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Crying out fan at the center of the Web

Posted by ftt, 16 August 2012 · 879 views

Crying out fan at the center of the Web Over the years, idols have become an irreplaceable existence to me. Somehow, even though we're miles apart and we never met, they managed to create a certain feeling of proximity that I don't get out of regular singers. I can't remember how many of my days were saved just by watching a concert video, or even simple pictures.

Yet, as much as I love them, there's still one thing that bothers me: I'm still ashamed to openly admit that I'm an Idol fan. My close friends or relative do know, of course, but even to them, I don't disclose how much of a Mizuki fan I am for exemple. I would never admit to someone i know little that I enjoy watching teenage girls singing and dancing, they would find me weird O_o Even to collegues that I'm close to, i joke about it by saying that I listen to girls in mini skirt (that's my catch line at work) but i never let them listen to those songs (tough they asked numerous times).

Right now, what I'm wondering about is:
- Am I the only one that have trouble claiming my fandom openly ?
- Would it be easier to claim my fandom if i was surrounded by similar ppl ? (i suppose yes, that's the reason I started this blog here)



I don't think you need to if you want to. Personally, I don't. Maybe because of my age I wouldn't go around telling my friends and family that I am an idol fan. Somehow they must of assumed I was an obsessive idol fan when I told them I liked the music and culture (and boys apparently) so they grew to see me as one even though I haven't openly said anything.

It would definitely be easier if you are around people who are in the same fandom. I don't have any H!P fans in London but boy, do I know a lot of K-Pop fans O_O I wish I knew more H!P fans in London, that would make me happy :)

On the internet though, you are free and anonymous to be who you are so don't be afraid to express yourself as an idol fan here, ftt. :)
I dont say anything to anyone except one of my friends who is genuinely interested as she used to love japanese music too
My parents think I have some kind of asian fetish so I took down all my posters. Its pretty sad..
I don't tell people, because I know they don't understand. I have one friend from high school, we got into idols about the same time in 1999, listening to Morning Musume, Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro,.. and a lot of other Avex and Zetima stuff.
I'm not ashamed to admit it, but people only want to hear me talk about it for about a minute, and they write me off as weird.

I also don't have any friends that do the idol gig, but I get such an overwhelming sense of satisfaction from the music and performances and genuine personae the idols give off, I am happy to live in my idol world! My room is full of Hello! Project, AKB48, and idol paraphanelia everywhere! I think the biggest problem is people think my "love" for them is something sexual, but any real idol fan knows its not. I love their music, singing voices, and all the hard work they put into making our lives happier.

People either love them, or don't understand it at all, I have never met a fan that was in the middle!, and I can't live without them!

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