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Atarashi Watashi ni nare/Yattaruchan

Posted by Mizura, 28 June 2013 · 264 views

Well, this is my first blog entry! ^-^

Today I've decided to Review S/mileage's new single.

This double A-side reminds me a lot of 4nin S/mileage for some reason. Its the youthful sound I think.

Atarashi Watashi ni Nare

The Song:

The song itself is interesting. Very catchy when they repeat the title itself. But I haven't felt the need to listen to it over and over again. I'd say the line distribution is more like what S/mileage typically is now.

The Outfits:

The outfits are some of the plainest I've ever seen, they are simple standard looking outfits but they are just white. Just white. I'm guessing this is UFP's "cheaper single"

The MV:

The MV was boring. Lets get that out there right now. It was girls in white outfits dancing in front of a white background. To make matters worse it was essentially a Dance-Shot and a really boring dance shot. There was some variety. I liked the darker backgrounds and the flashes at the beginning were cool.


The Song:

I liked the song a lot. It had the sound of Classic S/mileage but with new voices. I liked the lines from Kana, Akari, and surprisingly Meimi. Dawa was awesome too, but I didn't hear her much. Kanon and Rina I didn't really notice at all. Overall the song had lots of youth

The Outfits:

The outfits were interesting. They were a lot better than the other A-sides. I like how they were personalized for each of the members. Still aren't my favorite outfits.

The MV:

The MV was awesome. I liked the variety of color and action. Especially the different shots. The girls looked good too. Especially Kana and Meimi. Meimi surprised me, she looked and sounded really mature. I also liked the lyrics and the meaning. This MV was filled with action and made up for the other ones lack of it.


Both songs were good. Definitely a better recent S/mileage release. But not their best :(

Meimi was awesome in this. Maybe she could go solo one day :c18:

*This was just a review. No offense intended towards anyone.

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