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Songs we want Katsuta Rinapuu to sing at HinaFest

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 20 January 2014 · 1209 views

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She hasn't sung anything as a solo that isn't mid-tempo.

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Didn't she sing My Days for You at Hello!Con?
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Koukiatsu Girl
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Nee Senpai
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Amazuppai Nanchara
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Seems like she'll pick a Berryz song
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The ones she's sung up until now are all fine
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She sang Gakkyuu Inchou on the tour
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Rikai shite!>Onna no ko
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Yuugure Koi no Jikan
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Yaruki It's Easy
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Bakuwara has never failed to obtain a solo song.
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I want her to sing an energetic song without appearing to have any energy to do so
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>>16 I want her to sing Idaite Yo Prigo in a lazy way
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Hatsukoi Cider
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You don't have to pick H!P songs, just anything you want her to sing
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If it's Rinapuu, I will allow her even to sing Koi suru fortune cookie
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>>22 That would be nice
I want her to sing it so nonchalantly, lol.

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>>22 Surprisingly all of the wota can probably do the dance
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Hajimete wo Keikenchuu
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Kanojo ni Naritai
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I'll request anything that might cause her to headbang
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Very Beau... would that just become a joke?
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I don't think so.
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The 2nd annual RinaFest?
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She has a good height, her legs are long, her appearance is good, but her face is meh
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I want her to sing "Shabondama" and suddenly start laughing at her own lack of force.
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>>35 I really want to see that
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Wasn't it Maro who recommended the song to her last year?
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A Maro production is a surefire thing.
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Bakuwara friends for Blu-ray
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>>45 That's funny to me for some reason
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What the heck are Bakuwara friends?
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I want her to try dancing to Natsu DOKI Lipstick

I'd also like to see her sing Yaruki! It's Easy.
I feel like she would pick Seishun Collection or Shooting Star eventually if she keeps getting solos. They just seem like Rinapuu songs.

That Shabondama post XD

The Beatles (Paul) song "Yesterday!" LOL!

I'd love to see her sing Koi wo Shichaimashita!(the original tanpopo one), Ganbacchae! or I & YOU & I & YOU & I.

I think her voice would suit some of the older mid-tempo H!P songs really well :3

tanpopo :)
or "yes! all my family" last time rina sing in bus-tour event, and i really enjoy it :) want to hear the full version

'I want her to sing "Shabondama" and suddenly start laughing at her own lack of force.'


"Sacred Springs" (in Malaysian) duet with Kana

That Shabondama post is hilarious XD