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Posted by zeroyon, 27 July 2011 · 1219 views

The tour finished a few days ago, and I had a great time. I'll write what happened here for anyone who wants to read it, but please note my recollection of everything is a little bit fuzzy. It probably has something to do with me having to work 20 hours of OT the three days before the tour and getting very little sleep... >_<


FIRST DAY (No Events):

I arrived at the airport by city bus and met with the JTB staff at the group tour exit area, they told me to stand around and wait a while since I got there kinda early. I ran into some wotas that I met in Los Angeles two years ago, they were waiting for the MM members to come out of the airport a few hours from then. They knew exactly what flight they were on because they determined by looking at Sayu's last blogpost that she could only be on one flight out of Narita if they were to arrive in Hawaii that day. He double-checked his prediction with a laminated timetable sheet for all flights between Narita and Hawaii for that week. (****ing hardcore, son.....)

A staff member finally approached me and gave me a packet with my tour ID pass and some other papers such as my bus numbers. She seemed really stressed out and tried to speak to me in English first, but then was really relieved when I replied to her in Japanese ^^ I met up with the 7 other members in my tour "group", then the staff had all of us on the B course (about 100+ of us) move to a waiting area near the buses. A female staff began calling off everyone's name, but she skipped my name. When she then asked "Is there anyone's name that I didn't call?" I put up my hand, and then she looked at me and said "あぁ。あの人だ。”("Oh, YOU.") Thanks for making me feel welcome, staff....

Next, they loaded us all into two buses and drove us around to a bunch of places no one cared about. The first was the statue of King Kamehamea just east of Downtown, next was Aloha tower, then finally they dropped us off at Todai for lunch. A bunch of people let out a big "いやだ!!” ("Noooo!") when the bus stopped at Todai, I don't think anyone really likes that place since their food, well, doesn't taste like food. The staff then handed us an order form for goods, and apologized in advance for Reina being late, but they didn't give a reason (everyone probably knew the reason already though, lol). I turned in my question sheet that would be put in a box for a random drawing at the next day's event, and then they bussed us to our hotels for free time the rest of the day.

SECOND DAY (First Day for Events):

The meeting time was really early, 6:50am at the lobby of the hotel. We were brought to the Hawaii Convention Center for the first event, where we turned in our goods order form at a table set up in the back, then took our seats. FINALLY, MORNING MUSUME! :w00t: They all came out onto the stage and gave their introductions, and had a short MC/talk (about 3-5 minutes). Gakisan was reading off some things from a card, one of them which was "When you are in Hawaii, what must you not forget?" A few wotas in the back of the room jumped up and shouted "PASSPORT!!!" All the members started chuckling a little and Sayu said something like "I'm not sure if this is okay to say, but this is probably the first time anyone has forgot their passport in Morning Musume, kinda unbelievable."

They then told us what the events for the day would be, which would be a visit to three different factories (Aloha Tofu Factory, Menehune Mac Chocolate Factory, and Lion Coffee Factory). Gakisan divided the members into three different groups, the chocolate group was Riho+Sayu, the tofu group was Gakisan+Aika+Zukki, and the coffee group was Aichan+Eripon+Fukuchan. Sayu was super-excited at being all alone with Riho, and was getting all lovey-dovey with her on stage. A bunch of wotas were yelling "Riho! Run away! RUN AWAY!!", and Riho seemed really embarrassed.... The members left the stage, we were all loaded into 6 buses, and off to the factories!

