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I went to today's Hello!Con and S/mileage was the peak of excitement

Posted by Lurkette, in Matome, Translations 05 February 2014 · 1132 views

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ChoiKawa in particular
Fukuda was super powerful, it was seriously the best!!!

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I went to Nakano and was really surprised by it, too
S/m is the least-selling group but get everyone that pumped up

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MM is hard to get hyped to
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There was really very little purple in the audience unrelated to S/m
Miyabi-chan I'm cheering for you

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I can't get excited for other groups so it's easy for me to go along with S/m, it clears away any resentment I have towards them
Also I'm totally serious

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Then come to the tour, all of you
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Are we going to be crammed in together in the live house?
Because it's still crazy expensive

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I couldn't get into Kumagaya or Atusgi
but I couldn't make Toyohashi work, either

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Even now there are apparitions of Yuukarin wota waving pink glowsticks
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That would be me
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Isn't pink for wota of other units?
The group changes but they keep the same light up, right?
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It's very handy to have a color-changing one
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It was like S/mileage was the main act
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Hello!Concerts are basically S/m concerts
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It makes me angry that they think everyone will get pumped instantly for ChoiKawa
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But I always do, it's humiliating
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Are they still doing the best at that?
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Because it's S/mileage, right?
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Kanyon's doing her job
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If only they could do their own hall concerts
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Just by S/mileage being there the Hello!Cons are fun
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S/mileage, Juice=Juice, and the Kenshuusei were fun
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>>30 Yeah they were
Even as openers and back-dancers the KSS were great

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I wonder why they aren't popular
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Because Ayacho gets introspective and spiteful, lol
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But S/mileage lives are even more exciting
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When they're on their own they do lives with all their strength
I'd be fine if they didn't do handshakes and just performed for two hours
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For this tour there's a handshake but are they doing the live section for an 1 and 50 minutes?
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Successive exciting songs is what happens at a S/m live
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Using ChoiKawa out of all their songs shows that the agency is looking out for us
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Last year's fall tour was seriously fun
Colorful Character was fun, too

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Once you see S/mileage performing with all their might
I feel like you can't return to a normal life

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I haven't been to one since October 2012 so I'm relieved
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They have the greatest percentage of good songs in H!P

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If they ever do a winter live like that
I have confidence that I'll die of cold the next day with a huge smile plastered across my face

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The members put spirit into it
They have plenty of ambition
So they're fervent about making the people who see them leave happy

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Their songs are good, their performance style is great, they even have distinct characters
but the reason they don't get popular is still just that one thing

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S/m is the most highly praised group in H!P yet for some reason that doesn't influence you to help their sales at all, lol
You're all so cruel

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Their place at the H!P shows is just right
They'd be weak as the main act

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Even though their venues for the tour were small plenty of people still couldn't get tickets
Wasn't it only Morioka that everyone could get tickets for?

Well, my hometown is Morioka and I'm grateful that that small live house hasn't filled up and I'll have more space to move around in

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Their new song was about things like "Cute youth" and such
but those outfits

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I think Kananan's gotten cuter lately
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I never thought the day would come when I would think Kananan is cute
She's come of age

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She got better after she lost some weight on her face
Kananan's face is more attractive than anything else so I want her to focus more on her body

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Maro and Ayacho have really been putting out a lot of energy lately
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S/mileage has gotten so cute
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Everyone will be in high school or above after April
I think it deserves some recognition

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I think if Rinapuu put some effort in it would turn out amazing, lol
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But she is putting effort in
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I'm going to support the S/m members as much as possible so that they don't lose their motivation, don't worry
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Me too me too!
On 3/14 I'll be getting more pumped for them than I have for anyone else!

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They have a high percentage of good songs
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I've gone to MM shows and S/m shows and Hello!Shows
and my oshi is in MM but still the most fun I've ever had at a concert was at S/m

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Fukuda has true ability
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Who do you think you are, saying S/mileage has no eagerness♂
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Terada's love is blind
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They've got members who can all sing
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S/mileage never gives in
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Everyone thought so, too?
The songs come to life with the interactions of the members
It makes me think that S/m songs couldn't be done without the S/m members

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They do have an overwhelming amount of exciting songs
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They have pump-up songs and comical songs but even among those, ones like Watashi no Kokoro are still good
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S/m have beauty, good voices, good characters, good songs, good looks, and determination
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They're becoming refined
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The S/m boom is coming
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When it looked like S/m was falling apart, that was just the calm before the storm, like an ebb tide before a typhoon
They've completely turned things around

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We're entering to era of the real thing
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It's because they're all battle-ready
They are definitely the chosen few
The chosen few for S/m
Their power is amazing
They are second to none in feeling like major players

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But people also said the same thing about Melon Kinenbi lives...
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History repeats itself
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Release events are good, too, so I want to get more people to come see the current S/m
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They should do one free Budokan event
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Who would pay for that?
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I will pay! (If I win the lottery)
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I want ChoiKawa's riotous influence to come from MeiMei like it does from Maro
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After all S/m are the ones supporting the foundation for H!P

thank you for the translation :)

hard-worker & best performer for sure :) i quit being Hello!Pro D.D because of S/mileage
been following H!P more than 10 years, finally i got back my reason to keep loving them


ChoiKawa--is that shorthand for "Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou"?

ChoiKawa--is that shorthand for "Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou"?


Yes. You might also see it written as "Banchou," but ChoiKawa is more popular on 2ch.

S/mileage are such a hard working group. They have been through a lot and often take the blame from management for things but they have always been giving their all and trying to please the fans. Well most of them Rinapuu could try harder XD. She reminds me of Koharu so much she has a pretty face but she comes off as lazy and like she doesn't care. Sometimes i wonder if it's that or she just figured out she's the least popular and stopped trying. I'd like to see her put in more effort and become better for it.

when I went to one of the H!P lives last summer, I also thought S/Mileage were amazing. They got the crowed REALLY pumped up and while all the other H!P members also performed well, S/M looked like they entered the stage to have fun with everyone. It was great to watch them enjoy themselves so much. <3


thanks for translating!