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Maro joking around too much

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 15 January 2014 · 863 views

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A doodle during class.

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I want a Maro T-shirt.
But it might have been better in hiragana.

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Yeah, she should change her name.

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This is an SOS, she's confused, she's forgetting who she is.

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Hiragana is better.

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[Hiragana for Maro]

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The amount of labor she's put into it is strange.

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Yukanyan so cute

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Um, yeah, hiragana.

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The shirt next to it looks adorable

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If she made a shirt with Maro on the front and Kanyon on the back, I'd buy ten of them.

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But it would be good for them to sell something like the Kenshuusei T's.

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Won't the creative Maro wota make this version themselves?

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You have all driven Kanon to this.

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Because I was the one who gave her the name Yukanyan.

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In H!P the highest color is pink
but in the old court system the highest color is purple.

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Yukanyan, Yuukarin, Ayacho
were all christened by Maro.
She has a sense for nicknames.

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Ayacho, too?
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>>28 So she was responsible for Yuukarin and Ayacho.
She does have a knack for it.

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This is good for her birthday T.
But hiragana would be better.

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Well, I wouldn't wear it, lol.

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Nyon is a wonder child.

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Miyazaki-san and Wada are in colleges where the classes never change, right?

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>>38 Crunch munch

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Doodling in class, how rude.

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There was someone in my class taking vigorous notes, I thought that was great and looked over,
but they were just thinking up the softball lineup for PE.

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She's a genius at frustrating people.

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If she's paying her own way through college she probably doesn't have any complaints, right?

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I'm worried.
I've been thinking about her saying she went to the chiropractor and her bones got popped.
She shouldn't have been in such close contact with anyone else.

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I want to become Maro's chiropractor.


(Thanks for the translations!)

why are we calling her maro, btw?


why are we calling her maro, btw?