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japan expo centre report: day 2 (Kikka day)

Posted by ftt, 29 October 2012 · 1451 views

Second and final day of Japan Expo Center !!! Program today is a Kikka Showcase and an autograph session. Like yesterday, i arrived a bit earlier, and there were even less people waiting (since they already had Fujisawa autograph from yesterday, i suppose) There was a family together with me in queue, i find it amazing that parents support their children in those quite of things (cosplay, travels and all...) Unfortunatly, the Kikka autograph session was to happen by drawing lots, and the draw was starting only at 10.30am. That meant i Spent the next two hours Queing, that family made it pretty enjoyable, but there was still stress cause we weren't guarantee to get an autograph ticket yet. When my turn came, i LOST T-T I stayed around, along with others whinning ppl and after a while we were allowed a 2nd draw. Managed to find that family back to inform them, and all of us managed to get a ticket this time. I can't even describe how a relief it was (actually, near the end, not all tickets were won, so i heard they gave them out, so maybe we shouldn't have stressed so much). Grab some food (yeah, whole story took quite a while) and shopped a bit until the Fujisawa conference. The GTO author talked about his life as mangaka, gave advise to newbies, and overall, was pretty interesting. He also made a live drawing of Onizuka.
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BUT my real aim behind the conference is that it was immediatly followed by the Kikka Showcase. I actually managed to get a bit closer than yesterday, and controlled my camera a bit better also.

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Kikka takes the Stage

Darling to Madonna, Hapirapi, Obasan, 3rd Single, among others. Setlist and performance was quite similar (and as awesome) to yesterday, tough i would say ppl had a bit more spirit this time.

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When we say that Kikka is awesome O_o

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Everything OK !

Last song was...Kikkake wa...
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Actually, wasn't the last since she made an encore, but well, just wanted to introduce the picture, lol. After the show, went back to front office to sign up for autraphed Kikka banner draw and, after a while, went for the signing session. I found back the guy that queued with me back when Buono came !!! he was alongside the BBIIIGGEEESSSTTT Kikka wota ever, so it was super fun ^^ When my turn came, i got my Kikka PB autograph, gosh how nice she was T-T That's the kind of situation where i blame myself for not knowing any japanese... As others said, she's actually quite accessible, as long as you can talk Jap, she'll alway have couple of secs, sometimes min for you. All I managed was a Kikka Fighting ! at the end at least I knew she would understand. And she answered Fighting back, so i guess I'm happy enough ^^ Stayed around till the end of the session where Kikka took pic with all fans. I do hope I'l get the pictures from JE or that Kikka herself will post it in her blog...

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Kikka during Signing session

Final activity was the banner draw, which ofc i lost, but the one who won it was actually my friend from Buono queue. Add to that he was able to get a personal pic with Kikka, today is tttooottaaalllyyy his lucky day (more to come on my luck in my ever PS session). After that quietly made my way back to Paris. Anyway, JE Centre was LOOOADDDSSSS of fun, quite different from the big paris one, and i enjoyed it very much. As long as there are good guests, i'll make sure to come back.


PS: I'm feeling cursed those days... the unlucky first draw for Kikka,Tanaka's cancel in Paris, add to that I lost my concert DVD i talked about yesterday AND my keyhouse T-T Icing on the cake is that, i was planning to see the momusu land in CDG, but they arrived this morning (I had planned afternoon..). I'm also sure if i had been more attentive, i could have get a personal Kikka pic also... I know it's my fault, but still T-T...On the other hand, i did manage to get the autograph in the hand, managed to get some pretty decent pictures of Kikka and i'll still see momusu tomorrow (on my dear Mizuki b-day !) so maybe things aren't that bad...

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