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[Translation] Andou Yuzu Indefinite Hiatus: Announcements and Reactions

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations 10 February 2016 · 1073 views

An important announcement regarding Andou Yuzu

"We cordially thank you for your exceptional patience as of late.

Andou Yuzu will be taking an indefinite hiatus from Team Syachihoko.
We have caused all of the fans much concern, and we sincerely apologize that it has come to this.

We hope that you will continue to support Team Syachihoko.


Stardust Promotion
Warner Music Japan

Thank you for always supporting Team Syachihoko.
This is Hasegawa, of Stardust Entertainment Section 3, in charge of Team Syachihoko.
I have an important announcement regarding Andou Yuzu.

She took a break last October due to poor health. She had vertigo.
She had been attending individual lessons since the end of last year so that she might come back, but at the present time she has not recovered to the point where she can work in entertainment or look towards live performances. As a result of discussing with her and her parents, without seeing a full recovery in sight, she is going to formally remove herself from group activities in indefinite hiatus.

We have much gratitude and many apologies for the fans who always supported Andou.

We have been working as 6 members with Andou since our debut in 2012.
Without erasing the past we have had with her, and without denying the reality that she is not with us, all of the members and I decided that we would carry all of the good and the bad and move forward.

The members of Team Syachihoko and I will keep working with 6 members in our hearts.
We will be 6 until the group dissolves. I am convinced of that.

I would be overjoyed if you helped both the 5 members from now on and Andou Yuzu from now on.

I hope that you will all continue to support us.

Stardust Promotion
Team Syachihoko Manager, Hasegawa Minehiko"

Our dream!!!
By Itou Chiyuri

"Doing a live at Gaishi Hall.

It will definitely come true.

Team Syachihoko is 6 members.

Please watch over us.

Posted Image

Don't be late!
By Ooguro Yuzuki

"Thank you for always supporting Team Syachihoko.

It has been formally announced
that Andou Yuzu will be going on indefinite hiatus.

It truly hurts my heart to have to announce it like this
to everyone who was waiting for her to return.
I'm so sorry.

But this is what she did to put her health first.

I don't think we can do anything but accept it..

I don't want our performances to make you think
that Team Syachihoko is missing something as 5 members...

I don't want to let you down.

Team Syachihoko will still be 6 members.
Team Syachihoko's pink is only Andou Yuzu.

I think right now people don't know how to react and are still sorting out how they feel.

I am, too...

No matter how hard it is, no matter how painful it gets, we have to move forward, but...

We need all of your strength to move forward.

I plan giving you smiles and energy,

but I will always keep receiving smiles and energy from you.

So please stay on our side...

Please carry Yuzu with us as we move forward together.

I think the next Otome Matsuri is a huge step for us.

Concerts are meant to be enjoyed.

I want to get everyone who comes to have fun.

I will say it again,
"Team Syachihoko is forever 6 members."

I don't want to think of us ending.

I will give everything I've got for what I can do right now.

Posted Image

Please continue to support us.

Posted Image

I think the next time I see you I will smile

and say, "Yuzu, you took so long! Don't be late!"

Ooguro Yuzuki"

I uploaded a lot of pictures
By Sakamoto Haruna (part of a longer blog entry)

"I'm so sorry
to everyone who was waiting
for Yuzu and the 6 of us on stage again.

The Otome Matsuri show

This is where we start

I want you to believe in us

I don't want you to say,
"If only Yuzu were here, things would be better."

We will all
definitely make our dreams come true.

I'm looking forward to Otome Matsuri on Sunday
and seeing all of your drag looks!
Let's make it a great show!

It's Valentine's Day, after all.

Okay then,
from Haruna"

By Sakura Nao

"An official announcement has been put up.
Andou Yuzu will be going on indefinite hiatus.

Please let me write a blog
as just one member of the group
even though I'm worried about causing a misunderstanding
and I don't know what words I should use
for such a sensitive and delicate situation.

It hasn't hit me either, actually,
and I don't know why.

We had no choice
but to announce this to everyone who had been waiting.

It feels awful to have to accept that even though we had been carefully following her progress, there is nothing we could have done, because it's her body and her illness.

Only 5 of us will be performing now.

Yuzu won't be visibly with us,
so people who don't know us will probably think we're a 5-member group.

But Yuzu is still a member,
and she will always be Team Syachihoko's Pony Pink.

Tenchou told us that we would carry Yuzu with us even though she can't come on stage with us.
Even though you might not be able to see it,
we will do a landmark live at Gaishi Hall as the 6 of us,
for your sake, for Tenchou's sake, for Yuzu's sake, for our sake.

Please don't ever forget this.
Team Syachihoko is 6.

No matter what happens, don't forget that.
That is my only wish.

I feel like right now we barely have the will to move, which could lead to us sinking like stones.
The cynicism won't stop.

We have a mission to perform at Gaishi Hall for the 6 of us.

Taking the next step now will require an impossible amount of strength, but I believe we can do it together with all of you.

I hope that the day will come when you can see Yuzu smiling again.

Until then I will do everything that I can
to give every single one of you your smiles back.
Please believe in me.

based on all that I have said,
Otome Matsuri is a turning point.

I might be wondering why we're messing around with drag on such an important day, but a show is a show!

Our first priority is making sure you enjoy yourselves while we enjoy ourselves.
So you can't come not in drag!!

This is an important new start.
Please give us a good start
with a great live show.

I definitely won't let you say that Syachi isn't as good without Yuzu.
I can't see it, but the pressure is going strong.

I don't think there's anything as lame as a group that gives unsatisfactory performances.
It's humiliating.

Please look forward to Otome Matsuri.

Okay, wish me luck.

Posted Image

Posted Image

We will move forward.
By Akimoto Honoka (part of a longer blog entry)

You've probably already seen the announcement,
but she will be ceasing her activities in Team Syachihoko because she is not at perfect health.

I'm sorry that everyone who was waiting for her return had to receive such bitter news.

But there is nothing we can do about her health...
Yuzu and Tenchou and the staff are putting her health first in this decision.

From now on we will be acting as 5 members,
but Tenchou, the staff, and the members agreed that Team Syachihoko will remain as 6.

I can't express it clearly,
but Yuzu's place is with us,
so we don't need to stand still.
Team Syachihoko will move forward.

Please move forward with us so that we find a good place for Yuzu to someday return to us!

At Otome Matsuri on February 14,
we will perform as we always do, as if we are 6!
We're doing lessons now and we will make it a good live that we can all take satisfaction in!!!

I forgot to mention it before, but
Otome Matsuri is our first solo live of this year!

Chiyu and Haru also have birthdays,
so we keep facing forward, keep facing forward!

I'm definitely ready to go~

I'm looking forward to you
being ready to go in drag

The male staff will of course be participating as well,
and I'm particularly looking forward to Rei-sensei's girly outfit.

Let's get pumped
and make this show on February 14th
a reality together!


Thank you for putting your time and energy into this.
Team Syachihoko will always be 6 members. Please rest easy Yuzu

Thanks for doing this Lurkette!

Thank you for the translations, I'm glad they're going to keep the group as having 6 members even if she can't be there. Poor Yuzu and poor Syachihoko.


Thank you again Lurkette :c

And I only cried through all of it.


I really hope she will return in the future.