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japan expo centre report: prologue

Posted by ftt, 26 October 2012 · 462 views

fan life
Since i got myself a privilege ticket for the event, i decided to go a day before to make full use of it AND since i don t have much to do those days, i arrived early thinking i could tour in orleans a bit. That's what i did: went shopping in town center, also went to the cathedral (closed T-T) and joan d'arc house, which i couldn t visit cause they take group every 30min or so...still was interesting. Orleans has a medieval city feeling that makes it very enjoyable ^^ After grabing a snack, i decided to quietly take the tram and head off to my hotel.

Once i settled, i saw pics of kikka in front of the very same statue that i passed... Yes, i was half hoping to see her in the center of orleans (that is why i stayed on the most popular spots, thinking i mmmmaaaaayyu have a chance of seeing her) but i am just having a weird feeling atm. I feel like i missed something. I know it is absurb, but she feels close and far away at the same time... (get your mind straight ftt, she is UNREACHABLE to you) Anyway real start is tomorrow. Do hope i ll have calm down by then. Until then, i downloaded her latest single and b sides yesterday so i ll have a kikka cure tonight to prepare. More to come tomorrow !!!


PS: forgot my laptop charger at home. Soooo hard to update blog by phone !

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