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"Thanks for the same crap Morning Musume"

Posted by JaeJoo, 13 March 2013 · 826 views
rant, Morning Musume
"Thanks for the same crap Morning Musume"
I just read this comment, and it made me laugh.
Actually, I read a lot of comments like "morning musume always does the same music", "all the new singles sound the same"
And I really, really, really, really don't get how all the singles sound the same. Really. I can hear bits of this and that in one song, yes, but...

International Fans & Culture issues Part II / The Minegishi Minami "Scandal"

Posted by JaeJoo, 02 February 2013 · 965 views
Culture, random, ABK48 and 1 more...
I’m not an AKB fan. Far from it. I know more about the ***48s that I would like, but that’s just because I’m a curious person and because I need to know what and who I’m talking about when I need to talk about those things.
But I think that just recently, the group has gotten much attention… in a bad way. Bad things seem to keep happening to the...

International Fans & Culture issues / The Koharu "Scandal"

Posted by JaeJoo, in Uncategorized, Morning Musume 26 January 2013 · 2177 views
Kusumi Koharu, Jpop, Kpop and 5 more...
Recently a certain event has caused quite a stir on the forum. Let’s call it the “Koharu scandal”. Is it a scandal, is it not a scandal. I don’t even care. Is it that bad or not? I won’t say my opinion on it, but throughout might post, you might find an answer.
What got me raising an eyebrow is that on the Koharu’s official thread, there are...

9ki VS 10ki (& MM popularity study)

Posted by JaeJoo, in Morning Musume, Ranking, 10ki, 9ki 10 August 2012 · 1363 views
Morning Musume, Popularity
Hello there!
Well...I probably have too much free time on my hands or I, rather, I like to procrastinate way too much by doing silly and weird things like studying numbers haha

First of all, I'm going to apologize because english isn't my first language, so I struggled a bit here and there. Hope you'll still be able to enjoy all this ^^