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The boy in the seat next to Tamura MeiMei was mean to her

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 11 February 2014 · 886 views

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The guy* in the seat next to me was coughing so I gave them a mask, but then they said, "I don't need that!" and I was a sad Tamura Meimi (´・ω・`) lol

MeiMei ((*´∀`*)) Chick

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That bastard in the next seat, I'll never forgive yooooooouuuuu
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He was probably shy when MeiMei talked to him
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But she was trying to be nice
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But the ancient Aztec god of war Quetzalcoatl resided in masks
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What a nuisance, just put on a mask
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Modern middle schoolers exist in this world of having to worry about being near idols as well as having them give you masks
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I mean he definitely needs to wear a mask
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If he had put that mask up for auction he could have sold it for around 2500 yen, what a waste
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>>11 If it had been Ayacho it would have gone for 10,000 yen, though
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Hey middle schooler change places with me
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Why would you think it's a boy next to her?
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That kid really likes MeiMei
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Ah, that most enjoyable year of flirting
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>>Today my friend who sits next to me
>>asked me
>>How many people come to your concerts? Like 2?

Could it have been this guy!!!!

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It's tough to be treated like you're just pretending to be an idol
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I cannot believe
that there is such an idiot who would turn down a mask from MeiMei

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If you could remember that she was doing a musical then her also being an idol shouldn't be that hard to understand by anyone's standards
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I don't need that... just kidding!
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It's easy to understand her tears
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This is the response of a boy when the girl he likes talks to him
That's puberty for you

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But I also wouldn't have been able to forgive someone so eager to receive it, saying, "Are you serious, yeah!"
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If he was trying to convey that he liked her, he sure backfired and made her sad
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Oh, the youth
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It's because he's an Ayacho oshi
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He would have been a gentleman to think of it like winning a Naruchika present and accept it as such
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He should probably change seats soon
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Well, MeiMei's child masks are a little weird...
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"Huheehee... I want Katsuta-san's, though. Huhee"
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Well they do say that a man receiving pity from the woman he loves is his greatest humiliation
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Does she always walk around with extra new masks?
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She is a mask collector

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He might also just have a girlfriend
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He doesn't want to appear weak to the girl he like
MeiMei, try to understand the courageous heart of the middle school boy

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That is the origin of the heart
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It is..... love
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Damn kid
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This is how a man expresses his crush
I'm ugly but even I understand

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He's just a boy
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He might take the chance to confess at graduation
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So immature..
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I'm so jealous
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Please don't throw aside Mei's mask
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She should give him a microfiber towel
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Tamura "What is this feeling.."
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I can't see it! The overflowing energyyyyyy!

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This kid really didn't accept it
He's going to regret it later

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Give it to me!
Give me a used one!

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Is that MeiMei's boyfriend?
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My youth
had absolutely nothing like this in it, shoot

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This is painful, that boy completely missed out
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What is this, seems like a situation you'd see in a commercial for South Alps Spring Water
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This is unrelated to the thread title but isn't Tamura getting substantially bigger in her face and body?
I'm not trying to be insulting, but I did notice a little during Hello!Sta..

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The type to fall in love with Tamura would be baseball team substitutes with shaved heads
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This same kid probably pushed his face against MeiMei's chair after school was out
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Refusing a mask handed over personally by MeiMei?...........
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What a youthful episode ^^
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I tried re-imagining the situation with Sayashi, but accepting it still seems bittersweet
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This would definitely be impossible for the stranger-anxious Yasshi, lol
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But Sayashi was excellent at speaking with other children when she was in school
She's already surpassed them, though, so it's like she has to try and turn back to adjust

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Well, if he had accepted it then the other boys would have been mean to him, too, so it would have been impossible
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MeiMei is getting taller
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For her to push the idea of "friend" makes my chest clench so hard
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Is she still flirting?!
Meimi is a bad girl~!

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MeiMei is adorable
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She had always been thinking they were friends
But he's interestedddddddddddddd

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Hint: This was the mask she tried to give him
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Those two are so cute
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She does carry a large quantity of even more embarrassing masks
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I don't need that, I have one!
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I just imagined that he wants to see her panties
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Isn't that what we consider a symptom of being in love?
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MeiMei< _____-kun, I'll give you a mask

No way, no way, lol, that's too cute, I'd turn her down, too, lol

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That's how youth goes
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MeiMei seems the type to not be doted upon by her classmates
But I bet she's doted on by old men


*Meimi uses a mostly gender-neutral identifier here, which is why I translate it with a gender-neutral "they." Someone in the thread pointed out that they didn't actually know if she was talking about a boy, so I translated the blog so that that comment would make sense. It does seem, however, that it is a boy.

#21: LOL.

What a little douche... he could at least have taken it and sold it on auction for the rest of us! D-: 

Aha poor Meimei :P

Well he maybe would have sold it if he had any idea who she was XD. S/mileage are not exactly famous celebrities everyone would recognise

^ He still knows she's an idol, though. I don't think any modern idol in a reasonably prominent company operates "undercover," and comment 21 shows that this is no different for Meimi. He's just a teenage boy that doesn't care.

He's probably angry because his parents named him Akari.