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S/mileage scores a record high with #3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart!

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 01 January 2014 · 937 views

1: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:40:20.68 0
Now, they have sold 33,000 copies of Ee ka!?/"Ii yatsu" in the first week, and they rank at number 3 for the first time on the 12/30 Oricon Weekly Chart.
Among their singles and albums, their personal best up to this point has been #4, and this is their first time achieving a rank in the TOP 3.


2: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:41:32.59 P
Congrats S/m

3: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:42:05.42 0
This is joyous news

4: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:42:21.19 0
It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

8: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:43:02.19 0

12: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:43:43.11 0
They've been rewarded for working so hard at events every single day.

21: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:45:28.15 0
The songs this time were a bit manic so I thought it would be difficult,
but they really did improve.

41: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:49:20.52 0
Buy S/mileage, okay?

Ee ka!?

Ii yatsu

初回限定盤A http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00FR6K8PE
初回限定盤B http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00FR6K8SG
初回限定盤C http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00FR6K8RC
初回限定盤D http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00FR6K8RW
通常盤 http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00FR6K8R2

44: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:49:46.55 P
It might be because the wota had increased motivation from them getting a nation-wide tour.

45: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:49:54.33 P
The 2nd gen wota have increased a little.

49: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:50:26.45 0
"S/mileage" Skirts are so short you can see up them

54: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:51:32.22 0
What! S/mileage has a full-page ad in Tokyo Sports!!

Posted Image

61: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:52:33.22 0
They did have handshakes at the end of every stop on the fall tour.

65: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:53:22.40 0
What was their past all-time high?

73: まろ厨 2013/12/24(火) 14:54:35.14 0
Weekly #4>>65

70: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:54:05.74 0
【動画】S/mileage gives their blessing, "Abe-san is a 'good guy.'"

80: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:55:42.42 0
S/mileage displays their new music in Santa costumes

82: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:55:46.81 0
2010.05.26 20,438枚 Yume Miru 15sai
2010.07.28 18,987枚 ◯◯ Ganbaranuketemo ee nen de!!(▼7%)
2010.09.29 17,998枚 Onaji Jikyuu de hataraku tomodachi no bijin mama(▼5%)
2011.02.09 20,492枚 Shortcut(△14%)
2011.04.27 19,049枚 Koi ni Booing Boo!(▼7%)
2011.08.03 29,328枚 Uchouten LOVE(△54%) ←Last with 4
2011.09.28 22,792枚 Tachiagirl(▼22%)
2011.12.28 34,132枚 Please Miniskirt Postwoman(△50%) ←Maeda grad
2012.02.01 19,700枚 Choto Mate Kudasai!(▼43%)
2012.05.02 20,043枚 Dot Bikini(△2%)
2012.08.22 22,866枚 Suki yo, junjou hankouki.(△14%)
2012.11.28 19,308枚 Samui ne.(▼16%)
2013.03.20 22,560枚 Tabidachi no haru ga kita(△17%)
2013.07.03 26,573枚 Yattaruchan/Atarashii watashi ni nare!(△18%)

Until Ee ka!?/"Ii yatsu" with 33,000 △ around 25%

108: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:01:34.41 0
Has this really been that good of a year for them? lol

368: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:47:58.87 0
>>82 I tried putting the data into a graph for comparison
From a technical analysis they've had a trend of steady improvement following the one after PMPW

Posted Image

83: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:55:55.14 O
Looks like they'll be doing a lot next year, too.
S/mileage go for it!

120: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:03:12.31 0
That's incredible.
With just a little more they'll beat PMPW

90: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:57:18.86 P
Aaah, but it's not quite their best overall.
Still, if you take into account that it was Maeda's graduation single...

92: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:57:30.28 0
S/m has a lot of schoolgirl fans, even elementary students.
The girls try their best to support them but because they only show up to the venues with one handshake ticket, they probably aren't helping that much.

102: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:00:25.05 0
But having an increase in one person buying one copy will be more beneficial later on than just one person bulk-buying.
One person bulk-buying means that if that one person shouldn't be there anymore, sales would drop significantly.
Girls are hard to part with their money but they do spread the word around.

95: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:58:15.00 0
Posted Image

100: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:59:43.14 P
This is wrong.

