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[Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~ Can the knockoff surpass the original?!ーーEpisode 2 BiSH's first interview (Part 2)!!

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I've been listening to "Spark," the real deal, on repeat. Who's voice is that, Yukako Love Deluxe? Who's voice is that, Sentochihiro Chicchi? Does Momoko Gumi Company sing? My imagination runs wild. It's an excellent song! The singing is good, too! Is this how serious BiSH is!? They will find their niche among countless idol groups and rise to stardom. This "real deal" certainly gives that impression.

Episode 1: BiSH, the first interview (Part 2)

If I could change the world by getting naked, I would want to take my clothes off

ーーYou have support from your parents. That's good... However, it has been mentioned here and there in this interview, but there isn't really the possibility of you getting naked, is there? Beyond being in Watanabe's idol project. Do you plan on doing that?

Aina: I don't. I don't have any confidence in my boobs. But if I could change the world by getting naked, I would want to take my clothes off.
Hug: Huh? As long as they cover what needs to be covered... If my nipples and... that don't get shown.
Chicchi: Heeheehee (looks at Watanabe)
Watanabe: You don't have to worry about me. If we decided to do that, I'd be the most persuasive. Well, no, if I say such bad things in an interview then I think people will think I'm a bad person.

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ーー(laughs). How does it feel hearing that?

Chicchi: Yes!
All: (laughs).
Yukako: I'll do my best in everything I can, but I'm not confident in my back. Ever since I was born I've had thick back hair...
All: (laughs).

Yukako: No, I'm serious! On like field trips the people around me would go, "That's insane!" Once I went naked into the living room at home and my brother was there, and then later he told my parents, "You should shave that for her."

ーーRegardless of whether you get naked or not, your costumes might show your back.

Yukako: I would appreciate being told ahead of time if that were to be the case. So that I can consider hair removal.
Momoko: I have chicken pox scars. But they normally go away around elementary school. Also, I've never seen my own back...

ーーNow I'm curious, hearing you talk about it (laughs).

Momoko: II am, too (laughs). I doubt anyone would feel anything sexual looking at me naked, though. Apart from how I feel about it.

If I were to be reborn, I'd want to become Watanabe

ーーWhat do you honestly think of Watanabe?

Aina: I really like him!
Watanabe: I'm going to go smoke.

(Watanabe leaves)

ーーHow is he?

Aina: I don't really know him at all, and up to this point, I've been entirely self-dependent, doing choreography and live booking and making tracks all on my own. But now there's someone who could do all that for me, and since my attitude is changing to one that has to work alongside people, I don't know where the boundaries are between what I want to do and what I can let other people do, or at what point I'm crossing that line between being self-sufficient and selfish. I've always had that sense of selfishness, so I'm worried about that.

ーーI see.

Aina: I do think I want to work with everyone, but it's hard for me to act that way, so I think he might think I'm being selfish. I really like Uika, though, and I want to be like her, and Watanabe is the one who brought her amazing singing to the front, so I honestly want to take his direction.

ーーSpeaking of which, Aina and Yukako, you both have taken the wheel yourselves but now have to completely rely on someone else and listen to them, so you might have to overcome that sense of independence.

Yukako: Really? But isn't Watanabe the person who made BiS? They were so interesting. That's why I think he's really amazing. I think a lot of things might happen when BiSH really starts up, but ultimately I'm expecting a lot from him because of that.
Hug: Just to make BiS as big as they got is simply incredible, I think. His approach and methods to getting big are completely different from other idols and it's more interesting, so I'm excited to see what he does, things that other people wouldn't think of, but at the same time, I'm worried about what he'll make me do.

ーーSo beyond being influenced by Junnosuke, you'll always be around him. What do you think, Chicchi?

Chicchi: I want to be him.


Chicchi: If I were to be reborn, I'd want to become Watanabe.


Chicchi: Doesn't it seem like fun, his life? He scares me but I want to be him. I think it looks like fun.

ーーI've lost my grasp on what sort of person you are, Chicchi...

