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Guess the song by the picture: S/mileage and C-ute edition

Posted by Lurkette, 25 December 2013 · 520 views

So instead of doing a full thread translation, I thought it might be fun to present the game as a game, without the comments and revealing the answers. It's pretty basic; a still image of a PV or live performance is posted and everyone has to guess which song is being performed. Bonus points for knowing information about the venue, date, etc. No complaining about the quality of the images. To increase difficulty, guess which line is being sung.

Have fun and merry Christmas!

1. Posted Image

2.Posted Image

3.Posted Image

4. Posted Image

5. Posted Image

6. Posted Image

7. Posted Image

8. Posted Image

9. Posted Image

10. Posted Image

11. Posted Image

12. Posted Image

13. Posted Image

14. Posted Image

15. Posted Image

16. Posted Image

17. Posted Image

1) they're doing Kojima Yoshio's signature move. 17) doing (Momoclo)Kanako's signature jump (sorry i could not resist) Btw, your blog translating stuff from 2ch is awesome. Thanks and Merry Christmas.