Take appears to be the cutest of all of them.

134: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:06:03.08 0
That's not wrong at all.

97: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 14:59:10.07 0
Surpassing 30k is just plain great.
The songs S/m puts out are really good.

116: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:02:39.14 0
We did iiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt

135: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:06:07.48 P
People came out in full force for the Ikebukuro events.
If they can stick around long enough afterward I feel like I can definitely see Budokan in the future.

140: 人生のブザービート ◆UUGExkDlY. 2013/12/24(火) 15:06:34.36 0
Kananan has really been trying her best.
I think she's had lots of difficulties but with these kinds of numbers she's probably gotten a lot of support from everyone.

142: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:06:47.32 0
Goddess of fortune
Posted Image

143: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:06:48.04 0
She became Yattaruchan!

155: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:08:13.07 0
I haven't bought the CD but is the song good?

159: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:08:50.35 0
Listen first

179: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:11:13.17 0
The TOP 3 selling singles of each H!P group (*caution: first week only, not total)

1 600,860 Morning Musume ′14 "Koi no Dance Site"
2 515,490 Morning Musume ′14 "Renai Revolution 21"
3 471,270 Morning Musume ′14 "Happy Summer Wedding"

1 63,764 ℃-ute "Tokai no hitorigurashi/Aitte motto zanshin"
2 60,592 ℃-ute "Kanashiki amefuri/Adam to Eve no dilemma"
3 47,420 ℃-ute "Crazy Kanzen no Otona"

1 39,379 Juice=Juice "Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo/Hajimete wo keikenchuu"
2 37,213 Juice=Juice "Romance no tochuu/MEMORIAL EDITS"

1 36,950 Berryz工房 "Motto zutto isshou ni itakatta/ROCK erotic"
2 31,558 Berryz工房 "Golden Chinatown/Sayonara usotsuki no watashi"
3 30,667 Berryz工房 "Genghis Khan"

1 34,132 S/mileage "Please Miniskirt Postwoman"
2 29,328 S/mileage "Uchouten LOVE"
3 26,573 S/mileage "Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan"

192: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:13:33.12 0
With the exception of one four, release sales have gone up this year, huh.

203: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:15:19.27 0
PON! 2013.12.24

240: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:21:28.52 0
Apologize to us! rofl lol

205: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:15:27.47 0
Posted Image

211: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:16:38.18 0
The effects of Marotesque are heeeeeeeeeeeeeere

227: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:19:30.37 0
I tried as a S/m wota to analyze this calmly.

・Handshakes after lives
・They went outside of Tokyo for release events to places like Nagoya
・They expanded the polaroid events and drawing events to outside Tokyo
・Media tie-ups
・Kananan became beautiful

239: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:21:07.62 0
・Oden's Yajima blood awakened
・Bakuwara's figure emerged
Should be included

231: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:19:51.97 0
RInapu~ "My dream is to go to my class reunion in a huge car."
One step closer.

244: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:22:31.02 0
Next is 40k
Let's steadily increase the fanbase!

247: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:22:53.54 0
Sales instead of ranking, right?

262: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:26:31.43 0
Some MM wota and C-ute wota bought S/m singles when they were opening.
They had handshakes during their tour.
I think those two things are the reasoning behind the increased sales.

270: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:27:55.06 0
They got their sales up in three consecutive singles
so I think they should be doing more media campaigns for them.

300: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:34:56.95 0
Tabidachi +3000
Yattaruchan +4000
Ee ka!? +7000

Next time is going to be scary.

328: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:40:21.85 0
They've gone up by 14000 in this year alone?

306: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:36:30.90 0

Reindeer MeiMei is too cute, lol

330: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:40:53.10 P
The problem now is how to maintain these sales and continue the pattern of growth.
If they do handshakes for the spring tour then they can grow a little, but if they can't then maintaining these sales is going to be a chore.

398: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:54:42.64 0
I would never have thought they could get this level of sales.
They didn't have that much advertising.
They're just that persistent??

408: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 15:57:08.72 0
It's not that advertising increased but the number of fans did?

426: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:00:06.47 0
It looks like most of the advertising was done on YouTube and Nico, surprisingly.
Moreso than 2ch thought.

430: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:01:08.28 0
Were they not doing that before?

