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Rejoice, Takeuchi Akari's first kiss

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 08 January 2014 · 1290 views

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So cute, Take

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Her character has changed somehow.
I thought she hated being clingy.

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An innocent couple.

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What a handsome guy Oden-kun is.

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Fuku-chan likes Take-chan, Take-chan likes Karin-chan, and Karin-chan likes Fuku-chan.

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It's the opposite

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Chan-san experienced hardship in the S/m audition but she still misses Oden-kun, who got in.

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The uncle combo

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Oh, she's developing a girl's face..

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What, how cute.

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The feeling of forbidden fruit from this couple is intense.
It even transcends that found in yuri manga.

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But Takeuchi Oden-kun was supposed to be S/m's rough-and-tumble rascal who pounds on everyone who tries to get close...

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Why is there this sort of thing between these two? lol

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For some reason I'm paying more attention to this Chan-san.

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I feel like there's a big age difference between them
but it's only a one year separation.年

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Were they any other members besides Fuku-chan that have gotten that close and touchy with Take?

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Rinap´ v`)< Take

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But she struck Nakanishi and pushed her away when she tried to get close.

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The 2nd pic is so nostalgic, I went to that event.
There was a punishment game where Saki and Oden had to do impressions
Saki unexpectedly mean to her in getting her to go first while she waited to do a better one.

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Interesting things lately♪

Miyamoto Karin-chan
has secretly fallen in love with S/mileage's Takeuchi Akari-chan (lol)
When Take-chan hugged her before the Hello!Con..
Her face went completely red
"Haー(//∇//)What what what what(* v v)!?!?!?"
she said♪lol

When Sayuki and Karin were talking together, she showed me a picture of Take-chan
"I like this one♪Isn't she cool(*´艸`)??"
she said(・o・)ノlol

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"Isn't she cool?" Was she looking at it from the perspective of a boy?

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This is weird, lol.

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An excruciatingly cute pair

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Looking at that it seems like Chan-san has gotten taller.

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Because Oden hasn't really grown at all.


haha looks like everyone is noticing how Oden put the moves on Karin seems like it is working and Karin likes her back XD. Maybe a new love triangle is born. They make a cute pair with Akari's tomboyish charm and Karin's girly cuteness.

Where does their nicknames come? Oden? Chan (Chan-san)? Fun pictures :)

Oden-kun is from this oden_kun.jpg  2chan thinks Takechan looks like this character cause of her chubby cheeks and full lips.


Chan-san for Karin  came from one of the 9th gen Morning Musume members, i think Riho, who called her Karin-chan-san at some point when she first joined H!P.  And it kinda stuck after that

for oden,

Take was quite similar with some chara named oden-kun and if i'm not mistaken she was selling oden to Momo and Mano in one of hello channel segment too


and for chan-san,

If I'm not mistaken, that is nick from Riho. Karin is technically Riho's kouhai but in terms of time in h!p, Karin is obviously longer than Riho

so Riho just simply combine Karin-chan and Karin-san to become Karin-chan-san

Ah okay, and that character Oden-kun kind of resembles her, creepily enough :)