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[Translation] BiSH Episode 20 LiNGLiNG "I want to do explosive things and shake up the world"

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BiSH were announced to have a major debut with avex trax at their one-man live show on 2016/1/19 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (for Eden of Sorrow Tour BiSH TOUR FINAL). The same girls landed at #13 for their second album Fake Metal Jacket. It has more emotional guitar than their last album, and they're causing quite a stir in the music scene by crossing over the boundaries of idol music. OTOTOY is doing digital hi-res distribution of the album. As a special treat, OTOTOY's editor in chief Iida Jinichirou has written liner notes. We're onto the last of the individual member interviews that we started in 2015. I hope you'll keep following after BiSH's progress with LiNGLiNG's interview.

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On the night before the release of their 2nd album Fake Metal Jacket, brand-new shit idols BiSH had a show at LIQUIDROOM. The most surprising thing about that show was the moment when the chief taciturn member, LingLing, did a stage dive during alternative punk number "Karada Ideology!" She had said, "I like BiS and Shinesei Kamattechan, so I want to be able to do even stranger things." So was this dive spontaneous or calculated? One thing I can say is that, as the sole dive of the show, the temperature in the venue raised by 10 degrees Celsius. No mistake about it!

This interview with LingLing, who may be a key figure on their path to a major debut, marks the end of our second round of personal interviews with the members. As the bonds between the members grow stronger, they will be tested in desperately trying to find their own individuality and strength. As a group, I want BiSH to strike down Budokan, have a Tokyo Dome Tour (lol), and become national idols like Momoiro Clover Z or Babymetal. BiSH still has a hard road ahead. In the third week of personal interviews, I'm unbelievably excited to see how they will continue to change.

Interviewer: Iida Jinichirou
Text: Kimoto Hinano
Pictures: Sotobayashi Kenta

There was a garbageman where I was thinking, "I know them, they're a celebrity!"

--Have you gotten used to BiSH?
LingLing: Sort of. With singing and dancing, I've reached a point where I can do it naturally without thinking, "And next I do this." Also...

LingLing: Nothing.

--Nothing? (laughs) How are the other members?
LingLing: I've gotten used to the members. I've gotten to where I know, like, "this person wouldn't say that," or, "this person will probably say this." After rehearsal and such we go out to eat together, but Aina The End says such stupid things, it's funny.

--Have you gotten used to Junnosuke (Watanabe)?
LingLing: Not yet, I don't think. I'm not good at connecting with people, so I think I appear to be closed off to him, probably. So I hardly ever talk to him.

--What about the garbagemen (BiSH fans)?
LingLing: I remember a lot of the faces of the people who come out and see us, and sometimes I'll see them around town, and I feel like I've seen an entertainer from TV out before... There have been a few times when there was a garbageman where I was thinking, "I know them, they're a celebrity!"

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--(laughs) Do you feel more like you've become an idol?
LingLing: Not really. People didn't really like me from the start, and I'm bad at speaking in front of people, so I feel embarrassed when I have to do things like that. But it's fun. It goes by so quickly.

--BiSH is your first idol experience, but how do you feel now since your first show at Zepp Tokyo on 2015/8/26?
LingLing: I practice all the time. I'd watch videos of the members at home, and then when we met in person, we got the new dance parts for 6 people, and I kept practicing. I practice every day.

Were you nervous for your first show?
LingLing: I wasn't. It was a lot of fun.

--Is that so!
LingLing: Being in front of such a large number of people had the opposite effect on me and I wasn't nervous. I don't think I could go through with it if there were only like 3 or 6 people there. But Hashiyasume was super nervous and spent all her time in the bathroom, so I waited to go onstage alone.

--How was the view from the stage?
LingLing: I have two dogs, named Djokovic and Gatarat, and people held up signs with their names written on them and that made me happy.

--How was BiSHFest (9/6 @ Shibuya WWW)
LingLing: That was when I was the most nervous. At Zepp I only had one song, "OTNK," so I thought my choreo was perfect. But we had tons of songs at WWW, and I hadn't gotten anything down yet, so I was a little worried because I couldn't dance without thinking about my next move. In "Spark," we have a Red Rover sort of formation, and I missed the movement. I was at the front of the stage so I couldn't see what was going on behind me, and it was just me waiting at the front of the stage so then Aina The End grabbed my hand and pulled me into formation just in time. I still think that I sucked, but I remember that moment every time we perform "Spark."

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--You don't want to repeat the same mistake.
LingLing: When I missed the formation, the garbagemen smiled at me. That was my first time so they were nice to me, so I thought maybe it would be okay, but after reflecting on it I realized it wasn't okay, still. Since then I always review beforehand.

--What impressions did you have from the festivals you've done?
LingLing: Just "Spirit of the Summer." I always watched videos of BiS performing there way back when, so I got so pumped up getting off the stage and cheering among the garbagemen and watching fireworks. Singing in the ring in uncommon so I wanted to do that. I was also happy because it was the first time I got to meet all of the former BiS members. Also, Shinsei Kamattechan is my favorite group, so I was super excited to be able to perform at the same place as them.

"Spirit of the Summer" BiSH/BELLRING Shoujo Heart/Spirit of the Summer at AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL'15

--Did you speak with the Kamattechan members?
LingLing: Yes. I said hello to them before they went on stage, and then when they were on, Noko said, "I met BiSH. They're performing later tonight so please watch them," or something like that. I was so happy.