462: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:08:09.85 0
I'm the type to go into stores regularly, but now that you mention it, all of H!P was doing a campaign with HMV and got to set up their own sales corner.
Even though you might think nobody would have seen it, S/m became a hot topic among young people (around middle school).
If you think about where on earth they would have found out about them, it couldn't have been TV since they don't do regular appearances and SATOYAMA isn't nearly as influential, so it has to be online distribution, right?

482: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:11:10.31 0
I've heard that before.

432: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:01:13.63 0
I watched a Hello!Con on NicoNico, returned to following H!P, and then started getting into S/m afterward.

435: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:02:14.49 0
Even wota can't tell if they've increased in popularity or not.
But I can definitely tell that the quality of people attending their shows has changed.
It seems like no matter where I go, since ChoiKawa they've started having huge amounts of women in the audience.

441: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:03:16.38 0
Girl fans don't buy CDs.

495: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:14:22.61 0
♂ "I wonder if it's because I put my voice in."

503: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:15:39.89 0
When they ended the song with just Tsunku's Ee ka I was laughing for a while.

504: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:15:42.77 0
If they hadn't put in that last part of Terada's voice then they would have sold 1000 more.

525: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:22:28.11 0
One thing you could say is that it isn't that good to base popularity increases and decreases off of sales.
Even if their popularity decreased the results are from sales doping.
If they really want to obtain true popularity then they can't rely on numbers, they have to keep aiming for higher goals.

526: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:22:29.91 0
At the free events they only do short versions of songs, the acoustics and performance quality are different, even the mood of the wota is different.
I just want to see them at a concert, regardless of it being a live house or hall.

561: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:33:58.70 0
Posted Image

580: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:40:24.82 0
Sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute

568: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:35:32.11 0
Around September, old Momoclo wota predicted on 2ch that out of the H!P groups, it wouldn't be C-ute or MM that got a revival, but S/m.

576: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:38:14.38 0
I've seen more and more Momoclo wota write in S/m threads lately.

596: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:47:59.46 0
Did they really think that? There must have been at least a few who did.
I've had a great interest in the more balanced opinions of outsiders looking in on H!P, especially watching S/m come as far as they have.

575: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:38:01.67 0
Their first weekly 3rd?

577: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:39:00.38 0
It's their first, yes.

585: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:41:42.25 0
S/mileage "To Budokan before Juice=Juice"スマイレージ

587: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:42:38.27 0
It's funny how the agency pits S/m and Juice against each other.

610: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:58:17.06 0
It's like a pro-wrestling rivalry.
Idiotic wota come to 2ch and put all their energy and exhaust themselves on a fight that's completely pointless.

588: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:43:06.84 0
2013 H!P song ranking! Number 1 is...

The number 1 H!P song of the glorious 2013 year is S/mileage's "Yattaruchan!"
The panel discusses the points of the song that make it number 1!
It was decided as the winner before it was decided that S/mileage would be guests.
It was evaluated as very good, "it's not that it's completely perfect as a song, but that Yattaruchan is so much fun, it's a puzzling feeling."
Did your favorite song make it?

594: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:46:49.13 0
Posted Image

619: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:05:01.90 0

599: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 16:49:49.62 0
Without a doubt they've surpassed 4-member S/m.
I'm glad, I'm glad.

615: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:03:38.53 0
Is that so?
I didn't know how it would turn out it first but they worked hard.

620: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:05:45.29 0
Posted Image

622: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:10:43.52 0
Rinap´ v`)<I'm popular~

623: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:11:49.61 0
H!P has to get fans by lives, after all.

624: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:13:23.23 0
*1 207665 SMAP
*2 55111 UVERworld
*3 33320 スマイレージ
*4 26556 U-KISS
*5 26441 舞祭組
*6 22600 AKB
*7 22078 島倉
*8 19626 乃木坂
*9 19215 愛乙女
10 15497 BEAST

628: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:17:00.74 0
If they had gotten 2 then it would have been SumaSuma, how sad.

626: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:14:43.39 0

A present from S/mileage

688: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/24(火) 17:50:39.03 0
This is a victory for S/m fans.
They've been so supportive.

I hope 2014 will be an even bigger year for S/mileage. They deserve it

S/mileage on the rise! :D

Thanks for the translation ^-^