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Empire strikes back: another group on a roll

Posted by goratnik, 04 June 2017 · 683 views
Homma Hinata
Empire strikes back: another group on a roll I have been recently increasingly bothered by one small detail: I'm paying some attention to NGT48 for over a year already, but the group doesn't have any oshi, only commissioner (Yuki). Considering that HKT48 or even NGZ46 are doing worse despite having leaders, this is weird. While Yuki is for me sorta an elder archmage in the idol world, taking part in...

China strikes back

Posted by goratnik, 28 May 2017 · 429 views
Yao YiChun, Chen Si
This will be a short entry, as there is not much to say, really - just an announcement:

Yao YiChun is promoted to oshi, ending "silent" waiting period (since 2017-05-15);
following disciplinary charges for neglection, Chen Si is demoted from "group oshi" position;
Yao YiChun starts waiting period for group oshi.

She came with a strong pack of other gi...

Team oshi

Posted by goratnik, 14 May 2017 · 497 views
Yamamoto Ayaka
It's time to announce the last promotion left: Yamamoto Ayaka was struggling a bit, but finally she caught up and she can be added to the team oshi :)

I will now list the whole team of oshi; initially I've thought about limiting myself to just NMB48 for the announcement of assignments (what was initially my reason for posting), as this where my interes...

Five years: a look back

Posted by goratnik, 23 April 2017 · 432 views
Eto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki and 1 more...
I've got an idea today to search for my posts on Stage48 by forum to circumvent results being limited to 200 posts (I have over 1000). Obviously I've checked the NMB48 forum and to my surprise I found out that my first post in one particular thread was made on 2012-04-23 ... Exact five years. I love such coincidences . I made six posts out of 12. One of...

The new beginning

Posted by goratnik, 18 April 2017 · 546 views

The new beginning Where there was end, there might be a beginning.

For the past year I've cut myself away even more than before with watching old concerts: not only I was not checking new content, I stopped even getting it. Only kept up a bit with the news and selected SNS. But at the beginning of April this has changed: I've started with KKS stages, as I wanted to see 5t...

The end of an era

Posted by goratnik, 13 April 2016 · 721 views

The end of an era Today happened something I have been warned about: Milky announced graduation. Undoubtedly a sad thing, that will be a new experience for me: I will have to survive the whole graduation of one of my most loved idols. For the first time.

Yes, so far I was not in such a situation: since memorable 2010.12.27* not a girl I really cared about has graduated af...

Ranking for 2016.04.10

Posted by goratnik, 10 April 2016 · 464 views
ranking, Sasaki Nanami and 3 more...
(Please read the notes below.)

(I love them!)
Watanabe Mayu
Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
Yoshida Akari (NMB48)
Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48)
Okada Nana (AKB48)
(Yamagishi Natsumi) (NMB48)
Saito Asuka (Nogizaka46)
(Sasaki Nanami) (NMB48)
Yagura Fuuko (NMB48)
Nishino Nanase (Nogizaka46)
Nojima Kano (SKE48)
Shibuya Nagisa (NMB48)
Terada Ranze (Nogizaka46)
(Eto Sayaka)...

A look at last official ranking (dated 2013.10.12)

Posted by goratnik, 10 April 2016 · 260 views
ranking, time travel, memories
I love her
I still really like her!
I like her at least a bit
I understand why I liked her then
[s]Please take her away

Watanabe Mayu

Kashiwagi Yuki
Yoshida Akari
Saito Asuka
Tang Min
Komiyama Haruka
Nishino Nanase
Dong Zhiyi
Yagura Fuuko
Watanabe Miyuki
Chen Si
Iwatate Saho
Fukuoka Seina
Ishikawa Manami
Iriyama Anna
Kizaki Yuria...

A look at first official ranking (dated 2011.06.12)

Posted by goratnik, 09 April 2016 · 274 views
ranking, time travel, memories and 1 more...
As I have recently digged out this blog and as many rankings as possible, I've also taken a look at what is really inside and what does that tell. I will now check the first one, how much relevant is it to current time:

OK, I understand why she is here
she was OK then, but not now

Watanabe Mayu

Kashiwagi Yuki

The 2015 Stage48 Member Ranking (2016.03.31)

Posted by goratnik, 07 April 2016 · 272 views
ranking, voting
01. Watanabe Mayu (+15)
02. Yoshida Akari (+10)
03. Watanabe Miyuki (+9)
04. Yamagishi Natsumi (+8)
05. Okada Nana (+7)
06. Yokomichi Yuri (+6)
07. Nojima Kano (+5)
08. Saito Asuka (+5)
09. Takano Yui (+4)
10. Nishino Nanase (+4)
11. Yagura Fuuko (+4)
12. Ju Jingyi (+3)
13. Kashiwagi Yuki (+3)
14. Komiyama Haruka (+3)
15. Tanaka Miku (+2)
16. Chen Si (+2)...