The first factory I went into was the Tofu factory, with a group of about 40-50 people (one bus out of two at each location). When we went inside we walked past some machinery, and were immediately filed up a narrow staircase into a really small room (probably a staff room) overlooking the factory floor. That's when the first HOLY SH*T moment hit, as when we entered this small room... Aika, Gakisan and Zukki were right there! They were wearing aprons with the Aloha Tofu logo on it. The room was so small that we were standing only about 1-2 feet away from the members, it was practically shoulder to shoulder. A Gakisan wota in my group was one of the last people coming up the staircase, so we ran over and grabbed him and shoved him into the front of the group of people converged around the members. There was a short explanation by an Aloha Tofu staff about the place, which in the meantime we were trying to shove the Gakisan wota in our group closer and closer to Gakisan Posted Image After the short explanation, the members handed us two samples of Tofu and a sample of Soymilk. The Gakisan wota in my group was so embarrassed to be so close to Gakisan and receiving food directly from her, that he dropped what she gave him on the floor and nearly fainted Posted Image I got my tofu samples from Gakisan and the Soymilk from Zukki.

We went outside and waited around for the other bus to have their turn, then off to the Chocolate Factory.

I had just been to this chocolate store/factory two days earlier to buy some gifts for the people that were in my 8-person FC group, so I was kinda bummed when it was announced we were going there since I hadn't given the gifts yet. They were going to probably buy their own chocolates too (which they did). What luck.... Posted Image The chocolate factory/store staff immediately recognized me when I entered and said "Hey!~ Weren't you here a few days ago?", and I replied "Yup, your chocolate is so good I just had to come back!", then proceeded to not buy anything since I already had a stash of useless gifts I couldn't give anymore. I did explain to them though that I was on this fanclub tour and didn't know their factory would be one of the locations we visit ^^;
Riho and Sayu were already inside, and were in the center area of the factory that was fenced-off. They were both wearing haircaps, Riho's said "鞘師部 部長"(Sayashi club leader) and Sayu's said "鞘師部 1人目” (Sayashi club 1st member). We all had to put on caps too, and then entered the chocolate factory machinery room where they had trays with a bowl of liquid choclate+macadamia nuts, a spoon, and an empty box with wrappers inside where you would put your chocolates. Sayu then explained to how make the chocolates, which was essentially just picking up the liquid chocolate and nuts with a spoon and putting it in the wrappers... Sayu (using a microphone) asked if it was fun and a bunch of people replied "not really"... then after complaining about our response for a bit, she gave the mic to Riho where she asked the same thing and everyone replied "YES!!!!"

After waiting around and watching the other bus group we headed to the coffee factory.

At the coffee factory they walked us into a large garage and they gave us some haircaps again, then lined us up into three long lines. This time it was two buses full of people at once so it was really cramped, and I was near the back of one of the lines.... we were lead around the corner to where a lion coffee staff was, a translator, some ufa staff, fukuchan, eripon and AICHAN! We went from place to place in the factory where the coffee factory person explained what they did there, then the translator translated it to Japanese afterwards. The members didn't do anything except walk around and listen (while keeping their distance from us). At one point the coffee guy was going on and on in English for a while while looking at me, since I was the only gaijin in that group at the time, and the only one who understood what he was saying. Aichan probably realized this too and looked at me for a few seconds, and since I saw Aichan staring at me during this time I stared back. We kinda stared at each other for a few seconds, then I smiled at her and she gave me a big smile back, it’s something I'll never forget Posted Image When we left the factory we said goodbye to each member while walking past them, I said "see ya" to Aichan in english and she gave me a "see ya" back Posted Image

The bus dropped us off at ala moana mall for 3 hours, then we assembled again to be lead back to the convention center. At the top of the escalator we were met by Reina who apologized to each group for being late, then they took our group+Morning Musume shots. They took three shots in total, my group did two Gakisan-style どや顔/Doya-gao poses (cocky/I'm tough pose) and one Shaka sign (a.k.a. Aloha/Hang-loose sign). They only gave us one of the pics at the end of the tour, and it was the shaka sign pic. I really wanted the Doya-gao pic though, oh well.
We then entered the convention center hall, the same room as in the morning.


