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Why did none of you tell me that Kananan had gotten so cute?

Posted by Lurkette, 19 February 2014 · 1686 views

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I watched videos of Warera Jeanne~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ and she was adorable

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Kananan is supreme in how much cuter she's getting now
Even though she's still not cute

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I feel like she'd be a good wife

7名無し募集中。。。:2014/02/02(日) 23:24:20.46 0 ID:

People said before that she looked like Yuukarin

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>>8 She looks like Mizuki Nana

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She needs to see an ophthamologist

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She has gotten a double-fold, huh

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She was cute before, though
Why didn't you notice?

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She looks like a young Yakushimaru Hiroko

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She is the leader in leg beauty in H!P
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25まろは可愛らしい:2014/02/02(日) 23:33:38.63 0 ID:

If I were to have sex with anyone it would be with Kananan

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Cutesy cutesy

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Even if you say she was ugly before her debut, she did still have a double-lid
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It's Yuna Kim!
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Beauty and the Beast?
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Yuukarinness is evident in KanaTomo
but Kananan still looks like her somehow
It's still odd

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>>37 Because their complexions are pale

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"Warera Jeanne〜Shoujou Seisen Kageki〜"
Despite the fact that it's Kananan she got a lot of lines

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Kananan is coming at us

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Tsukapon looks like Kananan
but she doesn't look like Yuukarin, how weird

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Kananan's solo song parts in Jeanne were especially cute
It was the most shocking part of it

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When she sings her whole face is cute, lol

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It was funny to see all of the S/m members break out in character in Jeanne
Rinapuu and Oden made me particularly rofl

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Oden's "Occhaaaan"
was good

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She has great legs
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Kananan is the reincarnation of Yuukarin

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The video where she was holding her dogs while she wore knee socks was her peak

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Which one is Kananan?
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Which one is Kananan?
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>>61  Hint
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You're late in noticing that

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She can start calling herself the second coming of Yuukarin starting tomorrow

Yes, she is cute... and also a NUT!  I love her sense of humor!

Still waiting on that Kanana PB.... any day now Up Front.... 

I'm surprised so many Japanese wota can go around not noticing the obvious for so long... Kananan, MeiMei!

It's been over two years, I wonder if they noticed Saki and Yuuka are gone yet!

Lol Kana looks about as much as Yuuka as I do. Kana looks like Kana and she's gorgeous.

Kana has always been a cutie...With great legs!

Still waiting on that Kanana PB.... any day now Up Front....
Still waiting on that too.

They took this long to notice something that is so obvious. *facepalm*