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[Translation] Takemura Miu's year in review

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations 02 February 2016 · 600 views

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Myuu's year

The end of the year is approaching, and so I decided to look back at 2015 for Hello!Pro Trainee Takemura Miu.


First, in February, Fujii wrote in her blog, "When I was on the train, Myuu said to Funakki, 'Funaki-san, there's a ghost behind you, if you turn around it will follow you," and Funakki got freaked out." So her is one episode of her being able to see spirits.

In March, at NamaTamago, she bragged and said she was good at sit-ups, so Kishimon and Danbara had a sit-up contest with her.
Despite the fact that it appeared to the onlookers that Kishimon was going full force with countless repetitions, her own count was 26, to which Myuu countered with 30, by her own estimation, leading the audience to be enveloped in a feeling of, "What......?" I think this was one instance where we saw some of Myuu's drawbacks.

In May, at the diagnostic test at Nakano Sun Plaa, she gave an enthusiastic rendition of "Dream Last Train" (by Triplet).
I sincerely apologize, but I didn't remember how she performed, so I just went back to watch the Hello!Sta footage. She appeared right in between the masterpiece of Takase and attention-grabbing Ichioka, meaning that the impression she ended up leaving was probably weakened by her position in the lineup. Still, for Myuu, having only joined the KSS about one year ago, she gave a performance filled with spirit. It's just her key that's a little unsteady.

In June, at NamaTamago, she continued with her spirit medium character and tried to show the appeal of her service area fan character.
It kind of felt like a forced set-up. Maybe after this she'll get more knowledgeable about these things?

October and November, touring with C-ute.
I think this was probably the first time she had experienced going on tour. I remember she had a dance battle with Kaedii in "Say! Hello!" but Myuu had what may be the highlight of her career during "Iron Heart," when they did a skit in the background of like, "(jumping on the trampoline) No way, I can't do it!"

November and December, she was left out of the member selection for the dance performance at NamaTamago.
The footage of her crying in the video where they got yelled out was fairly cute, I'd say. Kisora was the only one who spoke to her, and honestly the worst one was Myuu.


Writing it all out like this, it seems Myuu is in a pinch. It is regrettably quite unfortunate for her.

She was quickly overlooked for the more popular face of Kanazawa, who left a simple impression, and it's possible that Myuu herself is getting rather frustrated at this point. Is it really necessary for her to seek out these new characters like spirit medium or service area fan?
She has the impression of being one member who still has unstable singing, but, for example, MinaMina suddenly started shining after a year and a half of joining and had become great at singing, so that is the hope I still have for Myuu, too.

Having no one else left in her generation makes me feel bad for her. Saito quit, AiAi looks like she's having fun in Angerme. I bet if you asked AiAi who her generation-mates were, she'd answer, "Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako." What a shame.
Is there someone she can go to talk to about her worries? Maybe Inoue Hikarun?

This next year might be do-or-die for her. I hope she works hard with her spiritual abilities.


Thanks so much for translating! Seriously, I appreciate it. Unless you sugarcoated it a lot, I don't see anything truly negative. If anything, it taught me way more about Miu than I already knew (which is why I'm so thankful that you translated it). Some parts were harsh but in the end it seems like the OP just has Miu's best interest in mind and wants her to stand out more and do better, which she has the potential to do so.