--How has the nationwide tour been?
LingLing: I haven't ever really traveled before, so it really was my first time going anywhere, and I liked getting to eat so much tasty food. It's been so much fun, and now I spend my weekdays hoping the weekend will get here sooner.

I'd tell my hat to die in my head (laughs)

--It's been about 6 months since you joined, so do you have goals as part of BiSH now?
LingLing: I think we all want to go to Budokan.

--Do you think you can go?
LingLing: Nah, I feel like we won't if we don't work harder. I think that even if we fall, if we get back up and keep going we might be able to go, but I want to go right away without failing, so naturally I want to work harder on my sining and dancing.

--What is BiSH's main challenge right now?
LingLing: I feel like it's been said a lot lately, but everyone is at a different level. I can't dance at all, so I have to catch up to everyone else in that regard. Aina thinks up most of the dances, and she knows everyone's individual personalities so she makes them like, "I could see this girl doing something like this," but I think we have to break up that responsibility a bit without relying entirely on her.

--What is your personality like?
LingLing: I don't really have any redeeming qualities. I can't sing or dance at all. So I want to be able to find something that's "me!" Something that someone can say, "she's like this," when talking about me.

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--Did you write any lyrics for FAKE METAL JACKET?
LingLing: "beatiful sa."

--So that's a LingLing song! It's really good, you know?
LingLing: Thank you. At first they told me to think up lyrics for two songs, and one was "beautiful sa," and the other was "Migatte I need you," but they chose Hug Me's lyrics for that one instead. "beautiful sa" was the first song I had a hand in making, so it was the one I spent the most time thinking on, so I'm glad they chose mine for that one.

--That's my favorite track on this album, by the way.
LingLing: What, really? The theme for this song was "a thorny road." At first my lyrics were a bit different from that, but they gave preference to the thorny part so my lyrics were a little off from that. When I first heard the music I thought it was a happy song, but I thought it would be more like having various mountains that you climb over, so I wanted to write moving from a dark place to a bright place, so I just wrote out how I usually feel. Like the first bit, "On a morning when I want to die, to disappear," "I killed you over and over whenever you got close."

--I think the other songs have a bit of a different disposition, but it makes sense that these words would come from you, being that you like Kamattechan.
LingLing: I'm always a little irritated, a little depressed, so I just write how things are for me like that. I have a hat in the costumes this time, and it doesn't suit me so I hate it. Every time we had a shoot in those costumes my mood dropped. So whenever I'd get depressed like that, I'd tell my hat to die in my head (laughs). I'd hide it and think, "I'm going to kill you." But the pictures turned out nice.

--Is "beautiful sa" your favorite track?
LingLing: No, I like "Departures" and "Dear..." I thought "Dear..." was an awesome song from the first time I heard it. It was a song I figured I'd like no matter what lyrics it ended up having, and it ended up being Momoko Gumi's lyrics, which were good. It was refreshing to hear that song. I like the chorus for "Departures." It's energizing, I guess. It makes you want to dance and have fun. For the choreo we have a move where we pick our noses, which I really like. Moves like that suit my image, I think it's something like BiS's First Summer (Uika) would do, something BiS would have. So I've come to like that one a lot.

I want to shake the world up

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--Which do you think is cooler, BiS or BiSH?
LingLing: Hmm, probably still BiS? I want to have super hectic lives. I want to headbang, and do something sloppy like BiS Kaidan. But I guess I'm not brave enough, or I guess I fall short halfway through, but I think I can't do that the way I am now. So I want to be able to do things the moment I think of them. I don't want to think of doing what BiS would do, I just want to be more impulsive.

--BiSH and BiS are going in different directions now. BiS was definitely off the wall, and there were plenty of performances were you could see them changing the scene, but that came with some risks. BiSH is still a crazy group, but you're more respectable, maybe, more upright, wouldn't you say? Do you have any complaints about that difference in direction?
LingLing: Just a little (laughs). I sometimes think that if BiS were still around I would have joined them instead. But, Hiwa interviewed us for the "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" PV, and he's someone who has always been around Kamattechan, and when I told him that he thought up different things for me, and so we talked together for about two hours, just the two of us. He told me, "If you want to do something like that, what about trying to make a new you first? Wouldn't it be funny if you said something that you would normally say, even if you calculated it beforehand?" I'm trying that little by little, but I think I still need to change some things about myself.


--So what sorts of things do you want to do, for example?
LingLing: Carry strange weapons. Stuff you can't do normally. Kamattechan does things in that vein and I think it's so cool...... I really want to do stuff like that, too. I want to shake the world up.

LingLing: Like, I want to jump onto the railroad tracks when a train isn't coming. I wonder what would happen if I jumped right now, I think. More so than wanting to do good things to shake it up, I kind of want to do explosive things and cause chaos. It's more interesting that way.

--How about you don't do that, and just get to where you can let your feelings out by singing and performing?
LingLing: Okay (laughs).

--Where do you want to be in a year?
LingLing: Regardless of me saying how much I think about it now, I want to be able to be more impulsive and be able to give more expressions.

--I think it would be more interesting for you that way. I think it will change BiSH. But no scandals!
LingLing: Okay (laughs).

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I get to everything eventually, I promise.

Oh man that was a great interview! Thank you so much for the translation! She's such an interesting character.

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