Chicchi: I get told that a lot.
Momoko: I think she has a good personality. She uses this tone to say, "I love My Melody" and stuff, which kind of makes you go, "What?" But I like that!
All: (laughs).

ーーDo you long for the sort of life he leads where does as he pleases?

Chicchi: I think he's the sort of person who can change a person's life 180 degrees. But he scares me because I don't know what he's thinking.

ーーWhat about you, Momoko?

Momoko: When we talk I think we might get along.
All: (laughs).
Momoko: He's an interesting adult. Because adults usually have this image of being really strict.

ーーSo out of all that praise, just one of you put him down (laughs)?

Momoko: That's not it at all! I think he's a genius. I don't even think that about Akimoto Yasushi... It looks like everyone thinks I don't care for him, but that's not it at all.

Their faces are nice but listening to their music, it's are so good! The songs are so good!

ーーWhat do you want BiSH to be? Like, "I want to be here in 6 months," or, "Our goal is ______."

Hug: I wonder... I haven't thought of a time limit, but as an otaku, I have fun watching idols, so all I've been thinking about is how to make the audience have fun with BiSH. That's why I think that if the members and Watanabe and I don't get along and collaborate, the audience won't have fun. You can tell just from looking that someone else is fighting, can't you? That's why I want to build up a good relationship with the members as close as possible.
Chicchi: I want everyone to break down, and I mean that in a good way.

ーーBy everyone, do you mean the members?

Chicchi: Yes. Right now we still have a wall in-between us, so I'd like to have more fun by having our individual personalities come out more.

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ーーSo you both want to "have fun." BiS had some parts that weren't fun, too, didn't they? But that side gave birth to some interesting drama.

Chicchi: Context is essential, but I want to have fun doing the live shows. The way BiS live shows were fun, I want BiSH to be an idol group that has shows like that.

ーーWhat about you, Momoko?

Momoko: I want to be as famous as Dempagumi.inc.

(Watanabe returns)

Momoko: I don't want people to think we're imitating BiS. While I want to be as entertaining as they were, we can't be thought of as the same, so I hope we can get bigger than BiS.
Watanabe: BiS never got higher than #4 [*on Oricon] so I think my next artists will reach #3, and if they don't, I'll beat them to death.
Momoko: My grandma watches TV a lot...
Watanabe: I'm totally disregarding that.
All: (laughs).
Momoko: Sorry. I wanted to show my grandma that I could be on TV. I should have anticipated being ignored.

ーーWhat about you, Yukako?

Yukako: I think BiS songs are really good. I listen to so much of their music, and it's so good. I think the basis of idols is having a good face, but I want to be a group that makes people say, "Their faces are nice, but listening to the music, it's so good! The songs are so good!"

ーーYou think like a band member. What about you, Aina?

Aina: I want to put my foundations down.

ーーWhat sort of foundations?

Aina: I want to raise my standards, and in 6 months, be like, "Oh yeah! Aina The End!"
All: (laughs).
Aina: How do I describe it... I want people to look at me and go, "Wow!" If we can all be that way, it will be more entertaining.

ーーWho is going to be the center?

Watanabe: I think there will be a center with 5 members. Like, lining up the pictures, I think it might be Chicchi right now.
Chicchi: Hooray.
Momoko: I don't want to have a center. I think it's fine to be like Perfume, where it works with everyone being in the center.
All: Oh! Yeah, yeah.

Yukako: Center is the position that requires you to think more than everyone else, and I think that's a huge struggle in and of itself.
Hug: It will probably change based on the mood of the song, I think it's fine being fluid.
Aina: I'm not the center, but I still want to be someone who makes people think, "She's amazing!" when I sing.

ーーHave you decided on the leader?

All: We haven't decided yet.

ーーYou have a large hurdle in BiS being the precedent, and so I think the fans are going to have excessively high expectations of you even before you debut. Does that make you excited or nervous, which is stronger?

Hug: I'm excited. Because I'm wondering how far we can reel people in if they're waiting to see what we can do.
Yukako: It is a substantial hurdle, but we just have to do it.
Aina: I'm excited. Even if Watanabe has tricked me, it's fine, it will still be entertaining!