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Is japanese necessary to H!P fans? (Momusu Paris Handshake Report)

Posted by ftt, 02 November 2012 · 2105 views
fan life
Is japanese necessary to H!P fans? (Momusu Paris Handshake Report) Oct 30th THE day many french fan were waiting for, the unique chance to meet and greet their favorite idols... Well not exactly, since less than half the group was present (Reina's absence was a BIG drawback imo) but well, still plenty to feel excited about ^^.
  Arrived about 1pm, with event starting at 3. Was thinking that, since i saved an album...

japan expo centre report: day 2 (Kikka day)

Posted by ftt, 29 October 2012 · 1455 views

Second and final day of Japan Expo Center !!! Program today is a Kikka Showcase and an autograph session. Like yesterday, i arrived a bit earlier, and there were even less people waiting (since they already had Fujisawa autograph from yesterday, i suppose) There was a family together with me in queue, i find it amazing that parents support their...

japan expo centre report: day 1

Posted by ftt, 27 October 2012 · 654 views
fan life
japan expo centre report: day 1 Arrived about an hour earlier than planned opening, was surprised i was actually the third person to arrive. That meant i would easily get a Toru Fujisawa autograph, and that is what i did. The people in the queue were actually very nice so the wait was not too bad.
  once i actually entered there, i was surprised by how small it was, but i am used.to paris...

japan expo centre report: prologue

Posted by ftt, 26 October 2012 · 465 views
fan life
Since i got myself a privilege ticket for the event, i decided to go a day before to make full use of it AND  since i don t  have much to do those days, i arrived early thinking i could tour in orleans a bit. That's what i did: went shopping in town center, also went to the cathedral (closed T-T) and joan d'arc house, which i couldn t visit cause...

Colorful Era

Posted by ftt, 21 October 2012 · 1253 views
Colorful Era I don't know if that's the case for everyone, but i was really scared for the MM future about the time of the triple graduation: Linlin was plenty skilled, Kamei was just genius and Junjun was by far my favorite back then. They had annouced 9th gen finalists and there was none that I felt really excited about... I wasn't too thrilled about...

Going to a Concert (Way to Kikka)

Posted by ftt, 25 September 2012 · 537 views
fan life
Going to a Concert (Way to Kikka) Kikka dear may come to Europe a month from now, but she'll be in the US (Atlanta) this week end. To everyone who is going, either to AWA or the JE event, here's just a lil bit piece of advice from my little "going to idol concert" experience: KNOW YOUR SONGS !!!!!!

  Of course, it's okay to go see her just out...

What makes you beautiful ? O_o

Posted by ftt, 12 September 2012 · 1139 views
fan life
What makes you beautiful ? O_o Let's take some of my favorite girls: Mizuki, Junjun, Yurina, Maimi, Sulli (from f(x)) Anyone noticed something special about that list ? Well, I myself realised when i read  H!P wiki's page on Mizuki: they are (was in Jun²'s case) the tallest girl in their group (at least i think so) I could possibly add  Dawa to the list, but i'm...

Looking for parting songs ! (request)

Posted by ftt, 29 August 2012 · 1217 views
Looking for parting songs ! (request) I'm finishing my 6 months placement in 2 days and i'm throwing a lil party at work. Along with chinese food, i was thinking it would be nice to put some music in the background. The theme i went for is, of course, parting away/separation.

  The songs i got down so far are: Morning musume - Tomo

Crying out fan at the center of the Web

Posted by ftt, 16 August 2012 · 882 views
Crying out fan at the center of the Web Over the years, idols have become an irreplaceable existence to me. Somehow, even though we're miles apart and we never met, they managed to create a certain feeling of proximity that I don't get out of regular singers. I can't remember how many of my days were saved just by watching a concert video, or even simple pictures.

  Yet, as much as I...

About AKB48 (Request)

Posted by ftt, 05 August 2012 · 2759 views
About AKB48 (Request) Similary to the article i wrote about Japanese and Korean idols, i wanted to write one that would try to explain why AKB48 is so much more popular than H!P these days.
  After i tought about it, i realised i wouldn't be able to write that one for a simple reason: all I know from AKB is a couple of songs and names from the Senbatsu member . Except...

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