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Is japanese necessary to H!P fans? (Momusu Paris Handshake Report)

Posted by ftt, 02 November 2012 · 2105 views

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Is japanese necessary to H!P fans? (Momusu Paris Handshake Report) Oct 30th THE day many french fan were waiting for, the unique chance to meet and greet their favorite idols... Well not exactly, since less than half the group was present (Reina's absence was a BIG drawback imo) but well, still plenty to feel excited about ^^.
Arrived about 1pm, with event starting at 3. Was thinking that, since i saved an album copy, it didn't matter much. When i arrived, I noticed there was only one queue anyway, so it didn't really matter in the end. I had a present for Mizuki's b-day as well as a small card, i bought some colored pen with me and had the people in the queue sign it, which was sweet from them ^^. Gotta admit ppl were kinda quiet around me, but after a while, we started talking and it got better. Since I found a Kikka fan, i gaver her the extra "One for You" copy that i had, it's best use that way I think ^^TV crew started filming the crowd (i would say 200-300 ppl there was) and even interviewed a girl behind me (biggest Riho fan she was !) and a little bit later the girls arrived. Kikka came out first, shouted "Kikka" like mad, then came Sayu, Iikubo, Ayumi and finally Mizuki. Of course, everbody went wild, but among the chaos, i managed to find a good spot to take a picture of the girls.

Posted Image
Sayu coming out of the car

Posted Image
My adorable Mizuki (she was trying to protect herself from the rain, changed the movement to a greeting after, so cute T-T Love you my princess !!)

The queue inside the cafe was done with the 10gen clips being played over and over. Once i got my hands on the album, i was a bit dissapointed to see that almost nothing had been translated. Save for the Bishi-label, album looks very similar to its japanese counterpart. While we were waiting, i chatted a bit with Kikka's translator which i recognised from Orleans, apparently, she was doing doing all good and was motivated too, it made me glad ^^
Once i got into the room, i put my gift and the card in the box dedicated to presents, then went ahead to greet the girls.
Ayumi: The girl that made the biggest impact on me. Incredibly cute and cheerful, she's a genuine idol, or at least fast becoming one. "Thanks for coming" was all i could say...
Iikubo: Super nice girl also, just like ayumi, just exchanged a "Thanks for coming", but we engaged in a staring contest, which was quite funny ^^
Mizuki: By far my favorite member, maybe that's why i was a bit more nervous... she's got such an aura to her... After my eternal same phrase, ofc i wished her happy birthday she seemed pretty happy about it ^^ To those who heard about her famous "Fukumura lock", it's true she has the strongest grip of all the girls (at least those 4), but nothing too surprising, and it only makes her more adorable ^^
Sayumi: I've seen tons of ppl complain to how exhausted she seemed, even mean at times (asking ppl to go on, mostly) but it wasn't like that with me at all. She was nice and cute. Stared at each others, she said "Hi" to me something like 5 times, and handshake seemed to last an eternity. Truly magical instant.
Of course, bonus is Kikkawa Yuu !!! And that's about the best extra possible. Since I had already met her close-up (or so...) I was much more comfortable with her than with the Momusu members. Shouted "Kikka" as i came to her, took the badge she handed me and shake her hand. I tried to give her encouragement for Belgium, but she had already move on, so she probably haven't heard T-T Only draw back, as i mentioned in forums, is that, with what she was doing, I'm afraid some ppl confused her for a staff member... that's a shame really, she's such a great girl... After that, decided not to wait for them to leave (1H30 wait, fake fan I am, i know...) so headed back.

Handshake was short and now that a few days have pass, i think i can step back and think about it a lil better. During the whole event, I've seen plenty of ppl singing and dancing. Dancing is out of question for me, I just don't have the skills. Moreover i still find it a bit weird for a guy to make girls idols dance cover...About singing, the main problem is simple: language.... I can't remember japanese lyrics at all...Which brings me to the next topic. I've read plenty of reports on the event, and see how fans use those precious seconds to communicate with the girls. I'm pretty satisfied with my event, but sometimes, I think i could have done so much more...it was about one in a lifetime opportunity and I feel like maybe i haven't make full use of it...Of course, to communicate with them, Japanese is necessary...so do you think japanese is a must for an H!P fan ? Be it to learn lyrics, understand the shows they appear in, read their blogs or communicate with them ? Or do you think that, as long ad you're honest, your feelings will reach them ? I do hope for the second, but I can't help thinking more and more about trying to learn the language, i think it would open a whole new world to my fandom, maybe it could be worth it...


PS: My ever present session. Now that event is finished and that i know that i didn't get selected for TakGaki event in Paris, things are cooling down a bit, and it's getting me a bit depressed, honestly... think it's normal ? Feel like i want just a bit more...

Necessary? Absolutely not, especially with all of the kind subbers and translators we have in the community. But it certainly is useful, especially if you plan on meeting the girls one day.
I'm with Chimai on this :) It's not necessary, by any means, for a fan to learn the language. IMHO, music is about more than words, no matter the language; fandom is justified by how the performer makes you feel. I began learning the language so I could understand on my own while listening to a song or watching a tv show, and give my full visual attention to what was happening instead of reading at the bottom of a screen. I attribute my learning Japanese to Morning Musume, which is why they will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what. There are lots of people on fan forums who translate and sub, but it can take time on occasion for it to happen. If you're impatient in that regard, picking up some Japanese might be handy :)
Looks like you had an amazing time ;___; Pictures are amazing! It's not necessary in this day and age with like Chimai said, there are so many subbers and translators who do not mind translating for the H!P community. And also since H!P seem to be branching out a bit more speaking English and French, it seems that they are making the effort to communicate with us instead of the other way round which I find quite nice. But sometimes if you don't really want to wait and learn yourself what they are saying, then learn Japanese then :)

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