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"An announcement regarding S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon"

Posted by Lurkette, 13 February 2014 · 1705 views

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"Thank you for continuing to support S/mileage.
Last night, S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon developed a high fever, and after receiving an examination at the hospital, she has been told that she requires a number of days of rest and medical treatment.
As a result, she will be absent from tomorrow's 2/11 (Tues/Holiday) "Hello!Project 2014 WINTER ~GOISU MODE~" (Sendai Sun Plaza Hall).
We apologize to everyone who was waiting in anticipation for her, and we hope that you will please understand the situation.
Additionally, there will be no refunds, please reference your previous acknowledgement."


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They aren't playing around

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I bet she was doing another impossible diet

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Additionally, there will be no refunds, please reference your previous acknowledgement.

This is the only important part

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S/mileage without Maro?
They'll surely get boring

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One Maro absent is like two people absent

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I see MeiMei taking her spot

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The battle is numbers, brother

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Maro Virus

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Are they still doing Hello!Cons...?

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I think an event nursing Maro back to health
would be more fun than a Hello!Con

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No one can replace Maro

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I'm worried about her

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Did she finally die?

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She can take off the rest of the tour
It'll bother me if she passes it on to other members

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I've built up a resistance to everything Maro
so little by little things like this don't surprise me anymore

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>>28 I don't feel like this would fly
Maro alone has more fighting strength than all of them put together

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>>28 But having an odd number makes the arrangement look nicer, though

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Are you oooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay

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So sad, Maro

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Let's sleep together

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It worries me that she got a fever around this time
Take your time and recuperate

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She's become decent friends with Ayacho, though

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Is Maro going to die?

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She spent every day drawing pictures of wota, that job cheated her out of cleansing her karma and she's become cursed as the lowest of the low, right?

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It's probably the flu

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I wonder if she gave it to anyone at the individuals

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Kanon is weak against the cold, so she can't go to cold places like Sendai
Just send Ishida as a replacement

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This is bad, guys

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I'm going to imagine Maro on her sickbed reading the concerned comments of her wota on her last blog update

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Maro, sorry I always behaved so spoiled towards you♪

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>>52 That's when you realize how fleeting life is

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This sucks this sucks...

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This isn't the time to be doing a Hello!Con

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Katsuta takes her lines
59まろは可愛らしい:2014/02/10(月) 18:48:29.48 0 ID:


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A fever following her back problems?

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从*・ェ・リ< I'm going to cut the concert to die and go to dreamland, nyon

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S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon Absent From Show Due to Fever

Fukuda Kanon (18) of the 6-member idol group S/mileage has developed a high fever and will be resting and receiving medical treatment for a number of days, according to the official site on the 10th.
This coincides with tomorrow, the 11th's, Miyagi Sendai Sun Plaza show of "Hello!Project 2014 WINTER ~GOiSU MODE~" which she will be not attend.

The official site stated, "Last night, S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon developed a high fever, and after receiving an examination at the hospital, she has been told that she requires a number of days of rest and medical treatment."
They reported to the fans with remorse, "We apologize to everyone who was waiting in anticipation for her," and appealed to them, stating, "We hope that you please understand the situation."

They also wrote, "There will be no refunds, please reference your previous acknowledgement."


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Agency< Ishida, hey
Watch this DVD and memorize Fukuda's positions. You have until tomorrow.

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But a singing member is necessary

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Miyamoto is moving up

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The lead in ChoiKawa will go to MeiMei, I guess

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Important missions are for Daaishi

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Daaishi, lol
It'll become a serious accident, lol

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Fukuda just always sponsors joke threads

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You can't diiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

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But this is a joke that's kind of hard to make, considering the details

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They get pretty reserved with their announcements when they don't know the cause of it

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The other members will get better line division now

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Is this what you'd call Marotesque?

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Yeah, it's Marotesque

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Hurried 3rd gen auditions might be necessary now

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Maro get better soon

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Kanon will deeeeeeeeefinitely
not catch a cold
so it's okay.

Since leaving the pediatrician
I have never been to a doctor(^-^)

But I have had my throat and such checked out♪

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>>101 And yet another thing Kanon says is wrong?

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Posted Image
Posted Image

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I have a bad feeling about this

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Suzuki Kanon

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Things are going to get boring

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Call Kaneko-san back right now

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This year there weren't so many people absent because of the flu

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It's definitely a good thing I was told I couldn't go wrong supporting the leader

I'm glad I'm an Ayacho wota

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Regardless of what you say about her, Kanon is the backbone of S/mileage in all areas, singing, dancing, and MC, and as that foundation, I wonder what tomorrow will end up like

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Aah, God, I won't call her a blonde pig bastard anymore
so please help Maro

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Reborn S/mileage
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But she was recording today for "The Girls Live" studio performance

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Kanon is my cute girl

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Without Fukuda Ayacho will now reach Michishige status

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Can we say Wada's departure is one year too late?

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Is Maro really one place behind Ayacho?

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In terms of 6th gen, Maro is Reina, Ayacho is Michishige
Saki is Fujimoto, Yuukarin is Kamei

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Meeting Kanon so many months ago was the most excited I had been in my life
but there's no point in complaining if her health is bad

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She won't quit, come hell or high water
That's the Kanon-san I want her to be


I thought about taking out the gifs, but I didn't, because they made me laugh.

Did she finally die?"

Some people are so full of tact.

Lol this was funny, especially the "Are you okaaaay?" and "It's a mission for Daaishi" XD

LOL, can't stop watching the first gif XD

When I read the first sentence I thought it was some kind of disbandment or graduation XD

Oh Oh High Fever... Call DISNEY Characters

Lol of course "no refunds" i think in Japan the concept of refunds doesn't even exist.

No way they could offer refunds, that would really damage the concert sales!

If it was a ticket for a Fukuda solo event they would probably refund it but it's a "Hello!Project" event.


Thanks for another amusing insight into the Japanese fandom :3

Sign I'm reading too many of these posts: saw these and thought of Kanon.