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Tokyo Girls' Style FC Bus Tour to Shizuoka 2017

Posted by zeroyon, 08 May 2017 · 782 views

TGS 東京女子流 Tokyo Girls Style
I went on a Fanclub Tour for Tokyo Girls' Style recently, and I thought I would write up a short report on how it went. Sorry if it doesn't go into a lot of detail... I had to work Saturday and Sunday, and haven't had much sleep..

On the morning of May 5th, all wotas assembled at Shin-Yokohama station at 7:30AM, and they divided us up into different buses. There were 4 buses in total (one for each member), and the seating arrangements were pre-determined by the staff. Each bus had 36 people on it, so 144 people in total were on the tour. I was on Hitomi's bus, but Hitomi wouldn't ride with us until much later...

Each seat had a message card on it, written by the a TGS member.
Hi-chan's message card to me said (roughly translated) "To (zeroyon)-san, (TGS) were able to continue for 7 years! Thank you for your constant support! We will try our best to make it to 10 years too! ~Hitomi"

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The destination was Shimizu City in Shizuoka prefecture, about a 3 hour drive away. We stopped at some service stations along the way, and I snapped this pic of Mt. Fuji from one of them. It was a great day! :)

Posted Image

Also, all the buses lined up:

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Once we finally got to Shimizu City, we got stuck in traffic again, but then finally arrived at our destination -- an abandoned Airfield on the coast, where we would be shooting a PV along with the TGS members! Here is a view of the airfield:

Posted Image
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The staff had us all line up behind the TGS members, and the camera was on the top of scaffolding on a truck. They had us all dance in sync to "Onaji Kimochi", and we did several takes from different angles. That took quite a while (about 2 hours), and we then had a few group photos with the TGS members (which they haven't shared with us yet).

Next, we returned back to our buses, and then the members joined us too! :D Our next destination was a tea harvesting plantation, where we would be harvesting tea leaves along with the TGS members.

Hi-chan stood up at the front of the bus with a microphone, like a tour guide. The TV screens folded down in the Bus cabin, and Hitomi narrated through a photo slideshow of many places she has been to and things she has done in the past year. After that, she shared with us that she will be getting her driver's license soon (she told us not to share that yet... but sorry Hi-chan! :P ). I asked her during her short Q&A session on the bus what car she is going to get, but she doesn't know yet.. she said "maybe an Elgrand or something? I don't know much about cars".. lol.

Once we got to the tea plantation, Hi-chan handed us plastic bags to collect tea leaves in, and we all filed into the rows between these tea plants:

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They left some of the rows open, so that the TGS members could travel up and down the rows and interact with us freely. The TGS members were dressed like this:

Posted Image
and we all threw tea leaves into the baskets they were wearing as they passed by. Sometimes the wind would gust strong when we tossed the tea leaves, so one of the leaves I tried to toss into Miyu's basket ended up hitting her in the back of the head... sorry Miyu!! ^^;

We had a chance to converse with the members as they passed by, and I talked with Hi-chan for a bit in Japanese as well as English. I asked her in English "What is your favorite type of tea?", and her reply was "Hmm.. my favorite type of tea is probably Herb Tea!"... I then replied "Really? That's mine too! I like Red Herb tea the most!" (it actually is my favorite)... then she said "Oh really? Is that true? Are you sure you aren't lying?" Then I said "No, it really is! I'm not lying or joking! Also, your English is really good!"... then she said back "Oh, it is? I don't think it's that good yet...", then she moved onto the next person.

I'm surprised how good her grammar and pronounciation is, her English is great!

Once we finished filling our own bags and TGS's baskets with tea leaves, they had us assemble near the buses again. They also had prepared some warm green tea and tea leaf tempura for us to try, which was really good! Miyu came up to me while I was having the tempura and tea and had some idle talk with me. She asked how good the tea was and if I have ever tried tealeaf tempura, etc. Miyu is always really friendly with me all the time, and the same goes with her family when I sometimes chat with her Dad and Mom at events, too :)

I also said "Hello from ulises!" to Hi-chan as I was walking by to my bus, because ulises from H!O asked me to say Hi for him. She said "Hello!" back with a smile on her face :D

Next, we got bussed to a hotel (this time with the TGS members not on the Bus with us), and into a large ballroom where they had food and tables set up for us. We drew numbers out of an evelope to determine where we would sit. The food was buffet style, with a good selection of many foods:

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The TGS members sat at their own table at the front of the room, and each gave a short speech about their thoughts and on their memories in TGS for these past 7 years. They also did a mini-raffle where 2 wotas got 2-shot pics with a member of their choice, and 2 other wotas got their favorite member to sign an item of their choice. A friend of mine won, and she had the camera strap on her DSLR signed by Miyu :)

The members walked around to tables while we were eating, and chatted with everyone... but unfortunately, none of the members made it to my table during that short time :( The staff member announced that TGS had to leave, to wave our goodbyes, and they then left before us. We got back on the buses, and were bused back Shin-Yokohama station, but got stuck in 2-hour long traffic along the way ^^;

All-in-all, it was fun for what it was, and I enjoyed it! This TGS FC Tour really can't compare to a H!P FC event in Hawaii, etc... but it was also 1/10th of the price of a H!P FC tour :P

I hope to go on another TGS FC tour again, and I hope you can too! Thanks for reading! ^^

Totally forgot to comment on this. First of all thanks for your report. It seems like a really nice event and I can imagine the girls being really nice. It's awesome to hear about Hitomi's plans although I feel guilty knowing the secret now. ^^; 

It feels so surreal that 7 years already passed and they grew so much. I hope they can somehow make it somewhat big again, maybe do Budokan again. But most of all I just hope they can accomplish their goals and be happy. It was great to hear about Hitomi's English being good, hope her university time will be very successful as well.


Thank you very much for reading my report! :D I also hope that they will be able to perform on a big stage again... if not Budokan, then maybe Yaon Hibiya for a 3rd time? I love their concerts there :)

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