At the start of the event they pulled out a box full of our questions we submitted at todai, and started reading them off. I can't remember all of them and my Japanese isn't so good, but here are the questions I can remember:

-#1 was for the kyuukies to do a sexy pose. All of them did it, but then the rest of morning musume was egged on by the fans to do it too so they did too.
-#2 was for each member to chose another member they like, and what they like about them. Riho chose Zukki, Eripon chose Mizuki, Reina chose Sayu, Sayu chose Fukuchan, Aichan chose Gakisan, Gakisan chose Aichan, Zukki chose Aika, Aika chose Eripon. Mizuki chose Sayu, and ran over to Sayu and seemed like she wanted to grab onto her. They said they cried a lot on the plane over to Hawaii when they watched a movie together. Mizuki stayed really close to Sayu for a while, and then Gakisan said "What are you still doing there? Get back to your spot!"
-#3 was for each member to show an expression to use in Hawaii. All of them were kinda plain except for Zukki's of course, which was really exaggerated with spins and waves and such Posted Image I think it was for this question that Eripon gave a "Kamehameha!" with the Goku pose and everything.
-#4 was from a youngish girl who is a bus tour guide in tokyo, and wanted them to decide a phrase or pose for her to use.
Eripon and Fukuchan came up with something, I don't remember what it was, but I remember it being really ridiculous (wow my memory sucks....) I think it was "OHAPON!!"
-#5 was for Sayu to show her "going down the escalator" skit, but so you can see her legs. All the members were wearing long dresses to their ankles with only small straps holding them up (see this pic http://st73.storage....c762285_640.jpg ), so you can see where this is going....
In the middle of her skit, sayu stepped on her dress and one of her straps BROKE! Posted Image :nosebleed: She immediately dashed to the back of stage while the other members tried to get in front of her, while most of the wotas had what can only be described as a " (◎Д◎) " face.
-#6 was from someone in my group, and her question was for them to decide a date for her wedding since she had been proposed to recently. None of us in her group knew this fact, so we were all like "HUUUHHH!??" They decided on Aichan's birthday.
-#7 was from someone (I think his nickname was "Erina-chan's molars", lol) who said that he wanted MM to come up with a good reason for him to his boss for missing work, and instead going to a concert this coming September. His question also requested he not let his company know he's a wota. Mizuki (being the wota she is) just said for him to admit to his boss that he's a wota, and for him to use a musume ringtone at work too. Reina suggested that he say he lost his passport, and he needs time to look for it Posted Image
-#8 was from another person in my group "Yamada-san" who wanted them to come up with a nickname for him. He's the Gakisan wota that almost fainted. Reina decided on "Tebasaki-no-Yamachan" (Mr. Chickenwing Yama-chan) because there is a chain of chicken wing restaurants in Saitama (where he lives) called "sekai no yamachan". Reina then proceeded to shout "Tebasaki-san" at him every time she saw him for the rest of the tour. He said he hates the nickname but is more of a reinafan now.

I don’t remember the ninth question, sorry.... I think it came after question 6?

Next, they had each odd row turn their chairs around, and split the members into Aichan+Aika+Zukki, Reina+Eripon, Mizuki+Sayu, Riho+Gakisan. They went up and down the rows where they flipped a coin at each row, one side was "talk" and the other side was "game". For talk they asked you a really boring question (what food do you like and where are you from were mine), for game you had to play that "kurohige" game where you stick a sword into a barrel. When Aichan got to my group she was wheeling around Aika in her wheelchair, and zukki was passing around the barrel. When someone in my group lost we started shouting "Batsu game! Batsu game!", so Aichan had him do the cho-cho (butterfly) impersonation with Zukki. Honestly, this part of the tour was one of the best, and you got to see the members up close for a long while.

