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H!P ranking, after a long, long time

Posted by Torigoya, 05 May 2015 · 320 views


Long time no see! Well, my fault not yours. XD Lazy me.

I made a ranking today, and I thought I should share it and some of my thoughts.

1位   Ikuta Erina [No surprise here, I love Ikuta, no matter what.]
2位   Kudo Haruka [I liked her since her Egg days and I hope she will get more attention soon.]
3位   Tsugunaga Momoko [I used to hate Momochi in the beginning, but now I surrendered. I love her. Sooo much!]
4位   Ogawa Rena [My favourite Kenshuusei! Finally in a group! I am so glad. I will support her!]
5位   Suzuki Kanon [She was my first favourite, even before I liked Ikuta. I didn't like what they did with her in the new single. Not at all. If Tsunku graduates her, I will be so mad.]
6位   Hagiwara Mai [Looks like my cousin. Love her. And I hate that people say she can't sing. I like her singing.]
7位   Uemura Akari [My favourite Ju=Ju member. <3]
8位   Shimamura Uta [First I didn't want to like her, but watching CG's MVs changed my mind. She is that good.]
9位   Oda Sakura [I love that voice. Her solos are my favourite parts of MM's songs.]
10位   Miyamoto Karin [After Haruka joined MM, she became my favourite Egg. I am so glad about her position in Ju=Ju.
11位   Nakanishi Kana [My favourite ANGERME member. I love her energy.]
12位   Iikubo Haruna [Harunan is great. But she needs more attention.]
13位   Yamaki Risa [First, I wasn't sure about her, but now I love her. Thanks to Koi Dorobou.]
14位   Aikawa Maho [She is so adorable.]
15位   Hamaura Ayano [First I thought... Awww she is sooo cute... Then I listened to Nen ni wa nen and I was like Whoa...O.o She is awesome.]
16位   Makino Maria [I expect great thing from this one.]
17位   Taguchi Natsumi [Strangely, I didn't even know I liked her that much. xD]
18位   Haga Akane [Lovely, just lovely.]
19位   Sayashi Riho [I don't like that MM is mostly a Riho-show now, but damn, she is getting better and better. I tend to dislike people when they get pushed in the front that much and I would love to see more equality in the given solo lines, but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean I want them to push Riho away. Even if I think she could be soloist. Riho earned her spot, just more equality would be nice.]
20位   Sato Masaki [She developed great.]
21位   Sasaki Rikako [The cutie pie.]
22位   Inoue Rei [Damn, that voice.]
23位   Wada Sakurako [I would like to see more from her.]
24位   Ogata Haruna [I wasn't interested in her at all, but now I am really curious about her.]
25位   Murota Mizuki [Very talented.]
26位   Kanazawa Tomoko [Tomo is great, nothing more to say.]
27位   Morito Chisaki [She is good, I love CG so much!!]
28位   Takagi Sayuki [Didn't like her in the beginning, but now I do.]
29位   Inaba Manaka [Awww, so cute... I hope she doesn't become a backgirl. :/]
30位   Nomura Minami [Such a cute girl.]
31位   Fujii Rio [Looks like I like her,, I didn't know.]
32位   Nakajima Saki [<3]
33位   Miyazaki Yuka [So sweet.]
34位   Nonaka Miki [I am curious about her. Definitely.]
35位   Ozeki Mai [I love her energy.]
36位   Hirose Ayaka [She gets pushed a lot, and as I said I am not very fond of pushing some people in the front and others in the back. But she is talented.]
37位   Tamura Meimi [I thought she would rank higher, huh.]
38位   Wada Ayaka [She is a good leader, and I kinda miss the 4nin S/mileage.]
39位   Katsuta Rina [That she ranked higher than Chisato is kinda surprising.]
40位   Okai Chisato (She used to be in my Top 5...)
41位   Suzuki Airi (Sings like an angel.)
42位   Yajima Maimi (The leader!! Not a fan, but I know that she is talented.)
43位   Takeuchi Akari (also one of my former favourites.)
44位   Fukumura Mizuki (Well, well.)
45位   Ishida Ayumi (Is it just me or does she start to look like Reina?)
46位   Fukuda Kanon (not a fan, sorry.)

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