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It might be bad to say, but it's weird how Chinami and Ayacho have no sense of singing

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 10 January 2014 · 844 views

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From the Kids and the 1st gen Eggs they've always been singing so they should be at least a little better than they were before...
Don't try and defend them by saying that their voices are just unique.

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First of all the title of this thread has no sense.


Rejoice, Takeuchi Akari's first kiss

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 08 January 2014 · 1289 views

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So cute, Take

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Fukuda Maro's message of encouragement to Juice=Juice

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 05 January 2014 · 973 views

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Do your best♪

Kanon also thought about this day three years ago this morning.
Every time this year I start remembering
It’s left that much of an impression on me.
I was reaaaaaallyyyy nervous, you know.
Everyone in Juice=Juice is a rival,...

S/mileage scores a record high with #3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart!

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 01 January 2014 · 936 views

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Now, they have sold 33,000 copies of Ee ka!?/"Ii yatsu" in the first week, and they rank at number 3 for the first time on the 12/30 Oricon Weekly Chart.
Among their singles and albums, their personal best up to this point has been #4, and this is their first time achieving a rank in the TOP 3.


Wada: I don't understand how someone can be sad seeing couples on Christmas. Tamura: I don't know, Christmas is a day to spend with family.

Posted by Lurkette, in Matome, Translations 30 December 2013 · 649 views


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Wada: Do you have plans this year for Christmas?
Tamura: People around the world typically say Christmas is for lovers, right? but Mei is the sort of person who definitely wants to spend it with her family.
Wada: What!? Me too!
Tamura: Right?

[New Member Entry] There's something happening to S/mileage tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! [Kaneko?]

Posted by Lurkette, in Matome, Translations 29 December 2013 · 1664 views

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Their blog entries were strange.

Katsuta and Takeuchi wrote that tomorrow there's something they're extremely looking forward to,
and it seems like tomorrow's event will have something special to it.

The 3rd generation members ar...

Let's decide the cutest costume ever in H!P history!

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 24 December 2013 · 1344 views

***Warning: Picture-heavy***

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Outfits from PVs and concerts are okay.
I'm stuck between SukiJun and PMPW


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Those are rea...

S/mileage's nation-wide tour is here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

Posted by Lurkette, in Matome, Translations 22 December 2013 · 776 views

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626 名前: ◆yNtawPFFuh8s :2013/12/10(火) 20:44:34.02 0
S/mileage Smile Charge Tour 2014.1.23~5.25 28 performances nation-wide from Sapporo to the north and Fukuoka to the south.
Details to be posted tomorrow.

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I wonder if this isn't another live house tour....

Fukuda Maro "I fell asleep in the bath and it went up to 45 degrees!"

Posted by Lurkette, in Matome, Translations 20 December 2013 · 929 views

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Ohanyon (´..・ω・..`)
Thank you
for your thoughts on the live and stuff and stuff.

Yesterday evening, just as I thought...
I fell asleep in the bathtub (´・_・`)
and before I knew it, the water
had heated up to 45 degrees
and so I woke u...

Tamura MeiMei "When I was 2 or 3 I put ham in the CD player and broke it."

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 20 December 2013 · 994 views

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We have the true successor to Saki after all, genius! lololololololololololololololololololol

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If she only put it in briefly it shouldn't break, though.

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After I got done laughing I thought the same....