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About Mano's Graduation

Posted by ftt, 23 July 2012 · 572 views
Mano Erina
About Mano's Graduation Made my days when I felt down,
Accompanying me when I go downtown,
Never will there be another like you.
On the stage, I watched you grew.

Elegant and graceful like a noble...

Japan vs Korea

Posted by ftt, 17 July 2012 · 1436 views
Japan vs Korea I suppose everyone noticed how popular south korean bands have become in the last couple of years. That phenomenon isn't happening only in Asia but all around the world. I personally really like some of those groups and I totally support the korean wave. However, it got me thinking: how did the koreans manage where the japanese didn't ? Why...

Infected ?

Posted by ftt, in Fan Life 16 July 2012 · 471 views
fan life
Infected ? It suddently struck me when i set up my newest goodies: starting from the Kashiwagi Yuki Calendar on my desk till the Kara posters that proudly hang above my bed, you can't put your eyes anywhere in my room without being face to face with an Idol.

  I remember making fun of Morning musume when i first watched their video (Mikan), now it got to the...

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