it before Watanabe can ask her if it's really an appropriate hairstyle, and even if people criticize her it's already done so they can't make her change it back.
RUKA: So that's it (laughs).
Watanabe: She is the worst (laughs). But the one good thing is that I don't really care about LiNGLiNG's hair. Whatever she goes with is fine. I'm the most concerned with Momoko's.
Chitti: Ah. That's why you talk about it so much with her.
Watanabe: Right. It changes her aura. She'll say, "I just got it thinned out, that's all," but it always ends up like, "No, you changed the cut and color, didn't you?"
Chitti: Just by mentioning it she'll dye it and cut it. Momoko's favorite phrase is, "I didn't plan on doing it this way," (laughs).
Watanabe: She wouldn't go that far with it before, though.
Chitti: Nowadays she gets it done about once every two weeks. But it's gotten a bit cuter.
Watanabe: Is she a man? It's all adding up, isn't it.... (laughs). Like with Chitti, we could do more masculine things, whatever she does will be fine, but not Momoko.
Chitti: No, not me, either.
RUKA: (in a small voice to the interviewer) Occasionally this kind of Watanabe theater starts up (laughs).
Watanabe: Ayuni is still okay, though.
Chitti: Right, right. But I get what you're saying about it not being okay with Momoko.
Watanabe: Does she like it, I wonder? (laughs) But for me, if I were a college student, it would definitely have to be Momoko.

--Let's put an end to the Watanabe Theater, and move on to the next question, please.
Chitti: Okay. Now, a question from Aina (The End). There are two, actually. First one. "If you were to die, would you rather be 1. in the middle of a show with BiSH, or 2. in the middle of a show with BiS?"
RUKA: First of all, why is my place of death limited to during a live? (laughs) In my futon at home would be good. Not the hospital, and not in an accident, so in my bed at home would be good.
Watanabe: But if you could do a show in your futon at home it would be with BiSH, wouldn't it?
RUKA: What! Is there a difference? (laughs)
Watanabe: We would not get mad about doing a live in your futon with BiSH.
RUKA: But you would if it were BiS?
Watanabe: I don't know about BiS. There's another producer in Pour Lui, and there's the possibility that she'd be mad, like, "Wait, RUKA, you're in the way of our stage," but BiSH would work around the futon.
Chitti: We'll go with BiSH, then. One more question from Aina. "I want to dance together again soon, how about it?"
RUKA: No way (plainly). Dancing would really make me look like I was at the end of the line.

--And now the finally question from Chitti.
Chitti: Yes. "Why did you start liking BiSH?"
RUKA: So like, I got your promo materials from Watanabe when you were doing the black eyes for visuals, and it really felt like I was bearing witness to the birth of a child. It wasn't like looking at a band that got along okay, not from that perspective at all. On the radio and in events, from the very beginning BiSH came out with these incredible circumstances. After that, we'd always do things together at these fixed intervals. And seeing it that way, it felt like seeing a relative's child. BiSH is selling so much these days, I feel like some old uncle, who probably shouldn't casually drop in to see a show, it's that kind of thing (laughs).
Watanabe: And here we were preparing a seat for you and everything.
RUKA: I feel like now I should sneak out to provincial shows to see them.
Chitti: I get it. I think it's like having an older brother, between BiSH and RUKA, because we're always coming along together. BiSH as a group doesn't really embrace anyone, because none of us have any interest in that. But starting with RUKA and now the LSN members, I feel like we've all embraced each other. This is Ayuni D's first 'CHAOS PARTY,' but she hasn't yet had any experiences so painful she could just die.
Watanabe: Yeah, it's true.
Chitti: That's why we're anticipating seeing Ayuni's face as she struggles this time, I think. I want her to cry and scream on stage.
Watanabe: But there's an energy in crying and screaming, too.
Chitti: Then until she falls over.

--Are you going to get us to experience hell? I want to get excited for an even more vivid image of chaos, with bloodshed on stage. This time.
Chitti: Blood really suits LiNGLiNG. It seems like she'd say something like she wants to spit up blood on stage (laughs).

--Oh! That would be good, wouldn't it?!
RUKA: I'm sorry. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but it's AREA. Why am I the only one getting mad about this? (frustrated laugh)
Watanabe: We'll stick with water for the spitting.

--Okay then, finally, please tell us your feelings going into 'CHAOS PARTY.'
Chitti: This is the third 'CHAOS PARTY,' but it's also the first with the current members, since Ayuni D joined. BiSH has experienced different things, and I think we've changed up until now and gotten stronger. That's why we don't want to lose to the garbagemen (name of BiSH fans) or bandgirls, and of course not to LSN. I want to show everyone a serious performance, and we've been powering up and doing muscle training, and I want everyone to watch the battle like it will never die.
RUKA: Really thinking about it, I'll have played against all versions of BiSH.
Chitti: Oh wow! You're completing BiSH.
RUKA: Every time I do show I get glared at, so this time I'll get glared at by Ayuni D, she'll probably hate me. Each time we do 'CHAOS PARTY' the number of ticket applications increases multiple times over, which I think is amazing.
Chitti: When it ends, too, the garbagemen who come to see it all say "'CHAOS PARTY' was so much fun." And, "I never wanted to see those sorts of expressions with BiSH."
Watanabe: I don't think it's fun, though. It's just that difficult.
RUKA: I think so, too.
Watanabe: But then before I know it, the memories slowly change, you know?
RUKA: Naturally (laughs).
Watanabe: For me, I can only say the same thing every time, but we will go out there and crush them with everything we have!

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Interview, write-up: Hideki Sachie Photos: Nishimaki Taichi Translation: Lurkette

Thank you once again for the translation! Reading all these interviews you've translated really helped me get into BiSH when I first started listening to them earlier this year. Reading them really gives an insight into the group/members. Thanks again!

Thank you for the second part. 

Thank you once again for the translation! Reading all these interviews you've translated really helped me get into BiSH when I first started listening to them earlier this year. Reading them really gives an insight into the group/members. Thanks again!


I'm happy to hear it. Sometimes translating falls by the wayside because I can only do it in my free time, but I do enjoy it, and it's always nice to know that some people are really benefiting from the silly things I do.