Next was the "fan no tsudoi", where they split us up into 4 teams. Aichan was the leader of my group (there is a wota God!~)
We had to compete against the other teams, and whoever won got a point on the board. Here are the games I remember:

-Closest-to-100 Age Game. The members had to go out in the crowd and bring people up on the stage, and then stop when they thought their ages added close to 100. A lot of girls didn't want to be picked because they didn't want them knowing their ages.
-Hula-hoop battle. 4 people were picked by the members, and then they were brought up on the stage. A girl dressed in Reina cosplay won, but she had a good battle with a guy doing the most vicious pelvic-thrusting hula action I've ever seen! Posted Image I almost passed out due to lack of air from laughing so hard, I hope that game makes it on the DVD.
-Majidesukasuka Dance battle. It seemed that everyone on the tour kinda knows a little bit about everyone else already, so a lot of people pointed at the people who they knew were good dancers, and they were chosen. It was 8 people on stage, two per group, and all teams got points because everyone kicked ass.
-Three legged-race. You had to carry a balloon between two people with your inner legs tied together, then sit on the balloon at the other end. A Gakisan wota a few rows in front of me volunteered, and Aichan ran over and selected him.... but no one else would put up their hand. Then all of a sudden the Gakisan wota turned around and pointed a few rows back directly at ME! I've never met the guy and he selected me without hesitation! WTF!????? I chatted with the guy the next day and he's one of the most down-to-earth cool guys I've ever met.
Anyways, Aichan ran over and pointed at me, and I don't remember much from then on since I was in shock. All I remember was that all of a sudden I was tied to someone else with a balloon at my side. Him and I did good and got to the other side first, but since we didn't decide who was gonna sit on the balloon we got beaten barely by another team.... :/

There might have been one or two more games, but I can't remember. I was still in the twilight zone Posted Image

The games were the last thing of the event, and we high-fived each of the MM members on our way out.


We convened in our hotel lobbies in the morning, then they marched us down the street to the Outrigger hotel where we were going to have our 10nin shot. We waited in the lobby for what seemed like 2-3 hours, I think part of the reason it took so long was because Fukuchan had a really bad nosebleed during the photo shooting. Note though that I didn't see her nose bleeding, she mentioned this later during the MC at the concert.

The photoshoot went well and my photo turned out good, but for some reason Yasshi has the stare of a possessed murderer in my pic. I don't hate her for her expression though, whatever.... I'm still considering if I should post my 10-nin pic (with me cropped out). I don't want anyone to hate her so... I dunno... I'll think about it Posted Image
EDIT: I decided to post it, here it is:
Posted Image
I should have chosen something more creative than the shaka, but oh well. Now that I look at it again, Riho's expression in isn't that bad....


The concert was at UH, and the buses left directly from the hotels to there. We picked up our goods that we ordered at a table set up behind the seating area, and the concert started soon after.
All of the Members were wearing skirts like this one: http://blog-cdn.oric...T19:05:56-2.jpg , generally in their own member color. What you see there in that pic are Gakisan’s and Eripon’s concert outfits.

The setlist was as follows:

Everyone- 夏LOVEロマンス [Natsu Love Romance]
真夏の光線[Manatsu no Kousen]
すき焼き(鈴木) [Sukiyaki] (Suzuki)
グルグルJUMP (生田) [Guruguru Jump] (Ikuta)
シャニムニ(新垣) [Shanimuni Paradise] (Niigaki)
晴れ雨(譜久村) [Hare Ame Nochi Suki] (Fukumura)
弱虫(道重) [Yowamushi] (Michishige)
常夏娘(光井) [Tokonatsu Musume ] (Mitsui)
シャボン玉(鞘師) [Shabondama] (Sayashi)
夏パーティー(田中) [Chu! Natsu Party] (Tanaka)
壊れない愛が欲しいの (高橋) [ Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no] (Takahashi)
なんにも言わずに [Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU]
青コレ[Seishun Collection]
マジスカ [Maji Desu ka Ska!]
でっかい [Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru ]

There isn’t much for me to say that will paint a good picture of the concert, other than it kicked ass. It is probably just better for you to watch the FCDVD when it comes out rather than for me to try and explain it here. Aika sat in a chair for all of the performances, and Riho stood in place with no dancing because of her right thigh injury.
Note: audio rips are already available at http://www.sendspace.com/file/0dq7ub and http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NL3YLMCD thanks to some other members and the semi-lax security getting inside.

