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H!P ranking (6/26)

Posted by Torigoya, 25 June 2012 · 340 views

My current H!P ranking!
Sadly, Aika still isn't included. Just imagine her on her separate throne. Too cool to be in my ranking, etc. :P

01位   Eripon
02位   Haruka
03位   Rii +10
04位   Sayu +2
05位   Riho -1
06位   Yurina -3
07位   Haruna +3
08位   Kanyon +6
09位   Nakky +3
10位   Ayuyu -1
11位   Masaki -4
12位   Maimai -1
13位   Chissa -8
14位   Take-chan -6
15位   Captain
16位   Reina +5
17位   Kana +8
18位   Wada
19位   Miya +3
20位   Mizuki -3
21位   Zukki -5
22位   Momoko -1
23位   Airi -4
24位   Meimi +3
25位   Maimi -3
26位   Chinami +3
27位   Mano -1
28位   Rina
29位   Maasa -4

Rii is definitely the winner of this ranking. +10 is awesome!
Kana made a great comeback. (Even if she looks like a ghost on her picture ^^; )

But the biggest surprise for me is Reina who forced herself not just over Zukki, but also over Mizuki. Respect. :respect:
2nd surprise: Chinami. Even if she is still on the bottom, she made a +3. And that happened just because I saw a Chinami avatar on the forum and I couldn't get out of my head.

That some of my other favourites lost a bit in this ranking, is just normal. Doesn't mean I love them less.
And that Chissa has a - 8, is just the reason of her photo there. Still love my little Yossy-Sae-Mix. :chuu:

Yay for Risako boost!

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