Some memorable parts were:

-Zukki came out when she wasn’t supposed to, while Aichan was on the stage. Aichan turned around and shouted “Zukki! NOT YET!!” at her, and Zukki ran back into the tent behind the stage with a really surprised/embarrassed look on her face.
-Eripon did a really great job on her solo. She had so much genki-ness and was jumping higher than any of the wotas!!!
-Aichan did a fantastic job at “Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no” of course, and it is one of my favorite songs to boot. She went in front of the speakers to the very edge of the stage at one point, probably to get closer to the fans.
-Mizuki cried during her closing comments…. :sob: When they were drawing numbers out of a box to give three presents to 3 fans (the presents were carved wooden pineapples with all the members' signatures), Mizuki jumped down off the stage to give the fan the gift more directly Posted Image

BTW, If you see a big gaijin standing around doing next to nothing, that's me. This is the first real Morning Musume concert I've been to, and I somehow couldn't take it all in and dance at the same time. Well.... I also went to the live in LA 2 years ago, but I was far away from the stage, didn't have my contacts in, and broke my glasses that day too.... so I couldn't see much of anything. I've already been chastised by others for not doing much of anything so gimme a break please ^^;

After the concert was the handshake event. I had a few things I wanted to say to each of the members, but it didn’t go so well for me… Posted Image Infront of me in line was the husband of a female-wota that doesn’t have that much interest in Morning Musume, so he went through the handshake line really quick, which opened up a large gap between me and him. Due to this, the staff shoved me really hard to catch up with him in line, with no regard to how much time I was actually talking to each member. It seemed like for most people it was on average about 7-seconds you got to speak to each member, but I only had about 0.5 seconds near the end of the handshake line where Aichan was :angry: The handshake order from start to end was: Aika, Zukki, Gakisan, Eripon, Sayu, Riho, Mizuki, Aichan, Reina (I think? It was something close to that....) I had a while with Aika, but only had about 0.5 seconds with Mizuki, Aichan and Reina so I wasn’t able to say anything to them… Oh well....
If I look on the bright side, at least I got to shake their hands!!!

They bussed us back to our hotels, then the next day we picked up our 10-nin and group shots in the lobby just before they bussed everyone (minus me) to the airport.


Well that was certainly long, I wrote a bit more than I was hoping to ^^;; If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and I hope you get a chance to go on the Morning Musume Hawaii FC Tour sometime in the future too!

I noticed on some of the pics of the 10nin shots that Riho looked really angry/annoyed :P
+ This sounded like it was so much fun :D
great entry. you really should post the pics


Anyway, I wish I could've gone! That sounds like one epic trip!
Thank you very much for such a detailed report.
thank you so much :)
i want to be there
Thanks for the report I'd like to go see them one day!

Also I'm pretty slow here but why didn't you get bussed to the airport with everyone else?
Thanks for sharing your moments in hawaii, it seem like you had a great time :) I wish I could go to a hawaii FC event some day, but I really need to work on my japanese for that :P
Thanks for the info, the tour sounds so cool! I wish I could have come too :D

MM really go all out for there fans don't they!
Wow, so much fun! You were lucky to play on the event, I mean, that is great XD !! Thank you for share with us!
Thanks for all the coolness for that weekend too man, Hawaii represent LOL.
In all seriousness though, good job, we made the weekend count yo.
Awesome entry, I hope to go on a FC Tour one of these days. :)
This was so awesome to read. Many thanks for taking the time to do this. :D It sounded like you had a fun time and as someone who couldn't go, reading your recollection was very enjoyable! <3

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